me: has finals checks out for a week, if it’s not related to the US presidency and vietnam or making a website i dont know what it is. pays 0 attention to anything not strictly school related

me, checking back in today and seeing the shit that’s been going down and all the connections with russia:

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rhys: i have a high lady 

thesan: i have a high lord 

helion: well i have a high lady AND a high lord. who’s laughing now, losers

Honestly tho as wonderful as jem’s ‘WOT FANFICTION’ comment was, p l e a s e don’t talk to/ask actors about fics, and P L E A S E don’t mention any specifics. Writers put up their work bc they feel it’s safe to do so away from the actors/creators, and it’s unfair to overstep that boundary in ANY way. Cool thanks bye