100 days of productivity: 4/100

Went to the coffee shop right after school today, and saw some very pretty succulents on the way!!🍃 finals are killing me (I think I’m actually dying…) but I think I will do ok. Studied more English and some science (not pictured)

Good luck on your finals! May good scores, hot drinks, and plenty of rest be in your future. ✨

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if I shouldn't be asking, but the last couple of asks has me concerned. Could you please tell me what's going on? I'm another carer and I want to keep the person I care for as safe as possible, so please let me know what's up.

Hi sweetheart! For you (and everyone else asking) here is the post! 
Im not sure what to make of it but it makes me greatly uncomfortable and for the safety of myself and my children I decided distancing myself from the chire tag and community was the best option, and creating a new one (#carekids) would be best because then I can know for certain that it is safe! I have experienced trauma too so its very scary for me which is why I decided to make this move because it just puts me at more ease.


You and Glenn were sitting on the couch again, just a little ‘too’ close. Knees and shoulders against each others with the slight touch making you feel warm while everything seemed to quiet down around you. Without thought you lean over to press a kiss to Glenn cheek getting dangerous close to his lips. You linger for a moment, “Thank you for your help today…”
“Mmm…” Glenn doesn’t hesitate after that to press his lips against your’s. In a moment of weakness you lift your hand place it on the back of his neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. The feeling of his lips against your made fireworks explode in your stomach and thoughts lost themselves. Your thought unfortunately catch up with you too soon making you remove your hands from touching Glenn and moving to stand up in front of him. 
“Y/N?” Glenn questions sounding worried. 
“I told you not to do that last time!” You take a step back. 
Glenn sigh for once again having this conversation, “Why not?” 
“People don’t fall in love in the apocalypse Glenn,” 
“Love?” Glenn questions .
You ignore his words and the way him saying making your heart race, “It’s dumb and dangerous, I refuse to let either one of die for something so stupid.” You don’t look back as you begin to walk out the room but if you did you would have seen the tiniest of smile form on Glenn’s face.