TMNT bros from out of the shadows!! Refs for myself I guess?? Boy that second movie was so much better than the first. Just way more fun.

and they gave the turtles R E A L   P A N T S  this time. im so happy for them

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{Social media AU where Jungkook is a famous model/youtuber and Jimin is an upcoming singer/dancer. They somehow end up living together and also become fake boyfriends}


Things that men say that make fat girls cringe and uncomfortable
  • Your cute for a fat girl
  • I like fat girls
  • I would love to see you eat
  • I’m a chubby chaser
  • Your not even that fat
  • Your lucky anybody finds you attractive let alone me.
  • Bet you give amazing blowjobs
  • Wanna go to the all-you-can-eat?
  • Your not fat, your beautiful
  • Fat chicks need love too…they just gotta pay!
  • You should date me cos I love fat chicks
  • You should date me cos I found you attractive and its unlikely anybody else will.
  • I love fat girls that is why I am different from most guys