when ya boi feelin dapper as hekk and som hooha comes along like “eww it’s a sNaKe!!!! is it poisonous??!!1!1? i’m gonna kill it!!!11!!” n ur just liek “eKKXCusEeEeE mEeeEeEe??!!0?11?I”

There are days when I am blessed to have my dog and there are also days in which he is blessed to have me, because somebody else would have drop kicked him off a bridge by now

Undertale received another small update, this time ~90mb.

There wasn’t much change of note, except for one thing…

The addition of the following line in the strings:

“HE IS”.

This is pretty much entirely out of context all by itself. This interests me because of the “demonx” it’s marked by. You see, there’s another bit of text marked by the same “demon” format…

…Personally, I think things are soon going to be very interesting.