To The Guy On The Elliptical Machine Behind Me Last Night..

Are you fucking serious? You think I didn’t notice your phone out recording/taking pictures of my ass while I ran? There’s something called a reflection. I saw you, and I shouldn’t have to get off my machine because I feel uncomfortable with you behavior. 

It was disgustingly obvious and I reported you to the owner, he was not pleased. The FUNNY thing is that you left the gym RIGHT after I got off the treadmill, so I couldn’t even confront your disgusting ass. 

If you ever do this to girls (or anyone for that matter) at the gym go fuck yourself. Seriously.


So, this weekend has been pretty good. Went to the beach though. That was fun. I feel tan. Now, time to get high. Anyways, I’m bored and have no friends. So! Kik me for a CLEAN CHAT. Yeah, that means NO pervs. :)
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