“Why is one episode so long? I was here less than 30 minutes last time. It’s been two months now! Why isn’t it over yet?! What if the time keeps on running like this? That’s right! This is a serial webtoon. Does it need something to end the episode? Right! Something should happen to the lead character! An incident which can be the ending scene. An incident. What kind of incident?

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so this is like, a legit question because i like to ask people about stuff like this a lot. why do you like sorey and mikleo as a ship so much? (i haven't seen the anime yet so I can't really speak for what people are saying about him an alisha, but i'm mostly curious???)

Anon, you know not what you have just done…. I’m gonna put this in smaller text to it’s less of a wall.

Why I love SoreyMikleo: A (hopefully) Coherent Essay by Nao
(Also I know I ranted about this before, but I am too lazy to find that post, so my apologies if I end up being redundant.)

Also, please note: I will be addressing facts about the game and the anime, so read at your own spoilery risk. Because I wrote as it came to me, not necessarily in storyline order.

So, to start off, it is obvious to say I really, really love SorMik. Just look at my blog (and blog preview, but I digress.) 

I love that their relationship is never played up as “romantic” in the sense that we are used to in most media. They don’t constantly hold hands or kiss, their speech isn’t filled with “I love yous” or “baby I need you” sort of stuff. Not to say that they don’t touch each other and it isn’t intimate (the ‘secret’ handshake, the shoulder touches, the waist touches, etc, etc.) The love is just… there.  You can see it in the way they’re drawn to look at each other, the way they glance at each other and just… understand.

It absolutely filled me with warm feelings when we find out Mikleo learned so much just for Sorey. He researched humans and tried to know everything Sorey would need to know if he ever left Elysia. It was never a question of “Sorey is going to leave” it was just “Sorey is going to leave and I am going to make sure he is safe and prepared when he does.” I don’t think Zenrus or anyone else even questioned that Mikleo would go with him, honestly. And even though it was obvious Mikleo did fear being replaced by humans on some level, he still never stopped.

And just how happy Sorey was when Mikleo said he was going with him. In the game, in the movie, and in the anime. With each creation of that scene he just seems to look happier. (And oh my god, Mikleo’s blushhhh.)

(More under the Read More because whoa, this is getting long, oops.)

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So Far - hi i’m Case

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A McFinch in different colours for @arcanebarrage based on Hanzo’s dream in the the latest chapter of ‘Hang the Fool’! The first colour scheme is based off Fumi, Gangsta author Kohske’s Java finch. She draws Fumi with such personality that I couldn’t help but think of her when I read the scene! 

I did another in a more McCree colour scheme since it’s still him, but he looks too much like a sparrow aaaaaaa QAQ


Static Quake Forever Alive: Undercover AU

After faking Lincoln’s death and Daisy’s leaving S.H.I.E.L.D., the two of them are send by Coulson on undercover mission to catch group of Inhumans who use their powers to rob banks. But what when they start to enjoy it more than they should? Will they stay loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D. or will they chose new friends?

Taylor also nominated Lexa’s demise as the most difficult scene to perform all last season - admitting that she and co-star Alycia Debnam-Carey “just cried the whole day”.

“It was heartbreaking - and it also meant that she was leaving us, which made it really sad.

"It was one of the most challenging [scenes] but one of the most rewarding - I felt like we really acted our butts off that day.”


I don’t know which part of this scene I love more? Treville’s honest, blunt “no”, or him calling the King “Louis”?

The former is such a very Treville response to the situation. Treville doesn’t tell Louis that he’s going to get better or that the pain is going to stop. Beating about the bush won’t make the pain go away. All Treville can offer is his company, which he does.

Calling the King “Louis” is such a hefty break of ettiquette. It speaks worlds about these characters’ relationships. To call him Louis, Treville needs to think of him as Louis. It’s been made clear before, on occasion, that Treville doesn’t think of Louis has his souvereign all the time (few people who are around him probably do, though a lot of them would find less kind words to call him than Louis).

But to speak it out loud, to call Louis by his first name to his face in such a private moment - you simply don’t call a grown up man by his first name in this setting, let alone the King.

First names are for close family, and sometimes not even that. Think of how Constance calls her first husband “Bonacieux” all the time and her second husband “d’Artagnan.” Likewise Milady calling Athos by his last name. Not even the intimacy of husband and wife invites first names. It’s just not a common part of their culture.

Predominantly, first names are for one’s children. When Treville adresses him as Louis, there’s an appeal to the child he watched grow up when he served the old King, that’s now dying before him.



BONES, “The Nightmare Within The Nightmare”, July 21, 2016, Actors: David Boreanaz and more, The Scene: The reveal about Zack
Justyna K:
I really didn’t see this one coming. Such a great and emotional twist! And that moment, when everyone starts realizing that Zack fits the killer’s description perfectly and Booth runs to the hospital to see if he’s still there, stole the hour for me. And the really tough part is, no matter how impossible it might seem at the moment, I still really hope Zack’s not the bad guy here. After all he’s been through, I just truly hoped for a better ending for him. Booth’s desperate entry to the hospital said it all. The way he wouldn’t stop, almost like he’s trying to convince himself it’s not Zack. There was something really heartbreaking about it. And everyone’s reactions, Cam, Angela, Hodgins. Oh, poor Hodgins. Beautifully acted and shot scene by all involved. Kudos!

just a few thoughts about this episode (will write something more in-depth later, as usual):

  • not enough Tulip in these last two episodes. instead of repeating the Saint of Killers (SoK) montage a million times, we could’ve gotten more scenes with her. I knew immediately that it was Odin’s version of hell that the SoK was living out - reliving the worst moments of his life eternally - so it was really unnecessary to take up that much of the episode repeating it so many times. This is probably the first stylistic choice this show has made that I really disliked, but at least the background music was amazing.
  • based on what we got in this episode and will get in the next one (based on the “next on” and Comic Con trailers) - I really REALLY hope Tulip doesn’t forgive Jesse super-quickly. He’s consistently treated her poorly throughout the season and never told her about Genesis and just…he’s crossed so many lines with her and fed so much into her trust and abandonment issues if they are just 100% ok with each other right away after the finale, it will be very jarring to me. since they’re sort of starting next season where the comics actually begin, it’s also odd that Jesse doesn’t seem to have much to overcome to EARN tulip back like he did at the beginning of the comics. actually, I hated how Tulip forgave Jesse so easily and so often in the comics and I don’t want to see that on the show. I want them to work through their shit. tulip deserves better than a simple “I’m sorry,” and also like…part of the development of their relationship is dealing with these issues, not just letting them fall by the wayside. why let the exploration of the emotional fallout of everything that happened this season go to waste? besides not being realistic, it’s missing out on a great writing opportunity.
  • I loved that Tulip was genuinely like “good for you” when Emily said she was dating the mayor. She probably thinks he’s a tool, but Tulip wanted Emily to feel good about herself. 
  • Emily’s weirdly quiet breakdown upon her Psycho-based epiphany was very well done and interesting and disquieting. What will become of her and her kids? I really have no idea. Watching her release those guinea pigs, which will definitely die in the wild, gave me a weird sense of foreboding. Is Emily a guinea pig? Or can she survive now that she’s “free?”
  • Cassidy’s desperate hunger broke my heart. And his scene with Jesse was great but also broke my heart more because Cassidy believes that Jesse using the fire extinguisher on him and then leaving him there was what counted and he didn’t need more of an apology than Jesse had already given him. He has literally no self-esteem at all. But Jesse was truly sorry, you can tell.
  • Every scene with Fiore and Deblanc was pure gold. Deblanc’s protectiveness of the innocent and single-minded Fiore who was totally willing to prostitute himself so they could get a ticket to hell and his gentle intonation of “my dear” just about killed me. And Fiore loves comics as well as cheetos, which is very important to me.
  • The scene with Sheriff Root and the “disarticulated” seraph was heartbreaking. When he wept as he killed her, you know it was because he was thinking maybe my son was right to ask for death. Maybe there’s no escaping this monster swamp, ever, and what I’m doing now is a mercy.
  • So many missing and dead children, explicitly or implicitly mentioned on this episode starting at the very beginning when Sheriff Root talks to Jesse about child-killing much as he did back in his first conversation with Fiore and Deblanc. The SoK’s child died and he killed an entire school of children in return. Carlos is on the chopping block for having killed Tulip’s child. Fiore and Deblanc want to save their child and risk the depths of hell to do it.
  • It’s pretty much confirmed in this episode that Deblanc is a demon as he references how awful hell is, and no one can deny that Fiore and Deblanc are clearly in a relationship after this episode. I think Deblanc survived - remember how they always come back, but they can’t control where their body materializes? Maybe he materialized elsewhere in hell and perhaps he even finds Eugene. I’m choosing to be optimistic about this.