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what are some hamilton ships you like?

im terrible at shipping bc i have strong opinions on maybe 3 ships and then everything else im just like

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lams is my #1 u cant go wrong with a classic (thats a lie u absolutely can)

but i feel like..there are so many ships…. i cant tell which ones 2 give opinions on


My English teacher asked us today what 2 things we hate about ourselves

I said my body and my face

Our “homework” is to go home and say nothing but nice stuff about those 2 things

So now basically this is my body/just regular positivity post

Everyone is beautiful on the outside
It’s the inside we should all really be focused on

if you think none of this applies to you - odds are you need to read it

you are not entitled to anything here

your role in fandom - whether it’s reader, consumer, writer, fan, etc. - is no excuse to disregard politeness for any reason

having people on your side is no excuse to be rude

feeling as though you’re right or being told you’re right is no excuse to be rude 

your preferences and opinions are no excuse to be rude

if somebody says you were rude it’s because they perceived it that way. taking a moment to reconsider how you said something and trying a different approach to attempt a resolution makes you look more mature

approaching your friends to let them know they might be acting rudely makes you look more mature

considering that you might have made a mistake makes you look more mature

people you like or are friends with still have the capacity to be rude and/or hurt others. remember that there are many sides to a conflict before you stand on one with a friend 

alienating people for disagreements makes you look immature and cliquey

if you really hate somebody for something they’ve said or done, try defeating them with kindness rather than anger 

HOW you say something matters just as much as WHAT you say. Everyone’s feelings are valid. There is no reason fandom has to be like high school. 

Klangst Week: March 29th (Voltron/Garla)


It’s Klangst week! Why didn’t I know Klangst week is a thing? ;-; 

I’m joining this pretty late (hope that’s okay!) with a small fic, I tried to combine bits and pieces of the previous days to get on track with the remaining week, but it’s mainly focused on the theme of today! ^^


He felt it more than he understood it.

There were little signs, small ways he conveyed it to him like waves breaking on rocky shores, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Lance noticed the way he’d refuse to look him in the eye, the way he’d open his mouth to speak then stop midway, thinking no one had noticed it. He’d gotten harsher, his words fewer and bitter whenever he allowed himself to talk.

He tried to find when it started, understand when they became…this.
When Keith decided he could lie to Lance’s face.

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For the fic meme, if you want: 5. What’s your favorite headcanon you use in fics?, 7. How much do you like symbolism in your fics? and 8. How often do people catch onto your little details?

5.  I like to think that Mace Windu is really closer to 7′2″ than Sam Jackson’s 6′2″.  It make everything he does about 500% funnier.

7. IF IT’S IN THERE, IT WASN’T PLANNED.  Seriously, I nearly failed English a few times because I CANNOT recognize symbolism in writing, and only sometimes catch it in film and visual arts.  I’m staunchly anti-jungian tho, so that’s probably getting in the way.

8.  people catch onto LOTS of little details, but never the ones I expect.  People notice sensory details, or shifts in time or alternative behavioral explanations i hadn’t thought of.  Writing in chat is great that way, because it really expands my concept of what people will see.

one cute thing ive noticed about the ya lit aesthetic side of tumblr is that whenever one person changes their url their friends reblog it so their followers kno too. gosh thats so sweet is it ok if i start doing that every time any of u change to a good url

i feel safe when you're holding me near

892 words

Amberle Elessedil/Eretria

amberle and eretria talk, end up sharing a bed again, and everyone is nice enough not to mention eretria’s enormous and very obvious crush on amberle.

a/n: yes, this is another amberle/eretria bed sharing fic -no one is surprised & i’m not sorry. set between time stamps four & five in what remains once the war is won

title from ‘hearts don’t break around here’ by ed sheeran


Eretria rests her chin on her hand, feigning interest in whatever Nikolas is saying about dividing up the land, but her eyes keep darting over to where Amberle sits opposite her.  She’s fiddling with the bracelet around her wrist, twisting the beads around and around with a distant look in her eyes.

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Taako catches the flu and no one notices because of his fucking magic glamours. He ends up passing out during training and Magnus flips his fucking shit. Killian gets her arm dislocated because Magnus pulled her too roughly away from Taako, but Carey helps her with it. Merle casts disspell and healing word on everyone.

can i just say………..the timing for this one is impeccable cuz I JUST fuckn found out I have the flu 😷

I’m always a little conflicted when it comes to stuffing myself when I then have to go out shopping. I mean on the one hand, it’s definitely a struggle trying to hide how swollen and full my belly is, and it’s a little exhausting walking around too. But on the other hand, there’s something rather satisfying about feeling so heavy like this and wondering if any one will notice how much I’ve gorged myself sooo…. Guess I’ll eat a bit more soon?

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I grew up with my older brother in hospital because he was very sick. My parents put all their time and effort and money to make sure he survived and was happy. I grew up nothing but a burden. Always in the way. If I'm thin maybe I won't be a problem? Or maybe I'll eat so little I'll disappear? No one will notice. No one noticed when I stopped talking.

Hi do you need anyone to talk to? My messages are always open!! No one deserves to feel that way :(


if they are not moirails I will consume my entire tablet

I am your partner.
Happy bithday Tsuki-san!!!・:゚*:・。゚ぉ誕生日(★´∀`)

Sasako…wearing glasses…