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First ever attempt to write down some music. I’m trying to learn how to compose for a game I might make later.

This particular piece isn’t for that project, though. Just one of those random tunes that make themselves known when in close proximity of a piano.

Rules:  Always repost the rules. Answer the 11 random questions posted for you. Create 11 new questions and tag 11 people. Let the person who tagged you know that you’ve answered.

 I was tagged by @beautyfuldesolation to answer some questions! Thaaanks you again! :D 

1. Where do you live? I live in France 

2. How old are you? I’m 17 :)

3. What time is it rn where you are? This 9.30 PM now :3

 4. What´s the nicest thing anybody has ever done for/said to you? Kind of hard question… I think one of the nincest thing is when someone gets me into new band or makes me listen to new music ^^

5. Last character death you cried over? Sirius Black in Harry Potter…I’m so in love with that character

6. What´s currently your biggest goal? Maybe make all my dreams come true eheh

 7. What situation do you think of to distract yourself from an annoying meeting, person, etc.? I try to think of some disctracting stuff like what I will eat to snack, which music I will listen to on my way home… something like that :D

 8. Get emotional easily when watching a movie? I get emotional so easily that’s frustrating

9. Favorite scent?I like the smell of my favorite foods, old books, fresh sheets,  the scent of leather and fuel too! I don’t have only one favorite scent ^^

10. Prefer water carbonated or non-carbonated? I prefer water non-carbonated!

11. What´s more important to you, a songs lyrics or its sound? I think both are really important and they complete each other… But the lyrics still need to be…“interesting”? I don’t find the right word but I need to feel something when I read it. Well, all the gazette’s lyrics are really important to me for instance :)

1. Where do you live? -  2. Scariest thing you know? -  3. Two things you are interested in? -  4. Last thing that made you smile/laugh? - 5. Last song heard? -  6. What do you do when you are in a bad mood? -  7. Some skills? - 8. Prefer countryside or town? - 9. Someone you admire? - 10. Which season do you prefer? - 11. Special place you want to go to?

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But fell free to do it! :)

I was tagged by @grumpy-stuff, so big thanks!

Who most influenced your taste in music growing up? Who did they like?

I think I did, because literally no one in my real life listens to anything I do. So, youtube?

Who was you favorite band/musician? What was that one song you could play a million times on repeat?

The Strokes were my first ever favorite band, and it seemed like the whole world had to know just how much I loved them. I spent all of my time watching videos from their tours, reading about the band members, and talking about them in general. You Only Live Once was my favorite song for a solid 3 years or so.

Is there a band/musician that your parents love that you love as well?

My dad and I both really enjoy Led Zeppelin, Peter Frampton, and Earth, Wind, & Fire. My mom and I don’t share anything in common because she doesn’t like “secular” music that much, but she loves the Strokes because of me

Is there a band/musician that your parents love that you hate and vice versa?

Not really. I don’t care for my mom’s gospel, and I don’t care for my dad’s jazz, but I don’t hate them. My parents don’t care for my metal music either.

Who was the first band/musician that you got someone else into?

The Strokes, of course! With all that talking, someone had to listen.

Who was the first band/musician you went to see live? Or, who do you hope to see?

My first concert was the Cheetah Girls. It was a surprise and it was for the crappy third movie so I don’t want to count that as MY first show. I’m pretty sure I’m going to Warped Tour this summer, so that will satisfy many of my wants.

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music shuffle tag

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. When you are finished, tag 10 followers

thanks for the tag @jiholeen this one was fun <3

1. Title of the first song describes how you die:

comfortable // tulisa (good)

2. Second song describes your love life

fit but you know it // the streets lol me about everyone i’ve ever liked

3. Third song will be played at your wedding:

national anthem // lana del rey

4. Add in my pants to the title of the fourth song:

ride in my pants // lana del rey  cheeeeeeeeeky

5. Fifth song will be played at your funeral:

training wheels // melanie martinez

6. Sixth song is your theme song:

dumb dumb // red velvet (where is the lie)

7. Seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love:

wraith // peace

8. Add “With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” to the title of the eight song:

alphabet boy with a shovel and a screwdriver // melanie martinez

9. Ninth song will describe your week:

closer // fka twigs

10. Tenth song will play when you miss someone

obsessions // marina and the diamonds

i tag @bangtanzoe and @sluttyoongi if u fancy it

Fun Music Tag

Rules: using only the songs from one band/singer,  cleverly answer these questions.  Tag 10 people at the end.

I was tagged by @une-femme-pour-les-femmes

Songs by: BANKS

What is your gender: Goddess

Describe yourself: Change

How do you feel: Fuck em only we know

If you could go anywhere,  where would it be: Before I ever met you

Favorite mode of transportation: Stick

Your best friend: Alibi

Favorite time of day: This is what it feels like

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called : And I drove you crazy

What is life to you: Waiting Game

Relationship status: Warm water

Your fear: Drowning

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11 Questionanas

tagged by the amazing @mxddiamond rule 1: always post the rules rule
2: answer the person has asked, then write 11 new ones rule
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1. how are you? Eh. Pretty good.

2. coffee or tea? Tea definitely, but I always appreciate a good coffee too

3. what languages do you know?
Mainly English but some Spanish

4. otp? TRONNOR 4 EVER

5. favorite book? A Work In Progress by Connor Franta (duh)

6. favorite musical/song from a musical?
I can’t pick just one so: Legally Blonde, Wicked, Book of Mormon, Hairspray, Heathers

7. dragons or unicorns? Dragons always

8. favorite snack? Goldfish

9. how do you feel about space? NOPE, but also cool

10. doge or pepe? Pepe 4 life

11. what is love to you?
Love is longing for someone else to be where you are. Love is feeling protected and safe. Love has no boundaries. Love is limitless.

My Questions:
1. Water, Earth, Fire, or Air bender?
2. Opinion on avocados?
3. Favorite compliment?
4. Ocean?
5. Best place you’ve ever been?
6. Latest movie you watched?
7. Do you like hugs?
8. Waffles or pancakes?
9. Favorite crayon color?
10. Ice cream or froyo?
11. What is love to you? (Stolen from @mxddiamond)

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I was tagged by @mylovelysummergirl and since I almost exactly copy her music taste this could turn out similar.

rules: put you music on shuffle and write the name of the first ten songs that come on, then tag ten people.

Fall Away - The Fray

Mine - Taylor Swift (probably one of the cutest songs ever written)

Misery - Maroon 5

Nobody Ever Told You - Carrie Underwood (every girl should live this song)

Enough to Let Me Go - Switchfoot

Rat A Tat - Fall Out Boy (best song to just lose your shit)

Every Night - Imagine Dragons

22 - Taylor Swift (GIRLS NIGHT!)

Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer (How I’m feeling right now)

Thief - Imagine Dragons

Okay since I never know who to tag I’ll just do this randomly:

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AESTHETIC MEME. anyone can do this. list your muse’s personal preferences regarding each of the following things. add as many subjects as you’d like; it can help people tagging you in aesthetically pleasing things for your muse!

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TASTES. that pill-bitter dry-swallow. mint gum over vomit. bitten-down nails. 

SMELLS. purell. smoke – not from cigarettes, but from candles, paper, incense, everything else. cold day-old takeout. 

SIGHTS. worn over-ear headphones. the inside of the toilet bowl. folders and cabinets and notebooks full of writing no one can ever see. the thousand-yard stare of someone who knows just how to ignore everything he doesn’t want to see. light and heat and teeth.

SOUNDS. whispers. shouts. loud music, drowning it out. “don’t you know you’re meant for more than this?” “i don’t care.”

BODY.  smiling eyes. bird bones. barely shaking fingers, with bits of gore under the nails. where did that come from? someone didn’t believe.