I saw this lovely at P!Q at Universal CityWalk. It didn’t have an artist name listed, and the shopkeep didn’t know either. It was crocheted around a Munny statue that is about 3 feet tall.

Usually, pictures aren’t allowed in the store, but she allowed it because I explained about y'all, and how much I thought you would want to see something like this in a store/gallery.

$1,400 price tag!

nerogengar  asked:

*pokes head up from under rock* Sugar Daddy AU??? Do tell.

I do have an AU for eccentric sugar daddy Saitama with horrible sense of fashion, and a poor but stubborn Genos who’s a struggling college student. Their interaction would be like…

(in a clothing store)

s: okay, look, what about this?

g: Saitama-san the shirt has /pineapple patterns on it/. You are going to a gala dinner with /the prime minister/

s: aww but it’s so good! I want to try mixing it with my new khaki, too! also it’s prada so who cares

g: /I/ care, because no matter how much it costs–(peeks at price tag)–it doesn’t even have a price tag! It’s ugly and it’s expensive! It /has pineapples prints on it/

s: /pouts/ okay then fine, you pick whatever for me, the people here know my measurements. Oh, and also that leather jacket you’ve been eyeing since forever

g: /flustered/ a-ah no! It’s fine, it just looks good. I already have jackets from y–

s: you buy that leather jacket or else i’m gonna entertain the prime minister with this pineapple shirt AND flipflops

g: /relents, but blushed and turned around to face the other way whilst trying to hide his happy smile. That leather jacket IS gorgeous./

and another situation where genos is so mad at saitama, maybe for spending so much money for something that genos said he didn’t need. Basically it’s just genos being a brat whilst saitama is an Adult

(at an expensive, high class french restaurant)

s: come on, order something. whatever you want.

g: whatever, huh? /narrows eyes/

s: yaa whatever, I’m gonna have fillet of herford-whatever beef with the bordelaise sauce, thanks

g: I’ll have…. Actually I want grilled fish teishoku.

waiter: um, sir, this is French restaurant

g: I am aware, but I (directs eye contact to Saitama’s) want grilled fish teishoku

s: (still maintaining eye contact with genos) don’t worry. Chef Alain makes an exceptional grilled fish teishoku. Please order it, tell Alain that it’s Saitama.

-when the food came, other patrons are whispering that it smells like grilled fish in the resto, making genos deeply embarrassed-

s, smiling warmly: hey, what’s with the long face? Didn’ you want it? It’s delicious, I swear.

g: (takes a bite) … yes. …sorry, Saitama-san.

s: what for? sorry for taking you to a French restaurant when you want Japanese food instead. Next time I’ll ask you first, yeah?

g: /////(blushing, ducking head in embarrassment and happiness) okay…

(basically genos is all stubborn and hard edges but saitama usually say things that he didn’t know would make genos melt. Also, they have amazing sex because somehow it feels so good when saitama’s fucking him. The truth is, Saitama just pays attention to what brings out the best reaction from genos, because he loves watching genos fall apart in his hands)

so up until a couple days ago i didn’t even know a hockey side to tumblr existed until i saw it in the trending now section and i guess that’s how i got here. if you post about anything listed below or just hockey in general, like/reblog this post so that i can check out your blog and follow you!

  • auston matthews
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  • just any leafs player tbh
  • carey price
  • pk subban
  • leafs
  • canadiens
  • oilers
  • preds
  • the list goes on forever