All this leads me to a consideration tbh: honestly if you know a friend of yours struggled so much/still does how can you go around mocking him that bad? The nerve people have of dismissing other people’s struggles and feelings like that, it makes fee sick. This isn’t new or anything but it’s making me feel even worse right now than it ever did in the past 1+ year. I stand with people who are compassionate and and understanding and know how important empathy is. If you don’t have those qualities I can’t even think of taking yourself seriously as artists and songwriters because music simply reflects who you are, I don’t believe one sec people who say that art and personality are two distinct things. I never did. I just can’t. Zayn’s music speaks to my soul because he speaks to my soul. He puts out good music because he is a good person, and I feel his music because he’s brave enough to make me feel it. He questions himself, he reflects upon himself, he talks about himself, and that’s when I know how good of a person he is. People make songs about others all the time, and it’s so difficult to talk about ourselves, but he took the risk after all he’s been through and it says a lot about what kind of deep, reflecting, intelligent, honest person he actually is.

Henry stating that Killian isn’t his father is honestly not a big deal to me at all.  While I still don’t understand how he apparently had such a strong relationship with Bagel after knowing him for a week or two, or why he looked up to him so much, he still views him as his one and only dad.  That’s not going to change overnight.  Killian is just now moving in, and the three of them are officially starting this future together.  There’s going to be an adjustment period.  While I personally don’t have a stepparent, most of my friends do.  They’ve told me repeatedly how difficult it was to accept that this person was marrying their mother/father and was now their parent.  Eventually it felt natural for them, but it took time.  It honestly feels like a very normal reaction, although it was probably a little over the top because the EQ was trying to get a rise out of him.  Nothing to be concerned over though.

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I can't help feeling extremely sad. I'm still in bed at 2pm and haven't slept at all the previous night ugh. Why is this affecting me so much. Why do I feel so broken? You've helped with your msr/gillovny posts though. Thanks! How are you feeling yourself?

I’m sorry you are sad! I understand that people are disappointed. But, for me, one journalist’s use of the word “with” and another’s claim that they’re quietly dating (but providing absolutely no details) does not convince me of anything. So, I feel fine! I’ve chosen to wait and see what comes from the lady herself (or any actual proof, really).

And, either way, none of this makes gillovny any less adorable. Look at these fools:

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ok ok listen i know a lot of people have been bringing up the fact that they dont like brooklyn nine nine because they feel like it’s a “pro-cop show” and it’s “idolizing a gross system” but like?? please try to understand that that is not the point of this show at all?? they have explicitly stated the problem with the police system in one of the episodes, where amy lists real concerns and holt puts up a poster that says “tell us how we can be better.” this is one of the very few shows who i see actually addressing real problems like gun control issues, homophobia, racism, and transphobia (it was just a mention, but still way more than any other show), while still being lighthearted and hilarious. just because this show is set in a cop setting does not mean they are praising anything?? please don’t diss an genuinely funny, good show so quickly because of that. it’s not perfect but it’s trying so much more than anything else on tv right now.

Hades: So, Son of Apollo. Tell me, why did the sun go to school?
Will: Uh, I don’t understand…?
Nico: Will don’t listen to him.
Will: Oh! That’s a good one. Alright, my turn. Why do you have to wear sunglasses when you feel hot?
Nico: WILL NO.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Will got accepted in the family.


So some people have been commenting rather rudely on one of Dan’s tweets, and I just thought I’d vent my frustrations on how those people are seriously making me want to punch them. But in all seriousness, give Dan some slack guys. I’ve had an existential crisis before, and every moment of it was absolutely horrid, and I don’t think some of you understand that Dan is a person too. He has feelings, and he has problems. He could be going through a lot of troubles, okay?? 

“I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you. I think I was twelve. It took me three years to pluck up the courage to speak to you. And I was so scared about the way I felt. You know, loving a girl. So I learned how to become a sarcastic bitch to kind of feel normal. I screwed guys to make it go away, but it didn’t work. When we got together it scared the shit out of me. Because you were the one person who could ruin my life. I pushed you away. I made you think things were your fault. But really I was just terrified of pain. I didn’t want to be a slave to the way I feel about you, can you understand? You were trying to punish me back and it’s horrible. It’s so horrible, because really, I’d die for you. I love you. I love you so much, and it’s killing me.”

Skins (2007-2013)


community meme - [5/10 episodes] - pillows and blankets

First entry in my stupid journal. Today I had to run and get two imaginary friendship hats from an office. I could have just walked around the corner and then come back, but for some reason I actually went all the way back to where they were supposed to be. One was crumpled up a bit. That was Troy’s. The other was a little dusty. That was Abed’s. I fixed them up, even though I was the only one watching, because I settled on a truth today that’s always going to be true. I would do anything for my friends, which I think is how everyone in the world feels, which finally makes me understand war.


One of the greatest things about RWBY is about how relatable the show is. I mean, we all understand the feeling about how to tell someone to be happy, to always do this no matter what, to never give up, to go for this certain person, whereas we can never do it ourselves. We put others before us. Yes, I understand that other shows, movies, and books have it. I don’t know, when Nora says that, I feel a deeper emotion than I do to others.

do u ever hate ur ex-fp so much that you want them to suffer and feel pain for what they did to you and the thought of them being happy makes you seethe because you did so so much for them and you poured your heart out for them and they just dumped you on the streets for someone else and you can’t ever forgive them no matter how hard you try and u really don’t want to

You are the only one of yourself
that exists. No matter what, you
cannot be recreated.

Do you understand just how rare you
are? Even diamonds and rare stones
can be made to look and feel the same.

But you? You can never exist again.

So treat yourself as valuable as you are.
Speak of yourself kindly, give yourself
the rest and care you need, surround
yourself with people who understand
just how precious you are.

Even the parts of you that you may 
dislike, like your nose, your hands,
your hair color, your shape, they 
will never exist again; at least not
in the same pattern once you are

So please treasure who you are,
even the things you have trouble
loving when you look in the mirror. 

You are a rarity.

—  You’re more rare and valuable than anything on this earth.
Don’t tell me you know how it feels. Don’t tell me you understand. Don’t tell me what you’re going through is the same as this. Just don’t. Don’t attempt to make this better. And don’t you dare tell me you care. Don’t lie to me, I’ve had enough of your bullshit. I’m living for myself now. You’re gone. In one ear and out the other, our time has come and passed. I just hope you’re happy.

Just imagine a Warden who listens carefully to Zevran tell them how the Crows bought him when he was only a child and trained him to kill.

Imagine a Warden coming across Zevran in the Sloth demon’s dream, strapped to the rack, forced not to make a sound, and feels their stomach flip over.

Imagine a Warden who’s so incredibly upset by what they saw and Zevran just doesn’t understand why considering it was only one more detail to his story with the Crows. And then the Warden explains. If that was part of his training to be a Crow, and the Crows bought him when he was 7, how old was he when he was first put on the rack?

Imagine Zevran stunned, managing to say something along the lines of the Warden being too smart for their own good, as he tries to grapple with the fact they not only remembered what he had told them, but they cared enough to be that upset about what had been done to him.

Tell me
what does it mean
to understand someone that way
what does it feel like
to know the maze of them
as well as you know your own
how is it
to have woven yourself
with another human being
so intricately
to have tangled another person’s heart with yours
so deeply
that you’ll never fully pull yourselves apart
without cutting out pieces of each other
you see, my soul has always been my own
it’s stayed locked
or maybe simply unopened
I suppose I’m not really sure
I realize you will not be the one to try
to pry me open
to make a home for yourself
you don’t need another soulmate
though sometimes I wish you did
that is why I simply ask you
describe to me
how does it feel
to be two of one
I’d love to know
what the reality is
of that which I’ve been wishing for all these years
—  A.O.A.M. || Pair
They’ve written poems and sonnets and novels and songs and movies about you. About the person who shows up just in time with all of the right intentions and you know exactly how to make me feel. You know how to hold me when everything starts to fall apart, and you know how to make me feel like you can put it all back together. You give me a look that I can’t ever decipher, but I try to. You laugh at my jokes and endlessly tease me about that one dumb thing I did three weeks ago. You understand when something hurts, and you can’t take the pain away no matter how hard you want to try. You assure me that you can cry on me and rub my back and let me show my emotions, no matter how much I hate it. You’re that cliché everything I need in a person. And now I understand why they write all of these poems and sonnets and novels and songs and movies about you. I get why you’re so important to them. Because you’re that much more important to me.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1064 // and i can’t thank you enough

one thing i’m really not understanding is how taylor has been preaching girl power and female friendships this whole year yet right now she’s defending the white boy and not protecting her young female fans who said they felt hurt and victimized and sad and to see her invalidate those feelings of theirs makes me dissapointed and idk man that just seems wrong

What I don’t understand is that, he still talks about lost nights and craves someone to understand him completely, he still talks about painful combinations of honest feelings and wrong timings when he has the one he’s in love with. He is in love with her but he comes to me for escape, when he needs a person to complete his sentences and make him talk about things he can’t even tell himself. Is her love not enough? Doesn’t she know how to love him properly that gives him no reason to talk about life at the edge of his fingertips, about to lose it all? I don’t want to advertise my worth, or make him realize that something he needs is right in front of him. Sometimes I wish she loves him so hard that he forgets about me, forgets about looking back at occasional nights. But sometimes, all I ever wish is that he comes looking for me again and never goes back.
I wish you knew how much it took from me that night, when you left. I wish you could understand how much love letting you go took and what a toll it took on me. I wish you could have watched me shake when I told mother that I was depressed because the girl I had carefully planned to be with loves someone else and didn’t want me. I wish you could have been there when I turned to tipping a bottle up so I could fall asleep at night without you or when I lit one up to make the feeling go away. I wish you could have stayed long enough for me to show you what love really is.
—  a couple wishes 

I think what upsets me the most about this new update is how stressful it has made commenting. I understand that this was suppose to be a solution but honestly its only made my Tumblr expirence worse, we’ve tested it people don’t like it that happens. For me it makes me never want to comment. With the old way there was this sense of community in a post one right after each other linked to their name but loosely, it was more of a conversation a back and forth and now its just statement after statement. Comments have never been comments on Tumblr. We don’t comment, we talk. I want to feel like I’m adding on without interjecting into the middle of a conversation. The old system had a more anonymous feel, relaxed. Maybe it’s just me but Tumblr was never suppose to be a website for just comments.