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i honestly am so jealous of u. even you gif so late but you still got thousands of notes cause u had so many followers. as for me, i have to make it as fast as it's released or else no one gonna reblog it cause so many people already made the gif

i- i’m sorry..i guess?;A; i don’t know what to say.. honestly i don’t have that many followers hahah but t-thank you i guess ;; and i know how you feel anon, i never actually used to gif anything if i was more than 50minutes late because no one would reblog it.. but after a while, my giffing skills got better and now people don’t have problem to reblog them even if i’m kinda late?

my point is, you shouldn’t worry, okay? just gif even if you’re late, try to have fun with it! idk how to explaing this but i hope you get what i was trying to say..


The progression of Camus
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All you lovely viewers, I know you absolutely must be wondering what’s going on in my life and if I have a boyfriend… (x)


Jamie for Christine


Martin and Lewis (July 25, 1946 - ∞)

“It’s true, you know. A partnership as close as ours is almost like marriage. You’ve heard about couples who have been married so long they begin to look alike. It’s like that with us. In six years of working together, practically living together, we’ve grown to know one another almost as well as we know ourselves. We begin to take on each others characteristics. I do things now that would have been impossible for me a few years back but which have always come natural as breath to Dean- speaking sharply to someone, for instance, if he really has it coming. I would have been afraid, before I got to be more like Dino, to hurt anybody’s feelings, even somebody in the wrong.
On the other hand, I catch Dean worrying about things occasionally- things I have always worried about, to which previously he wouldn’t have given a thought. How do I know? I always know what’s going on in his head, even if his head is fifty miles away as I’ve said- and do you know why? I love him. He’s a big jerk sometimes but in the clinches there are few people in the world who could touch him. I knew when I first saw him that this was no ordinary Broadway character. I thought then he was kind, nice… as very few people really are nice. I thought this man is warm, and really friendly, and it would be great to have him for a friend. I’ve had him for a friend for a long time now- and I still think it’s great.
- Jerry Lewis