HEY GUYS ! Just finished the storyboard and script of my little intro animation for “The Perfect Son” project, featuring Daniel Masters.  Hope you’ll like it !

(Sorry for the crappy quality, I don’t have a very good camera)

Maybe more like scenes later, but i’ll begin with these one ;) Go ghost again !

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anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite Clexa/Lexa YouTube Video makers? There are so many! What are your top 5???

Gah…I don’t think I have a particular favorite, but there’s definitely videos that have I’ve thought were really well made. The “Say You Won’t Let Go” one I reblogged again earlier is definitely a fave. My buddy @foomatic is a fucking incredible editor as well. I think her YT user is the same as her tumblr. 

The two parts that have been released of this “series” are better than the entirety of S2 of Fear. I need more of this like I need air, but it hasn’t been “updated” in six months and I want death:

I’d sell my first born for this Another Earth AU because AE is one of my favorite movies and I’d love to see how this plays out:

Can’t think of any other videos that I *love* right now beyond these. 

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