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everyone talks about robbie's pudge in the revived seasons but honestly, i don't see it? he's just the same stick man since episode one. do you have any picture comparisons?

seasons ¾:

season 1:

i think theres a pretty good difference?? not massive but u can tell he’s got more weight.


Don’t save your best dance moves for your bathroom mirror! Get out there and rock that dance floor! Shake them hips! Do those body rolls! 
#TwerkItOutGurl #BustASeam XDD


I’m ‘Overall’ this!
hehehee *snickers quietly to myself* XD


Be the Support System that your past self needed.
Don’t pay attention to the ones that berate you and focus on the ones that celebrate you! 

Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day! 


Pretty in Pink, but still the fiercest on the street! XD

Having ADHD is like being underwater. You can do it, but it takes increasing effort, you get very restless, and eventually you can’t do it at all. Beyond a certain point, “trying” has nothing to do with it.

And the fish all around you say you could hold your breath forever if you just tried hard enough and made the effort. I mean come on, they do it all the time and it’s easy.


Saucy like a chunky meatball dipped in the finest of pureed tomatoes and delectable seasonings, all on a bed of angel hair pasta.
#BettySpaghettiMode XDD