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I’m still adamant about the fact that if I were dating Harry, I would have a hard time letting him pay for stuff but…if I’m being honest, I’d probably be like, “Okay, one giant shopping spree and then I’ll get it out of my system.”

I just want to go shopping with him one time and not even think about how much money I’m spending because he won’t let me look at price tags. Having him pick out outfits and makeup and accessories that he thinks will look good on me and insisting, “No babe, I’ve got this one, remember? All day, you’re not going to spend a dime.”

Then I’d be good.


Israeli settlers - who live illegally on Palestinian land and shouldn’t be there in the first place - regularly destroy and uproot olive trees belonging to Palestinians, often striking at night to go unnoticed.

Olive trees are a livelihood for many families, and a key component of the Palestinian economy. That’s how they are meant to survive. 

These attacks are by no means limited to agriculture. They also burn and vandalize churchesmosques, homescars and… cemeteries

I saved the worst for last. Israeli soldiers escort Israeli settlers to attack Palestinians then stand by and watch, if not join in too. 

According to the UN the annual rate of Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians has almost quadrupled in eight years.

GIFs from 5 Broken Cameras (2011)

The Rings in YoI ep 10

So it has been brought to my attention by the wonderful @wolfsflei that Yuuri only actually buys 1 ring at the shop in Barcelona. If we check the price of the ring on his receipt, not only does it say 1 ring (”Wedding Ring” might I add) but the price (if we also add + tax) roughly matches up to the price tags we can see of the rings in the glass cases.

So by this knowledge we can extrapolate that they did not get both rings here.

Let me drill the message home with some images.

Yuuri did not know this was coming. Victor had this ring prepared in advance and what surprised him was that Yuuri actually beat him to the punch. They were both honestly thinking of surprising each other with a proposal. I feel like this revelation just makes this scene a million times more meaningful because it shows that they were both thinking of the same thing without even the need for a discussion – that all they both want to just move forward with their lives together.


excuse this horrible post but this is extremely important to my inner fangirl. movic, a japanese anime merch company, is releasing clocks featuring the free! boys sometime in august. each clock will have three lines totaling about one minute each. wake up to the sound of your favourite swimming babe’s voice everyday~ dialogue previews courtesy of


Nanase Haruka: “…Being inside the covers feels pretty good, too. What’s up? Can’t you wake up?…”

Tachibana Makoto: “‘Morning. …Heh. You’re making the face of someone who’s not awake yet. I want you to wake up soon, though. Is that OK?…”

Matsuoka Rin: “…Hey. Hey! Wake up! How many times do you think I’ve tried to get you up!? WAKE. UP. NOW!…”

Hazuki Nagisa: “Hey, hey! Wake up, wake up~! We have plans to go to morning practice today, right? If you don’t wake up, it’s boring for me~~~!…”

Ryugazki Rei: “…Geez, you really are bad at waking up. You make me wake you up every morning. Honestly…”