Bring Me The Horizon - Doomed

can we please talk about this perfect version of this song? like damn i wish i could have been there!



anime: k project

Song: editors audio

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Fic war prompt: Regina's involved in a car crash and her newborn is in the backseat. Oh and to make it even more painful how about some 'we need to get you out of here mam' 'My daughter! I can't hear her! What happened to my baby?!'

TW: car crash, blood, emotional and physical trauma.

She comes screaming back into consciousness, a sharp ringing in her ears and her stomach rolling with nausea. Her head is throbbing, a sickening pulse at the base of her skull that has her wincing. There’s a warm wetness trickling down her face - if she wasn’t so concussed she’d understand that it was blood - and into her eye. It had all happened so quickly.

She’d been on her way home to her family, on her way to the wonderful meal that Robin had been teasing her with all afternoon - she’d always known that teaching him how to take and send a picture message was going to bite her in the ass - on her way home to bliss.

She’d stopped on the way to collect Robyn from Zelena’s - it was their weekend with the baby and they’d have the following week with her too before she was to be returned to her biological mother - and she’d been answering the baby’s burbles as though the two were having a conversation, peering into the rear view mirror when possible to find her precious little beauty beaming at her. She hadn’t even seen the other car coming until it had been too late.

It was the thought of the baby that finally had her growing more alert, had her fighting against the seat belt locking her into place and it was only then, when gloved hands came to rest upon her bloodied arms, that she realised she wasn’t alone.

“Ma’am,” the paramedic spoke, his voice barely audible with the ringing in her ears, “I need you to stay still, you’ve been in a rather big accident and we need to assess your injuries, okay?”

Her first attempt at speaking had her choking on the liquid in her mouth.

“I think you may have bitten your tongue. Talking may have to wait.”

Her head shook as she fought against his strong hold, her body screaming out in protest but she had to see, she had to know that Robyn was-

“Ma’am, please. You’ll only do yourself further inju-”

“The baby” she finally managed breathlessly, “I can’t hear the baby,” panic bubbled within her, “why can’t I hear her!?”

It was only a moment more of her fighting before she felt the sharp sting of something pressing into her upper arm and the grogginess she’d been pushing so hard against began to spread through her body. Her last thought was of the devastation her family was going to feel, devastation she had caused before everything went black.

Waking this time was different. Her ears had stopped ringing and her airways felt clearer. The confusion had only grown however.

She wasn’t in the car anymore, that much she could tell instantly. She was warm, laying on something soft and an incessant but steady beep provided the background noise.

There was also something on her hand. Opening her eyes slowly however, she found that something to be a someone.


His head shot up at the sound of his name, the sound of her voice. Kind blue eyes were bloodshot, the skin around them puffy and sore - he’d been crying. “Regina,” he choked out, shifting up from his seat to get closer to her, stopping just shy of folding her into his arms, “you’re awake.”

Her brow was furrowed as she tried to work through the fog still clouding her mind, she’d been in the car…how was she-

“They had to sedate you, sweetheart” he explained without prompt, fingers gentle where they were curled around her hand to press against her palm, “so that you wouldn’t hurt yourself anymore, they said it’d take a few moments for you to come round, that you’d be a little confused.” When she only continued staring at him, he shook his head and breathed “I’m so glad that you’re okay.”

Robin’s forehead lowered to rest on her chest, hair tickling at her collarbone as he tried to still his shaking body. He was sobbing again.

Her hand lifted into his hair, fingers threading into the strands in a way that she hoped was soothing and it felt right, just for a moment everything felt okay again until-

“The baby!”

Robin instantly lifted his head from her, sitting back as she sat forward though he rested a palm on her abdomen to keep her from moving too quickly.

“Robin, where’s the baby? I couldn’t hear her, I couldn’t get to her Robin, I couldn’t-”

“She’s fine, Regina.”

“What do you mean ‘she’s fine’!? Where is she?”

He pressed his hand against her a little more, halting her movements as gently as he could as he told her “she’s with her brothers and with Mary Margaret in the waiting room.”

“But…” she frowned, her throat tight with her distress as she looked between blue eyes, “I don’t understand, how can she-”

“A protection bubble,” Robin explained, stroking back hair matted with blood from her face, “you cast it over her before the other car hit,” his head shook, “she was blissfully unaware of it all. That’s why you couldn’t hear her.”

“Oh thank God!” she cried, ignoring the sharp pain in her ribs when she grabbed at his collar and dragged him towards her, burying her face in his neck as she sobbed uncontrollably.

He held her as tightly as he was able to without furthering her discomfort and cried just as hard.

“I thought she was-”

“I know, sweetheart” he cut her off gently, unable to hear her say it, unable to think of their daughter as anything other than happy, healthy and alive. “I know you did but she isn’t,” his fingers were at the nape of her neck, holding her to him, “because of you, she isn’t.”


He lays her down as gently as he can when she succumbs to her exhaustion, having cried herself to sleep in his arms. She looks peaceful again and it’s easier watching her now that he knows she’s going to be okay.

He hadn’t told her what Whale had advised him to, the news of Robyn’s health having been the only topic of conversation she’d needed to hear in that moment.

He will tell her though, once she’s gotten at least some of the rest she needs, once she sleeps off the rest of the sedative and is able to hear him with a clear mind.

He’ll tell her that they love her and will support her through everything that will be to come in the future and that together they will learn to come to terms with it. He doesn’t know how she’ll take the news, he doesn’t even know how he’s supposed to break it to her but he’ll find the strength to do it just as he’s sure that she’ll find the strength to cope with the knowledge that she quite possibly will never walk again.

They’ll get through it though, of that much he is absolutely certain.

10 more sentences - kaz x inej

#11 Idle: There was no peace, no calm for her, she couldn’t sit by and watch the atrocities that were done to her repeated over and over again; he couldn’t be happy with his fortune, he had to keep moving, find some purpose, stop from dwelling on his thoughts. 

#12 Brother: With his fingers resting on the soft skin of Inej’s back, feeling her blood flow beneath them, her rapid breathing, seeing the fast pulse at her neck, covering it with his lips, Kaz saw Jordie float away down the canal, saw death float away. 

#13 Beneath: Inej slipped her hands under Kaz’s coat and as she looked up into his eyes, he felt her slip into his soul to find out all his secrets, to find herself there where she belongs. 

#14 Redecorate: Things were changing, moving, his mercher’s suit was no longer just a bitter mockery – Kaz became part of the furniture in the Exchange, in the banks, in all the business ventures of Ketterdam; he wanted to draw her back to him, show Inej what he had achieved, I can be a good man, Inej, for you only I can

#15 Gravitation: He lost his shadow underneath the dismal sky of Ketterdam, where the sun seldom found enough strength to fight through the fog and smoke and clouds, but it returned to him (like shadows always do) without him noticing until she breathed down his neck and ghosted her fingers into his. 

#16 Kill: There was blood on her hands – the blood of innocents, the blood of the guilty, her own, her friends’ – but Inej had never taken pleasure in it – she named her knives after Saints to garner forgiveness, but Kaz was in her mind, supporting her in how she could not be like the Saints he loved so much: She couldn’t suffer so much for so little.  

#17 Afterthought: When she eased open his window and watched him still up in the middle of the night, at his desk, always plotting, Inej forgot her ship, forgot all she wanted to tell him and only rested her hand on his shoulders, waiting for him to bring his fingers up to meet hers. 

#18 Unearth: With time they carried each other’s whispers around with them, drew them up out of the other’s soul, always in their pockets, always drinking up the sweetness of the other’s voice. 

#19 Shield: They were both weak, broken things, but Kaz had saved her and Inej him and they seemed like crazed animals, ferocious, without feelings of remorse: that’s how everyone saw them and they kept that shield up. 

#20 Blacklist: At the sight of a slaver’s flag in the distance Inej pulled out her logbook and fired her cannons, captured their ship, asked them their name and wrote it down, slit their throat and painted an x with their blood for Kaz to see what he had helped her become, to let him see when he received the book to know whose shares to buy up.  

"Star-Crossed Lovers", a poem for Maggie and Glenn

Winter settles like a heavy sigh
over the world outside.
You are settled in my arms.
You are the only world I want to know.

The dreaming moon illuminates your cheekbones,
your lips,
and I think of the way they shape my name.

I memorize you to fill my heart,
drink you in like a sunrise,
and all the while the stars sing of you.

Everything became you.
My past, my future,
and I love you longer than forever.

You put your heart in me
and mine beat stronger for it.
Even now,
under a veil of snow,
your pulse reaches mine
and together we melt our fears.

I found you here,
I found you now.

I will always find you.

– m.b.

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i just had a drag show at my school hosted by our LGBTQA+ club. The queen who hosted the show had an emotional tribute to everyone effected by the shooting at Pulse and they wanted the audience to spread some love to everyone we knew in the community so... Thank you for being you and i love you

That’s so sweet! I can’t to finally submerge myself in the local Drag Queen group. I’ve met some and they are absolutely wonderful.

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Despite the fierce look, this fusion is relatively stable. It has a calm, collected, motherly personality, but is prone to bouts of aggression or anger. This fusion appears to have telekinetic abilities, and is constantly levitating. The slime that drips from it’s mouth, and connects it’s two heads, pulses softly. It is partially blind.


Living after midnight, rockin’ to the dawn
Lovin’ ‘til the morning, then I’m gone, I’m gone

I took the city 'bout one A.M, loaded, loaded
I’m all geared up to score again, loaded, loaded
I come alive in the neon light
That’s when I make my moves right

Living after midnight, rockin’ to the dawn
Lovin’ 'til the morning, then I’m gone, I’m gone

Got gleaming chrome, reflecting steel, loaded, loaded
Ready to take on every deal, loaded, loaded
My pulse is racing, I’m hot to take
This motor’s revved up, fit to break

Living after midnight, rockin’ to the dawn
Lovin’ 'til the morning, then I’m gone, I’m gone

I’m aiming for ya
I’m gonna floor ya
My body’s coming
All night long

The air’s electric, sparkin’ power, loaded, loaded
I’m getting hotter by the hour, loaded, loaded
I set my sights and then home in
The joint starts flying when I begin

Living after midnight, rockin’ to the dawn
Lovin’ 'til the morning, then I’m gone, I’m gone


(Thanks to @latrodectae for the permission to do this too!)

On collapse of Overwatch Headquarters, subject #2005421 was recovered at the shore of Lac Léman/Lake Geneva by Talon reconnaissance unit LOVELY. Initial contact with subject by LOVELY yielded five dead. Skin to skin contact with subject produced instantaneous shock symptoms in three members along with severe skin discoloration. Members #3, 7, 9 were declared deceased due to violent, repeated seizures, and brain death. Subject engaged LOVELY in combat. Members #4, and 11 were Killed in Action. LOVELY contained subject in a truck and transported it to the Milan research and development facility and quarantined for observation.

initial data

subject name: Unknown/Unable to Determine
gender: Male
date of birth: Unknown. Estimated Age: 40-50
mental status: Disoriented. Unable to answer questions clearly. Stimulus reactions are violent.
mental stability: Unknown/Unable to Determine.
pulse: 120 BPM. 
blood pressure: 120/80 
temperature: 42 Celsius; severe fever noted

respiratory rate: 15 

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Jubilee/Luke Cage

for @phoenix-173

Luke wasn’t sure what to think.  He wasn’t even sure if he believed her.  Vampires weren’t real…they were something that haunted your nightmares.  They drank your blood.  Left you for dead.  

There wasn’t any way in hell that this pretty lady in front of him was what she said she was.  

His pulse raced when her fangs snapped down, the tip of her tongue gliding over the sharp points.  

“Jube…are you gonna bite me?”  

She laughed.  Straight up giggled.  “Do you want me to?”  


Voltronween: Ghost Stories

Summary: Lance wakes up with no idea what’s going on.

Notes: This is actually the first scene of a much longer story that I didn’t get finished in time for Voltronween, but I wanted to at least post part of it. Hopefully, I’ll get the rest done soon.

Lance stumbled down the step into a room lit by eerie pulsing red lights. He had been in and out of the healing pod enough to recognize the disorientation and weakness for what it was, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember why he was in the healing pod. The last thing he remembered was breakfast, and it hadn’t even been a good one.

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Sia - The Greatest

“Famously hairy pop star Sia has released a stunning new single which pays tribute to the victims of June’s tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

The 40-year-old Australian singer, who was previously filmed breaking down on stage as she dedicated her hit ‘Titanium’ to the 49 LGBT people and allies who lost their lives in the massacre, unveiled new single ‘The Greatest’ today (September 6), along with a stunning video which once again stars 13-year-old dance prodigy Maddie Ziegler.

Ziegler, who previously appeared in Sia’s videos for ‘Chandelier’, ‘Elastic Heart’, ‘Big Girls Cry’ and ‘Cheap Thrills’, sports rainbows on her face as she delivers her most emotional performance yet in the visual, which features 49 young dancers who end their routine with the haunting image of a sea of bodies on the floor, along with the message ‘#WeAreYourChildren’.” (source)


Stop the Hate: 49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Orlando Tragedy

For too long, a toxic combination of anti-LGBTQ hate and easy access to guns has put LGBTQ people at disproportionate risk of violence and murder. On June 12, forty-nine innocent people – most of them Latinx – were killed at Pulse nightclub in Orlando simply because of who they were. It’s on all of us to keep their memories alive, and to ensure part of their legacy becomes meaningful action to end hate violence. Join the Human Rights Campaign and urge your legislator to support legislation that will ensure LGBTQ people are safe and equal in every community and find out how to support the survivors and families of the Orlando victims. Learn more at Special thanks to Ryan Murphy, Ned Martel and their colleagues at Ryan Murphy Television for making this project possible and all of our friends in the entertainment community for their support of this project including (in order of appearance) Lady Gaga, Chris Pine, Cuba Gooding Jr., Connie Britton, Matt Bomer, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Lea Michele, Colton Haynes, Sophia Bush, Jane Fonda, Harry Shum Jr., Denis O'Hare, Rob Reiner, Melissa Benoist, Caitlyn Jenner, Édgar Ramírez, Max Greenfield, Chaz Bono, Cheyenne Jackson, Emma Roberts, Kerry Washington, George Lopez, Evan Rachel Wood, Sofia Vergara, Diego Boneta, Nina Jacobson, Demi Lovato, Tyler Oakley, Yeardley Smith, Kid Cudi, Kaitlin Olson, Kevin McHale, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lee Daniels, Chace Crawford, Evan Peters, Gerard Butler, Katey Sagal, John Stamos, Laverne Cox, Jordana Brewster, Wes Bentley, Finn Wittrock, Darren Criss, Kathy Bates, Anna Paquin, Guillermo Díaz and Joe Mantello.

Orlando hospitals didn’t charge the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting for their treatment. Those wounded in the tragedy collectively owed about $5.5 million in medical bills, but local hospitals announced they would write off all out-of-pocket fees, saying “many organizations, individuals and charities have reached out to Orlando Health to show their support. This is simply our way of paying that kindness forward.” Source Source 2