I remember the last conversation I had with my brother before he left for his transplant was me telling him to read the Quran now that he’s at home, and he was like yeah I’m definitely gonna pick up a translation ان شاء الله

His best friend dropped this off the other day and said the above ^

Nae bro I don’t even know what to say, you left us with the intention of reading from Allah’s book and seeking knowledge for his sake, it tears me apart knowing that you wanted to read from his book, but your life was taken before you got the chance, ya rubb give him jannah and nothing less.

This is a reminder for us all, pick up the mushaf now and read, learn about Allah and his religion before it’s too late.

I also sincerely ask you to pray for my mother, may Allah give her sabr, nothing I say can ease her pain. تقبل الله منكم

To keep him safe, he
rushes down back alleys with the swing of a fist,
punches ‘til his knuckles smear blood on their cheeks,
hovers like a guardian angel on the edge of his shadow.
(He gets beaten and stands back up anyway.)

To keep him safe, he
spends coins he doesn’t have on a new coat,
curls tight around his body like a second blanket,
prays fervent and silent ‘til the sun greets the morning.
(He coughs life out of his lungs anyway.)

To keep him safe, he
takes him dancing with pretty dames,
joins a war he never quite wanted to fight,
lies strapped on a table with death in his eyes.
(He ends up on the front lines anyway.)

To keep him safe, she
sits by him in a crumbled bar,
kisses him on a cliffside hangar,
talks of dancing on a Saturday night.
(He plummets into the cold anyway.)

To keep him safe,
he loved him with a sniper’s scope and a thousand-foot fall,
she loved him with red lipstick and a radio-crackled fantasy,
they loved him with laughter and tears and hopes and fears and dreams.
(He wakes up alone anyway.)

—  He is a burning star, and there is no keeping a supernova safe (j.p.)

close as strangers, the only reason, heartache on the big screen, never be, if you don’t know and wrapped around your finger are so underappreciated


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer gameplay video, featuring character customization + beginning house customization 

I am so here for this