So, yesterday, a friend of mine and I chatted yesterday, we talked about ocs. How I sucked at making them xD and how he contemplated on giving one of his to me since he lost the interest to continue his and. I asked which, he decided to give the one he made…pretty much last year I guess on his DA if u wanna search him up go ahead, Daffy Graphix is the boi’s name. This oc of his is actually a creepypasta character to which he decided, he did not look like one. So, here I’am keeping the lad, so, I’m gonna make him and I both muns now! Bc I can’t figure out still on what to do to him yet xD so, yeah, that’s about it. I can’t decided either whether to keep the orange hair or just make it black so this bby boy still might change soon~

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I've always been wary of the people who hc him as gay, not for the hc like whatever, you know, but some people who do that also tend to do this thing when bucky's whole personality, sexuality, motivations, everything is steve and bucky is practically just a prop for steve, I don't know he's one of my favorite characters and it's kinda shitty that some shippers just seem him as an extension of steve or that he's only valuable or capable of having a life if steve's involved


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ship your followers with each mx member n why

omg hmmm oh no this is so hard i hope I don’t offend anyone ;; :
Kihyun- @minysuga because they’re both sassy af and savage so I feel like they’d be super great partners in crime going and creating havoc everywhere. Also he likes girls are cute and act a bit childish ahem which is you But I also think he would really like going on adventures with you and he’d be the type to run around an arcade with you and try and beat you in all the fun games :’)

IM - @chamkyungs because they’re both so sweet and cute and I feel like they’d get along super well like omg OTP? Plus he loves pure kind hearted people and hehe that is you ;) He’d totally take you to some nice places like omg you guys could have pho together ;) and he’d come to all your concerts to cheer you on it would be so great heh

Jooheon- @bqutae because you both are so cute omg hehe just do aegyo together I could see that being super cute and nice :’)))) He would definetely try and act super tough around you but at the same time super cute lmaooO and he’d totally watch all those tv shows with you!

Shownu- @whateverjimin because you both are so nice and thoughful but heh I could see you guys bonding over which scary movies to make Jooheon watch and laughing when he figures it all out :3 but he’d prolly watch those movies with you as well! 

Minhyuk - @yvxing I know we don’t interact much but I think you and Minhyuk would be really cute together because you seem super nice and your aesthetic is so nice and pretty, so I imagine you being super nice and pretty as well :’) and Minhyuk would wanna take you to like movies and for long walks on the harbour front heh 

Hyungwon- @estellars I know we don’t really talk but you seem like a really nice person and you give off a very intelligent vibe and also your aesthetic is on point heh so I think Hyungwon would really like that :’)))) I feel like Hyungwon would be a coffeeshop kind of guy too so idk if you’re into that but you could go on some nice adventures :P

Wonho - meeeeeEee sry fam  Wonho and I are going out for ramen and bbt byeEeE

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Dadmon vs GOthmon vs GrandMOn you have to pick one to see for the rest of your life which one do you pick


it’s… Dadmon. it was always Dadmon. hot 90s dad at disney. dadbutt. white socks with sneakers and shorts pulled up to his nipples. inappropriate sweatbands and ill-fitting sweatshirts. hell, high-waisted light wash jeans make me hot now. this is who i am. this is me. 


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Just read one of your villain!Deku things where he spreads a rumor about dali being Endeavor's son. Did you know someone actually wrote a fic on that idea? Either way loving this chaotic idea you have here. Really funny.

yeah, i heard about that a while ago! i didn’t actually read the fic, but the concept is really entertaining. 

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nickname: Jess, Jessa, Sam, Sammy, J-bird, and for one very unfortunate summer Jazzy-Jess (never call me the last one)

star sign: Scorpio according to astrologists, Libra according to NASA (tbh neither really applies to me much)

height: Five foot four, I think???

time right now: 6:02 p.m.

song stuck in your head: Burn - Hamilton

last movie you watched: The Crossing (It was some boring revolutionary war movie for school, the last one I chose to watch was Pleasantville, which was amazing)

last tv show you watched: Steven Universe

what are you wearing right now: A Steven Universe T-shirt and jeans

when did you create your blog: October 31st of last year

what kind of stuff do you post: Steven Universe, Hamilton, memes, art, stuff from my web series I write, fandoms, etc.

do you have any other blogs: @ptf-and-asm is a blog my friend @fandomsamazing and I made for extra content for our webseries (plural), and I’m also a mod at @sapphic-arts

do you get asks regularly: No, but I wish!!!

why did you choose your URL: It’s a reference to my webseries (sorry for mentioning it a ton of times), because the characters are all named after social media websites.

hogwarts house: Pottermore said Ravenclaw, but I’m more of a Slytherin. Tbh I don’t really care.

gender: Female, I think.

pokemon team: Mystic!

favourite colour: earth-green and bright indigo

average number of hours of sleep: 6-8

dream job: Creator/head writer of a show on Cartoon Network, but tbh I just want to write as a career, preferably for TV

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1 or 2

I tag: @fandomsamazing @emiadegorbon @danhinkle @yellowbirdbluetoo @figurinoutlife4 @hamilswiftb123 @internallyexternallyeternally @theinternetruinedmylifellama @jessthedaydreamer @jjjolly @discontinuedbirthdayparties @delicatesmol and if that’s not 20 people whatever I just went through my notifications and tagged whoever. Also, if you don’t want to do this challenge you don’t have to.

wanna know my secret to writing fanfic

I read it fifty times

you just gotta read that sucker over and over again until the words are burned into your head and you’ve changed one word per edit and by the time that happens you’ve read it twenty times and it should be solid

HAPPY TWINNIVERSARY @buckyismybrother

I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since we met! I recently read past messages to you and so much has happened this past year! We’ve both come so far!

You are probably the only person I can rp with without feeling massively insecure about my writing and I don’t think I’d understand a lick of rping on tumblr if it wasn’t for you helping me out.

You are there whenever I need you and you always have the right words. You’re definitely someone I look up to, and I just love you to pieces! (Reese’s pieces)

I’m so glad we met and thankful that you’ve put up with me for this long!

Here’s to another amazing year  🍷

Also. To anyone else who bothered to read through this. Follow my super talented twin!