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Psst! I saw you just joined the Arrow/Olicity fandom? Welcome! ^^ I can't express how much I agree with your latest status.

Omg thanks so much. Yeah, I started Arrow like a year ago and got fed up with the Oliver/Laurel/Tommy triangle shit so I gave up, but all of the Olicity stuff I was hearing about pulled me back, so I just finished it the other day and it was most definitely worth it. 

And yes, I have many many feelings on the perfection that is Felicity Smoak and her relationship with Oliver. 


merry christmas! this is for you guys, a christmas present from me! you deserve so much more, because you are flawless and so amazing. thank you for making my 2014 filled with joy and friendship. i will always be thankful. thank you my loves.

also i have some honorable mentions ♥: stilesism, stilinksihales, arthurdrvill, clarkethehalls, aaronswarner, prattschris, wittyfelicity, forever-erica, deputyhook, tommymerlyns, winterberrie, amellywod, amellrickards, captainswanouat, captainswaan, emmaswn, no-one-seesyou-likeido, jonescastillo, fyeahfelicitysmoak, peppermintsmoak, anythingyouhold, olicityalways, unlikely-alliance, meghanqueen

shoutout to my sideblogs and its members: smoakgifs & barryallendaily. love you guys so much and thank you! +blogroll


I’ve reached 200 followers so I decided to make my first follow forever! These lovely blogs have made my first month running this blog so much fun with their graphics/gifsets/fanfics/reblogs. I love being in the arrow/olicity fandom and I’m here to stay. Y'all have wonderful blogs and keep doing what you’re doing.


songbin​, amellrickards​, felicitysmoak-theojames-addict​, olicittys​, splitsunshine​, snowyallens​, sunshinesmoak​, hisfairassasin​​, huntrcss​, olicitys-arrow​, booyacastle​, girlwitharrows​, prettysmoak​, wifiandbow​, geniewithwifi​, falicitysmoke​, xxwhispererofhopesxx​, callistawolf​, queen-smoakin​, olicityparadise, queensmoakiin, ohlverqueen, dgct2, felicityoung, olicityaddicted, myfelicitysmoak, amellsqueen, snowbarry, olicityyy, holy-smoaked, uh-row-smoak, olicitybabies, oh-monteith, felicityromanova, deathstrohke, justanother90sbaby, ohmygettingcrazy, caitllnsmoak, myherocomplex, forever-erica, felicitys-smoaks, wittyfelicity, meghanqueen, oliversmoak, colindonnell,  1forall0allfor1, noonecanknowmysecret, no-one-seesyou-likeido, d-lenis, chickwithwifi, to-dwellondreams, msfelicitysmoak, nyssasara, klarolicityswan, mimozka, glamorous-enterlude, olversqueen, ladymalfoi, whattalovelyscene, scrumptiousmoak, solicity97, queen-the-arrow, arsenalroy, smoakandarrow, smoakandswan, smoakinhotqueen, @smoaksss, ohmypreciousgirl, aaronswarner, tommymerlyns, amellywod, sinceriouslysarah, dizzie-ds, emilybetterthanyourickards, andjustforthismoment, felicitsmoak, sarcasticfina, flash-smoak-and-arrows, smoaking-arrow, sentence-fragments, digglesarms, theirhappystory, felicitybabbles, pansexualsmoak, olequeen, felicityremarkablesmoak​, iknowwhatcanhelpyou​, ah-maa-zing​, olicitysmoaks​, olicityalways​, felicitysss​, felicityssarrow​, hoodiesandcomputers​, fe-li-ci-ty​, oliverjqueen​, youreallysoldit​, olicities​, emilybettdaily​, queenwithsmoak​, queensarrow​, holysmoaksoliver​, hopedreamlovepray​, skcolicity​, adubbs47​, killersmoak​, ronnieraymonds​, oliverdant​, olicityendgame​, lieutenantsmoak

thank you for being awesome! i sinceriously love you all.

CODE BLUE Oliciters!!! Shipper Down! Shipper DOWN!

Jenn? Jenn? JENN!!!!! I just read this and for the first time in forever I have freaked out to no end.
Kreisberg is STILL referring to O/L as Lois and Clark. He said it’s one of those times they can take their time on. What if that’s their plan? What if they plan on bringing them back together by the end of the series? What if this was ‘indeed’ what he meant when he talked about slow-burn the other day, in the extend of taking it from the start? Business partners, then get them close… OH SHIT PLEASE MAKE ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT THIS ‘CAUSE I’M REALLY FREAKING OUT

— no-one-seesyou-likeido

We’ve got a code blue fandom!!!!

Stay with me  no-one-seesyou-likeido!!! Stay with me!!!

You know…I didn’t get to do lamaze during labor. My daughter was born at 28 weeks. I didn’t even make it to lamaze class. I rocked an emergency c-section baby.

****side note…this is not a bad way to go. Not only did they completely knock me out (because the doctors were kind of scared. You don’t want to be awake when doctors are scared) but then they give you  the good drugs afterwards.

So let’s do it now. Together. Shall we?

This article. THIS article. It is the bain of my existence. So let’s take a look at it okay sweetie? 

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Can't get over the promo

Am i the only one who thinks that this scene comes after Oliver asks Felicity out?

I can picture something like this:

She says “Pick me up at 7” and then gives him an incredibly cute look and leaves the lair to get prepared for the big night.

And the way Oliver is eyeing her kills me. He looks so freaking happy. He’s like “i can’t believe i’m finally going out with Felicity Smoak!”

Gif by: no-one-seesyou-likeido

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I'm kinda new to the arrow and Flash fandoms and was wondering if you could recommend some blogs to follow ? :) And I really love your blog btw. Olicity FTW

Thank you! This took me a while to answer because I wanted to be very thorough. 

Mainly Arrow: queensarrow, starlingcitygifs, smoakgifs, dailystarlingcity, the-oliverqueen, oliver-and-felicity, fe-li-ci-ty, fyeahfelicitysmoak, arrowladiesdaily, olicitylovely, felicitysmoakdaily, digglegifs, fyeaharrowcast, amellywoodsource, fuckyeahlaurellance, olicitersunited

Mainly The Flash: flashallens, theflashgifs, flashsource, barry-and-iris, theflashland, flashfans, flashycaps, centralcitygifs, barryallendaily, eddiethawnegifs, theflashladies

Multifandom (Arrow and/or The Flash): olicities, felicitysss, prattschris, colinodonorgasm, barryallens, winterberrie, amellrickards, smoakandswan, smoaksolicitys, no-one-seesyou-likeido, felicityswoak, sohpiabush, westsnows, tommymerlyns, peppermintsmoak, edwardthawne, ladymalfoi, wittyfelicity, smoakflake, captainsamell, wildfirekitteh, harvspecters, aaronswarner, ohlancehunter, snowbarry, olversqueen, queensbows, grantkatie, arthurdrvill, olicitylovelybarrysallans, deathstrcke, littlegirlinvisible, everythingisbloomable, arsenalroy, alwaysbemygirlfelicity, anythingyouhold, rosetyleres, bobbimosre

ok I think that’s enough lol. sorry if I forgot anyone uwu

Hi guys!  I didn’t do anything for my 3k but I promised a follow forever as soon as I got 3'3k so here it is (/^▽^)/. And I want to say thank you to all of you who follow me, you make the tumblr + arrow experience the best thing ever!

baes: aka those who are amazing people I enjoy talking to + have awesome blogs that you should totally check out

sentence-fragments dumplingnooona arrows-and-fairytales dangling-maybes allensqueens lieutenantsmoak amypueblopoehler kingdomofowland arinskestrels diggo26 amellrickards whattalovelyscene


nattaliaromanova flash-smoak-and-arrows theirhappystory eastofgallifrey feilicitysmoak thecaptainolicity redpendreaming amellsqueen

lovelies: people who I may not interact that much with but are super nice bloggers and have rad blogs + I would like to be friends with them


digglesarms callistawolf alwaysbemygirlfelicity emilybetterthanyourickards fe-li-ci-ty felicityromanova anthfan barriyallen befitandchase felicitysss colindonnell clonesandgallifrey cllarkesmoak fponthedl allenssnows contrasts hoodiesandcomputers hisfairassasin huntrcssbarry-and-iris


no-one-seesyou-likeido my-heart-belongs-to-olicity oddly-romantics meghanqueen olicitykiss oliveroy mzanthropist oliciity ohmypreciousgirl olicitybabies olicityalways prettysmoak


princessmoak peggyy-carter ollicitied olicittys justanother90sbaby klarolicityswan jbuffyangel littlegirlinvisible


skcolicity smoakandarrow thinkolicity wifiandbow xxwhispererofhopesxx songbin steveogers theasmoak solicity97 sinceriouslysarah smoakinhotqueen scrumptiousmoak sunshinesmoak thelockpickingvictorian the-girl-wednesday queen-the-arrow wittyfelicity tommymerlyns

also special shout out to all my girls of the emilybettrickardsnetwork, seriously I enjoy talking to you all very much, you are the best! oh and follow the arrowladydefenseleague for lady goodness (-‿◦☀)

nora loves you all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Hello guys! I just reached 2k followers! Thank you, thank you, thank you and again THANK YOU! I want to say that I love all my followers. You’re just great! Sooo… there are my favourite blogs on tumblr. You’re all my friends and I ADORE YOU! I hope that I didn’t forget about anybody. Anyway, I repeat once more - I love all my followers with all my heart!!!


allenssnowsalluringdollsalisonddilaurentisaddriannadestiny anastasiadreams alyybelikovantonia757beautyqueenforbesbolette4 ★ bansheesandhunters★ carolineforbesisawesome ★ carolinequeen champagnekissedbitch ★ cecevolume ★ chairdelenazadechampagneforklarolinecaritobear ★ cristianoronaldoafdarerogers dreamingofklarolinedilaurentisfields


fuckyass-multifandoms ★ godcaprio ★ goldcaught ★ geckowinchestershonourinrevengehummingbirds-and-champagne ★ hoodsqueenhalewithstilinski ★ howeverlongsimniklausmikaelsonjodiceklarolinessecondbreakfast ★ kcismyreligionkhaleesiofthewolves klarolarke ★ kingsmanspy ★ klarolineskhaleesi ★ klarolinelocked klausiseverything ★ klaroline-overdose ★ kickassfu ★ klarolicityswan klausswordholder ★ klarolineforevermine ★ klarolinedirectoryklarolineepiclove ★ klarolinedrabbles


leoxcristiano ★ luvthe-hurtawayloving-klarolinelydiasfears laprincesadelamor ★ littleklarolinebiteslast-love-of-klaroline ★ little-bitch-of-kol ★ moneyyhoneyyy ★ maliatxtes ★ missdestinysmartinskisbond  missallydia ★ missingstars89 ★ mrschristinacharming ★ maybeteawithvodka  mademoiselle-forbes ★ maevelinno-one-seesyou-likeido  ★ nobloodywinds ★ octvaiablakes ★ ourendlessnight ★ out-lawqueenojlala onlyklarolinefeels ★ olicitysbond ★ olicitykisses ★ parallel-outlinesqueensmoakiin


royalpetrova ★ rebellect ★ rosemariewaldorf ★ royalcaliberrealynn8  songbin ★ seriouslymilady ★ sassernachshelikeshummingbirds  shippinginthedeep ★ sunspearsprincess troublefindsme universewithoutsoulvandermarinswillowolven ★ willowauswavesofjoyy yearoracentury

Hey!!  So I just hit 1.4k followers today and I want to make a follow forever!

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Hi ^^ If when I first join this fandom as sensiblement, someone told me that I’ll reach 500 followers one day, I wouldn’t have believed it. And here I am, with 500 followers, so thank you so much. Thank you to appreciate my tumblr, to like my graphics, to talk to me (yeah I have friends here who talk to me, unbelievable). So I made my first follow forever, with people who make my tumblr experience incredible and marvel my dashboard.

I love you  ❤

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g-j: @hisfairassasiin@honorthedeadbyfighting@ilarina@jbuffyangel 

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Hey guys! so i just reached 100 followers so i thought i’d do a quick follow forever of all the wonderful blogs i follow!

queen-smoakin arsenalroy felicityswoak alwaysbemygirlfelicity queenlythea theflashfangirl digglegifs smoakandswan olicitykisses allensqueens aaronswarner felicitysss iriswestreports oliver-and-felicity ohlicity fe-lic-ity olicitersunited felicityholysmoak berrieallen smoakandarrow no-one-seesyou-likeido felicitysmoakdaily flash-smoak-and-arrows captainsamell smoakgifs journalistiriswest fuckyesolicity thearrowgifs arrowregif amellrickards theamazingolicity justolicity holysmoaksoliver queensarrow barryallens smoakinghood caitllnsmoak feilcity prettysmoak barryallendaily colindonnell felicity-smoakqueen myarroworld olicities meghanqueen smoakinhotqueen emilybetterthanyourickards barrysqueen fe-li-ci-ty wifiandbow olicityslays the-oliverqueen whestallen queensbows centralcitygifs theflashladies oliversmaok arrowladiesdaily fe-li-ci-ty-smoa-k theflashland bitchwithwifii barry-and-iris stehpenamell fuckyeahcaitlinsnow fyeahfelicitysmoak flcitysmoak starlingcitygifs madewithcoffeeandbabbling ohmygettingcrazy amellywoodsource uh-row-smoak veryplatoniccircunstances flashallens queenandallen fyeaharrowcast snowbarrydaily smoakingarrow flashsource theflashismysuperhero thearrowismyhero officialarrow olicitylovely hisgirlfelicity arrowarcher theasmoak chewingredpen grant-gust dailystarlingcity felicitysmoakh barryandiris olicitysqueen

Thanks for being fabby guys! (also sorry this is in no particular order)

hi! so i’m completely amazed that so many of you wonderful people choose to follow me, and i want you all to know how much i appreciate it. seriously, thank you! 

here is my first follow forever, because i want to give a shout out to some of the fabulous blogs that make being on tumblr a much more enjoyable experience. thanks again, guys!

a-c: @aaronswarner @adamruzekk @ah-maa-zing @amelliwood @anythingyouhold @arrowsource @arthurs-pendragons @aussietonkin @barryalleins @belledearie @blakesbaellamy @blondefelicity @bobbimorxe @captainsamell @carolineeforbes 

d-f: @danicon @dumplingnooona @eddiethawne @emilybuttrickards @emmaskilly @enough4now @erikslehnsherr @erinlindsays @faithsumners @farklesrileys @fe-li-ci-ty @felicitys @felictiyqueen

g-j: @geckoskatie @greenarroow @holdasmile @hopedreamlovepray @ithinkimightveinhaledyou 

k-m: @klchaps @ladymalfoi @leave-me-hypnotized-love @lieutenantducklings @littlemsinnocent @lizzie-mcguire @lorelaiqilmore @mdaddario

n-r: @no-one-seesyou-likeido @ohliverfelicity @ohmygodhelena @ohmypreciousgirl @oilversqueen @olicityalways @olicitykisses @olicitys @organas @princedevit @princesconsuela @queenmerlyn @queensoverwatch @releaseurinhibitions @rememberdamon @rickscosnett @robevanss @ronnieraymonds @rosedaws

s-z: @schrutesfarm @sebastianstam @sentence-fragments @smoakd @smoakgifs @smoakingbillionaires @smoakqueenz @smoaksignal @stepphenamell @thenightofthecomet @wittyfelicity @zoeswade

and here’s a link to my blogroll in case i forgot anybody, and if i have, i sincerely apologise!


Hello beautiful people. Since 1k + of awesome blogs wants to follow me (insane .-.), and it’s almost christmas (yay),  I’ve decided to make my first follow forever, and show you all my love and respect! lol (and here I am embarrassing myself, I regret nothing) 

First my 3 favorite people here , (you know I love you so much girls).

Hassana  -  Mary  - Vivian 

Now the cool people I’ll follow forever  (maybe I don’t talk with you, like never, but your blogs are awesome <3 ) 

[favorite of favorites –> italic] 

amellrickards - blake-bellamys - captaindiggle - carolinas-dreams - christmasmessina -

clarkehsgriffin- clarkethehallsdamoncomesbackdamonismydarkprince  -

felicityssarrow - felicitysss - jerlenas -  katyswartz - kingsbellamy - mysticbrooke  -

mysteriousdamon - mailiatates - no-choice-to-make no-one-seesyou-likeido -

ohskye - ohsmoak - olicity-paradise - olicityendgame  - peehtas -  rnaliatate  -

sunshinesmoak - smoakandswan  - smoakingarrow - smoakinghood  - therealbarryallen -

truelovealwayssurvives - underdamonsskin - whattalovelyscene .