Last night, I watched them film what will be the ending shot of season 10 episode 6

I wasn’t going to say anything about it on here because I didn’t want to seem like a tease (because I’m not going to spoil it, it’s just an artsy shot that’s going to look very cool) but I was lying there in my bed and it just really hit me and I actually got a bit emotional about it. I watched the pilot when it first aired way back in 1993 and now I’ve seen them film what may be the final scene of the franchise 22 years later on a rainy Vancouver night. And I’m so lucky. I’m lucky to have seen some filming. I’m lucky to have seen GA and DD as often as I have. And I’m particularly lucky to have been able to share some of it with one-in5billion and geekmom7 and all of you here (and Jen!). Nobody else could understand what all of this means to me.

And I’d also like to say how lucky we all are. Our show is coming back. And it’s coming back because the people who make it care just as much about it as we do. They don’t need to be out there working late into the night, in the cold and the rain, doing take after take just to bring these characters and stories to life for us but they do it anyway. Because they want to. I was talking with one of the crew tonight who had also worked on the original run and you could just hear the pride in his voice. He was happy to be back and was so excited for us to see the finished product. And none of this means that they are above reproach and shouldn’t be criticized for their creative choices if need be, I’m just saying we should remember the effort they’re putting in for us.

(and yes, before anyone asks, they’re filming tomorrow, what I saw will be the scene that airs right before the closing credits)


One Direction singing THe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song - Philly 9.01

John #24

Okay so it’s 1:20am and I have to go to bed cos I can hear birds (way too early, stupid birds) but I’m pretty overall happy enough to post it.

Funnily enough, preludeinz, #24 was the one I sorta figured for John anyway, when I was looking at them, so thanks for a great choice. I had fun doing it.

Reference was a HQ screencap posted by thunderbirdthor​ but I can’t find the right post for a link right now sorryyyy but thank you for posting them! Twas exceedingly beneficial!