How much I love you

You are my sunshine

Sans had always wanted to see the sun.

He’d imagined it since ever he could remember. When he was young, he used to dream about breaking onto the surface on the crack of dawn. He’d see the ball of fire suspended in the sky as it warmed up his cold, cold bones, casting its golden rays down upon his skeletal frame. He’d alway wanted to see the sunlight.

He’d only heard tales about it, and seen little glimpses of the supposed light in books he’d read like a man half starved.

It was always so dark in the Underground. It was dark, and cold, and no one seemed to notice. There was no sun to light up the streets of snowdin, or to create life for the plants that grew there. There was just snow- so, so much snow, snow that soaked his sneakers and kept him buried in his stupid jacket at all hours as the ceilings of the cavern casted a heavy, almost palpable weight upon the flickering lights of the town. It never melted. It never rained. It never did anything. It was just there, cold and glossy as it crunched under his feet.

Years had passed, and Sans’s aspirations began to crumble. What was the point in HOPE, when it meant nothing anyways? He’d hardened into a scowling, hot headed skeleton who couldn’t muster up enough passion in him to care about anything, really, aside from maybe booze and cigars. Trying to be nice- trying to be good- had brought him exactly jack shit, so he’d decided to just ditch the notion altogether.

He didn’t really like the light, anymore.

No, he didn’t like the light. It burned at his sockets and crawled at his bones as he slipped further into the darkness of his room, trying to hide from the creeping rays of the morning as he hid underneath the curtains of darkness of his sarcasm and harsh language.

And over time, he’d forgotten what the light even was.

That is, until he met you.

My only sunshine

You were a problem.

He’d known it from the start, the first time he’d watched you stumble out of the ruins with a tattered sweater and an expression more determined than anything he’d ever seen in his life.

You were light, and he’d been in the dark for so, so long.

Honestly, the light was kind of obnoxious.

Not only did it hurt his eyes, but it illuminated all the things Sans had done such a good job of keeping hidden in the dark. It shoved them back under his nose, filling him with the knowledge of just how filthy and disgusting he was. It hurt. It hurt more than he could say, and the only way to hide the hurt would be to get rid of the light.

He’d contemplated doing it. He’d thought about cutting you off once and for all, but then you’d smile at him, and he’d just-

He couldn’t do it.

He couldn’t imagine not seeing your smile every day. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to live without your presence, soft and warm and so bright against the darkness coiling in his ribs.

He couldn’t help but wonder, however, why the hell your smiles were directed towards him. Someone so good couldn’t possibly love something so disgusting, so filthy, so pathetic as he was, right? It didn’t make sense. He didn’t deserve your smiles. He didn’t deserve your laugh, or your words, or any of you at all.

He hated you, for that.

He hated how you made him feel.

He hated your stupid smile, and how it made his day.

He hated your kindness, and how you always forgave him (even when he didn’t deserve it).

He hated everything about you.

But he hated himself the most.

You keep me happy

When skies are grey

You were light.

You were the light that kept him away from the darkness, and it was ruining you. He was ruining you. He knew it. Every time he yelled at you, every time he called you an idiot, every time he hurt you-

You were getting just a little dimmer.

He really was a sick fuck, wasn’t he?

He was just disgusting. He was everything that was wrong in the world, and he would ruin everything he touched. He felt filthy, and no amount of scrubbing could ever hope to wash away the dirt in his bones. He was drowning in his own head, falling and falling and falling and he was pulling you down with him.

The liquor helped.

It numbed his thoughts and his loathing, making them just as fuzzy as his clouded morals as his problems- his darkness- faded into the haze. They were still there, of course, but they were forgotten in the moment. They were hidden.

So was his self control.

He’d been trying to keep himself in check for months, when it came to you.

You hadn’t made it easy, of course. Not when you smirked at him like that with a stupidly smug grin he was practically dying to run his teeth over. Certainly not when you’d worn those stupid thigh-high socks and that short, short skirt. Not when you flirted with him or laughed at his stupid puns, or when you leaned in just a little too close when you were drunk. Not when you’d fallen asleep in his bed, all sprawled out over his sheets and looking so fucking delicious he could barely stand it.

He wondered if you knew what you were doing to him. Probably not, because if you knew that he’d been trying to keep himself from shoving you up against the wall and fucking you still you couldn’t even function properly-?

Well, you’d be horrified.

Wouldn’t you be?

You should be. You were a human. You were perfect. You were the only thing in the world that mattered, and why the hell would you ever even look at trash like him?

He’d told himself to stay out of your bed. Damn it, he was going to hurt you. He was going to ruin you, and he needed to keep himself away.

For once in your damn life, why can’t you do the right thing?

It wasn’t for lack of effort, he knew that much. He’d tried so very, very hard, and he had never been one to try to anything. He’d try for you, though.

Then he’d gotten drunk, and it had all just-


It’d all gone to shit, hadn’t it?

He felt ill, afterwards. Not in the moment. No, in the moment he’d felt so right. It was months and months and months of pressure finally being released, and you were just so soft. The world hadn’t felt quite so bleak when he’d been pressed up against you, but then again, you had the skill to make anything seem okay.

And yet, when he was staring at the multitude of bruises and bite marks littering your form next to him in the hazy hours of the morning, he felt nothing but wrongness.

He’d hurt you.

He’d indulged, because he couldn’t even control himself for once in his fucking life you disgusting monster way to fucking go sick abomination look what you’ve done are you fucking proud of yourself are you happy-?

You asked him what was wrong.

He shook his head.

Nothing, he smiled.

At least, that was the plan. Instead he started sobbing.

You held him for a while, after that. You whispered meaningless assurances in his ears. You told him he was not disgusting. You told him you cared about him. You told him he was wonderful, and that you wouldn’t give him up for the world. You held him tighter and tighter, and he felt himself start to crumble.

He didn’t believe you, of course, but it made his heart hurt a little less.

You’ll never know, dear

How much I love you

Sans loves you.

It’s not debatable.

It’s a fact, plain and simple. He loves you, and that’s the end of it.

He wasn’t quite sure when he’d started to love you. It certainly hadn’t been an overnight development, that much was for sure. He hadn’t woken up one day and decided hey, I’d cut off my own arm for you. He hadn’t been struck with the sudden urge to make sure you were okay at all hours of the day in the middle of a drinking competition one night. You hadn’t become the only reason he even got up in the morning at an exact moment. You’d sort of just…

Snuck in.

He supposed that’s how the light usually infiltrated the darkness. It found its way through the cracks and narrow splits of the walls,  slowly brightening the room with infectious sunlight.

But nonetheless.

He loves you.

Of course, he won’t ever admit it to himself. He certainly won’t tell you, either, because he doesn’t know what he’ll do if you say you love him back.

He doesn’t deserve your love. He knows that.  He’s darkness. He’s a mistake. He’s nothing but a fuck up who ruins everything he touches, and you’d be stupid to ever care about something like that.

He doesn’t want you to love him.

Which is probably why it hurts so much when you do.

You’re a liar. You have to be, because you’ve seen him at his worst. You’ve felt his wrath and bore the weight of his darkness, and no one could possibly love that. So you’re lying. He hopes you are, because he doesn’t think he can deal with you loving him.

He doesn’t deserve you. Can’t you see that? Or are you just an idiot?

You’re an idiot, he concludes. A perfect idiot.

I love you, you mumble softly.

He doesn’t say it back.


You’re his sunshine.

You’re the kiss at the end of a long day.

You’re the laughter at a stupid joke at Grillbys.

You’re the warmth of the fire in a snowstorm.

You’re the hug after a drunken breakdown in the bathroom.

You’re the whisper that everything is okay.

You’re the human who forgives him when he doesn’t deserve it.

You’re his.

You’re the one who loves him.

You’re the one he loves.

You’re the one he hurts.

You’re the one he hates.

You’re the one who goes looking for him after he storms off in the middle of the night.

You’re the one who he finds in the car smashed up on the side of the road.

You’re the one bleeding out on the floor.

You are the light.

You are dead.

Sans never liked the dark.

Please don’t take my sunshine away

The angst monster has returned, my friends.


“Wondering blind man, with a great sin he dare not forget 
 A fallen warrior, seeking for peace
 A lost warrior, looking for redemption
 Fight after fight, yet mind never crooked
 He needs strength to rise up from the ashes


 In my language , thanks insomnia ;;;;w;;;;
Oh yeah and I notice this one might be the continue of a Hanzo painting I did last year



…no way ….

…..this is freaky lol.

So I’ve been working on both A Commutual Contract and Serendipitous Fate as of late and they’re both kind of depressing at the moment so…

I’m gonna work on a story called Five Times Lance Flirted with Keith and the One Time Keith Noticed or something like that, but you get the idea. Should be a fun break when I get out of work later 😁

am i the only one who notices whenever jimin wants to do something with jungkook at a fan sign , a fan there tries to get his attention instead?

not trying to say what she did was rude, but if i was there i would only watch those sinscere glances and soft words between them bcuz what would be more romantic? lol

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I had a thought just now... If there are You're Welcome tours in Europe... Will Jack see one of Mark's tours? I just imagine him in the crowd... And no one notices him. But the team does and they're like "holy shit is that Jack?!"

I feel like Jack might be too busy, but it would be cool!!

Going to do a mass unfollow today. It’s about time I got rid of some dead blogs. I also want to  make some room on my dash. So sayonara to the ‘one heartbomb to get noticed and no heart ever again’- blogs, and toodle-oo to the one-sided love affairs. You know I’m a supportive person, but I’d rather support the people who make this place feel like home to me. 

Hmmm. This psa is paradoxical, because the people actually reading this won’t be unfollowed, and the people that are going to be unfollowed won’t be reading this anyway. Oh well, at least now you know what I’m up to today.

pregnancy + jin ~ drabble

A/N: oh my god there was sooo much I had to write on this drabble, I had to limit myself or I would have ended up writing like 30 pages. I think Jin would be the best dad ever ahhh~ I hope you like it!

- he figures out you’re pregnant before you even tell him

- like one day he notices the smallest little detail and just blurts it out

“Babe why are you touching your stomach so much…wait you’re pregnant, aren’t you?!” 

- he tears up at the thought of a mini version of you and him running around

- goes super cheesy for the baby reveal and sends out cards with Mario video game controllers on them that say “Player 3 coming soon…”

- jokingly brags to everyone about how gorgeous your baby is gonna be

“How do I know my baby’s gonna be attractive? I mean cmon, he/she has my genes after all.”

- at first he wants to know the sex of the baby so he can prepare, but in the end, decides that you should keep it a surprise

- keeps a really long list of baby names on his phone because he can’t make up his mind

- he goes to endless lengths to make sure he’ll be the best dad possible

- he studies up on every possible thing there is about being a dad from what babies should eat to how much love they need from their parents

- you wander downstairs one night to see him sprawled out across the floor surrounded by dad books

- “How to Be a Hot Dad”, “101 Best Dad Jokes”, and “How to Raise an Angsty Teen”

- he takes pictures of your progress all the time and posts them everywhere

- he has framed pictures of every ultrasound of the baby on his desk

- once your belly starts getting bigger he will literally never leave your side

- he treats you like a queen during your entire pregnancy 

- he even offers to carry you around everywhere

- expect showers of kisses and lots of gifts and him telling you how much he loves you and how excited he is to be having a baby with you 

- he becomes your and your belly’s personal bodyguard and he also just likes touching your belly to feel the baby kick 

- he drags over the other members all the time to make them touch your belly because the baby always kicks when it hear’s Jin’s voice

- since you don’t know the sex of the baby, he goes all out and just buys every type of toy and clothing possible 

- seriously, he will spoil the hell out of this kid before its even born

- he only buys the most expensive baby equipment like high-chairs, strollers, etc. because he thinks they’re the best ones

- he also buys one of those baby carrier things you use to strap the baby to your chest because let’s be real who can’t imagine Jin showing up to practice with one of those

- tries to build everything himself

- you find him asleep late in the nursery sometimes, surrounded by various building parts and a half-constructed crib

- puts his head next to your belly and reads a bedtime story and sings to the baby every single night 

- kisses your belly all the time and whispers “I love you so much” to the baby

- tries to tell the baby jokes through your belly

“Jin, babe, you know he/she can’t understand you, right?”

- “You don’t know that. He/she has my genes meaning he/she is probably giggling inside of there right now.” 

- on the night your water breaks, he’s already completely prepared with bags packed and the car ready

- holds your hand the entire time from the car ride over to the second the baby is born

- he cries A LOT when the baby is born, I’m talking full on sobbing because he is so happy

- expect Jin to be essentially the best dad on earth, he will love your baby more than anything else

~ request a _____ + bts member drabble! ~


- admin violet

is it me or the search on tumblr is a little broken? i know new things i posted and friend posted and tagged accordingly don’t show up in the tag. its really strange and a bit problematic. I had already noticed that sometimes very popular tags will be very empty while a few months ago they where not…(like some sections when you refine the search by “text” or “photos” are said to be empty…)

Hidden Eremika Parallel in Chapter 82?

Did…did anyone else notice this?

Mikasa vs Reiner

Eren vs Bertholdt

Mikasa to Reiner: “Reiner…get out.”

Eren to Bertholdt: “Got you.”

Both Eren and Mikasa finished off Bertholdt and Reiner around the same time, respectively. 

Mikasa also struck Reiner from the front, while Eren struck Bertholdt from the back. Or am I overthinking once again?

Wait, now that I think about it…the parallels go even further.

Reiner and Bertholdt were directly responsible for the Fall of Shiganshina District. They were the reasons Eren and Mikasa lost their home.

Years later, they fought Reiner and Bertholdt in the same place once again. It’s actually extremely poetic for Eren and Mikasa to finished off the Colossal and Armored Titan. In a sense, this was payback from the two people who lost their home to the two Warrior Shifters.

akinatorphan  asked:

i thought i was the only one who noticed phil using they/them! my heart fluttered into space happily at that exact moment

it was such a random little thing i noticed but it was there and it made me so happy!!!

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Stenbrough head canons for when they first started dating / when the other losers found out

wow ok!! :)

i feel like bill was the first one to notice his true feelings. maybe they were wrestling and rolling around in the grass, stan straddled him and pinned his arms down and laughed in his face bc he won but bill could only notice the little green leaves in stan’s unruly hair and how out of breath he was and the sparkles in his eyes and bill gulped when he felt his heart leap

a week later bill was walking stanley home and carrying his books and asked if he wanted to “go out sometime? like.. more than friends? like ben and beverly?” and then stanley was the stuttering mess! he took a deep breath and cleared his throat and was like “oh yeah, that sounds cool.” and then went inside his house and closed the door behind him and clutched at his shirt and smiled real big. then bill rang his doorbell, and stanley composed himself once again before answering the door, “yes??” and bill said “um, you forgot your buh- buh- books, s- stuh-stanley”

 stan was excited but he wasn’t too sure about his feelings

i think they were both so excited, they planned what they were going to do separately, and when they met up stanley started rattling off how they were gonna go bird watching and then maybe play baseball in his backyard and bill was like “but i bought tix to see dead poets society” (or some movie lmao)

after that, they did a lot of cute playful flirting, like bill would snatch books from stanley and dangle them above him and watch him jump and struggle for them, or bill would block doorways and say he couldn’t get pass w/o a kiss. that’s when stanley knew for sure he felt the same way for bill

the first time they kissed was inside of the photo booth after their third date, they were running out of picture idea and stanley just grabbed bill’s face and planted one on him

 their second kiss was the same night when bill walked stan to his front door, dropping him off from the film. they said good night and they parted ways, bill walking back to his car. then he turned around and grab stanley’s arm, spinning him around and kissing him. “juh- juh- just repaying the fah- favor” bill grinned

the losers found out they were dating bc stan uses that photo strip as a book mark

i think the losers also got the hint bc bill and stan would indirectly @ e/o lmao probably like “i didn’t get any sleep last night! someone made me stay up all night” or “do u mind if i copy ur homework? someone wouldn’t help me with mine”

 they never spoke up about it and just became more open about their relationship over the months and everyone just accepted it

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What's got me down is that I'm worthless. If I was to disappear no one would even notice or care because I bring no value into anyone's life. People might even be happier without me because I'm a burden on everyone around me. I'm just a waste of space.

My heart sinks every time that I hear someone say these words because I came from this spot too. But you have to remember that all of us are on this earth for a reason, the reason we are put here now may not be here yet but doesn’t mean that it’s not coming. When it does comes you could be missing out on so much, you are not worthless everyone has a purpose somewhere. Yes, someone will notice and care and that someone is me because I don’t think anyone deserves to feel this way or have to go through such tragedy. Stay strong my dear, everything will look up I promise. I believe in you that you can do it, if you need anyone my message box is always open. Lots of love xX

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At school I don't eat lunch, and for 4 weeks none of my friends noticed but one came up to me today and said she noticed I haven't been eating for the past week and I said I just don't get hungry at lunch but she didn't believe me. What can I do to keep restricting but get her off my back? 💗💗💗

Just tell her you eat really big breakfasts before school so you’re not hungry for lunch.

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Why is their eyes closed

I didn’t notice that! One second, let me open it–”

Damien groaned.

Uhm- It isn’t opening? One second.”

He pried open his eye. Light shone from inside of the socket, blood and gore tangling around and some magical sparks shooting forth. Damien closed it quickly.

O-oh my gods, I’m so sorry holy shit what was that?? Ohhh now I’m scared..”


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When I was a kid sometimes I couldn't stand to touch paper and when I had to write the paper just felt wrong and it was too much so I had to put my sleeve over my hand and stuff. I also stim by chewing on bottle caps or pens or anything because it helps me focus. Gum doesn't work since there's no texture. Sometimes clothes would be too stiff because my stepmom used a weird detergent and it made me cry. No one else noticed it though. Socks were hell for me and I can't wear them unless theyre soft

Same for almost all of this except for socks. I love socks. They are my favourite. Shoes though…shoes are the worst….