ok I’m just gonna say. The latest episode gives me the heebie jeebies for some reason.. 

YOU GUYS THAT CAR SCENE WAS SO IMPORTANT FROM BEGINNING TO END!!!! i know you guys are mad that it’s another hallucination kiss but like we’ve already established that parrish is afraid of hurting lydia and that’s what the dread doctors used to drive him away from the scene. he’s afraid of succumbing to his desires and hurting her in the process (WHICH GOD IM SO FUCKED UP ABOUT THAT BUT ITS SUCH GOOD SLOWBURN MATERIAL). he’s afraid of letting himself be with her (and i’m SURE they’re going to address the age difference at some point, whether in 5a or 5b) and he’s afraid of hurting her and if you call him creepy for hallucinating something that truly scares him you can shut the FUCK up and leave my house.


Colin is a wonderful actor and I was a huge fan of his before working with him, and I would just say that I love every minute of working with him, he’s so dedicated to the work and to giving the best performance that I feel that you yourself or I myself have to up my game whenever I had a scene with him and yes, it was – I can’t really say anything, and I guess it’s about that. I loved it and I, yes I would happily do many, many more scenes with him. - Gemma Chan

It was great working with him. I’d heard from so many others that he’s a fantastic actor as well as a very nice person, both of which turned out to be true. Colin works incredibly hard, and before we filmed a scene, he would kind of physically get into character and run through bits of dialogue and material leading up to the scene. Some actors just want to chat about the weather before the director shouts, ‘Action,’ so I found it very useful to spend time beforehand really getting into the moment and thinking about what we were about to do. Because I was playing such a complex character, I couldn’t allow myself to be distracted before a take, and Colin is extremely thorough with his performance and dedicated to the scene. He doesn’t let anything go until he’s happy with what’s happened, so that was a wonderful way to work, and, again, on top of that, Colin is such a nice guy. - Emily Berrington

Colin Morgan puts in an attractive performance in every way as a jittery, wounded soul, chained by a life of cables and wires - Cultbox

Morgan’s performance here was silently saddening; a wholly controlled and intimate study of sorrow which blossomed in private and slight moments. A tender breakdown when catching sight of childhood relics, sharply arched body language as he fails to feel secure in unfamiliar territories – truly excellent stuff. - Filmoria

Colin Morgan’s acting during these scenes was phenomenal, all of his despair and frustration simmering under the surface and visible with just a few tears. - The Geekiary

Leo’s (Colin Morgan) horrified, powerless reaction provides the actor his best moment of the series. - Framerated

The scene is saved by Colin Morgan, delivering a series-best performance as Leo shares a bittersweet conversation in captivity with a distant Karen. - Digital Spy

Barrett: Kimberly? Are you okay?

Kimberly: I’m fine, honest…

Barrett: Hey, I’m so sorry. I really am, sweetheart. It kills me inside to know that you’re so mad at me. I know you didn’t want another child, of course I’m going to blame myself.

Kimberly: It’s okay…. sorry for shouting at you earlier. It’s as much my fault as it is yours. As long as there’s only one child in there then we’ll be alright.

Barrett: Love you, Kimmy.

Kimberly: Love you too. And don’t call me Kimmy ever again.

Heartwarming pics of Beijing hero cop rescuing baby girl from public toilet

The picture of a heroic Chinese cop rescuing a newborn baby girl, who was dumped in the pipe of a public toilet in Beijing, has captured a lot of hearts. The baby survived and is now recovering in a local hospital thanks to her guardian angel.

A police station in western Beijing received a call from locals who said they heard baby crying in the public toilet. The officer Qian Feng immediately rushed to the scene and discovered the tiny infant.

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Yeah, but, you know why I’m super really very upset?

Because Tyler Hoechlin’s love for the Sterek dynamic does NOT deserve this. He literally went and made Derek Hale the best he could and he constantly repeated that his favourite scenes where with Stiles and how the Sterek dynamic was so amazing and how he loved it and how he always kept pitching ideas for them to have more scenes. He DOES NOT deserve to have another character come along just when he left and have his character dynamic AND  the scenes he always wanted to have with Stiles being stolen and given away to someone else. 

You can’t replace Sterek.


Joe bidding Gordon goodbye. (Halt and Catch Fire, S2E10)

His pasted-on smile is more heartrending than his red-rimmed eyes (in the first gif). I agree with halapipita: Joe looks like hell in this scene not because of makeup, or poor lighting, but because of Lee’s expressive face and masterful acting. This scene broke my heart more than any other in this episode. 

The tragic and beauty of being a brallie shipper is that we all know they are endgame and we are all flipping shit because it looks like they might finally have sex next episode YET we are all waiting to see what will go wrong during and/or after the sex scene because we all know we never get more than a minute of happiness

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So about 'The Soldier and The Hurricane': by "the sequel I am definitely not writing," are you ACTUALLY not writing a sequel, considering writing a sequel but in denial about it, willing to write in the 'verse but not an entire sequel, thinking of writing headcanons about it? Because I won't lie, I LOVE the story and would love to read a million more words about that story's universe

I’ve got the opening scene written. It feels kinda wrong to write it when not fevered, but I’ll make up for it by only writing it when really tired or something.

(The opening scene is set a few years after the first story, in 1969, and features Tony and Bucky meeting a freshly-graduated Rhodey at the train station for their annual Summer Trip To The Arctic Circle Because That’s Totally A Great Place To Spend The Summer. It actually opens with Tony taking a flying leap into Rhodey’s arms and Rhodey and Bucky being like “Well what can you do with this tiny manchild.”)