Exuse me anon/anons in this. 

When i say that im a Multishipper i don’t imply that i ship everything.

There’s ships i love, ships i despise and ships im neutral about. The thing is though, that i don’t descriminate against any ships in this blog nor do i want to be anywhere near the “This ship can’t happen/this ship is problematic” discourse.

This isn’t a jab to you but more of a PSA i guess.

“I don’t understand Ereri/i don’t get levihan”

Good. You don’t need to. There is absolutly no point in loving every single thing this fandom has to offer. You are free to like and dislike whatever you want. If you see no point in Levihan or Ereri then simple block the tags of these ships and stay away from the blogs that include them.

“Levi is a 30 year old man who kills titan because most of his friends are dead. Do people really think that Levi would date a 15 year old boy?”

Yes anon they do. Because theres every chance in the world Ereri could happen and every chance in the world it could not happen.Some of the things that i will keep saying for as long as im here are:

  1. The only canon ship in this manga is Yumikuri.
  2. The only comfirmed romantic feelings in this manga are from Jean and Berthold towards MIkasa and Annie respectively.
  3. In this series ships are unimportant to the overal plot and exist for the enjoyment of the reader/watcher.

With those things in mind, every other ship is headcanons .And theres nothing wrong with that.  If nothing is confirmed, then it’s up to every person to interpet the relationship between two characters in any way they like.

I assume Ereri making you feel uncomfortable relates to the age difference but, alas, there’s no reason now! With the timeskip Isayama made Eren is now 19 years old a.k.a he is a consenting adult that is free to love other consenting adults.

I hope this didn’t come out as aggressive anon, thanks for the ask!

To any trans women and transfeminine followers of mine, did you know there’s a pretty huge Etsy store which does gaff underwear and swimsuits specifically designed for trans people amongst its products? They go in a pretty decent range of sizes, including sizes for young girls, and while I do not personally know anyone who has used them, there’s a fuckton of positive reviews on the Etsy store. They have a ton of colours to choose from, different fabric choices, the works.

And for once they’re not marked “for crossdressers” too, they actually under “transgender”, so that’s (depressingly) unusual.

I’m mostly posting this because I’ve seen a lot of younger people recently in particular saying they never knew what gaffs were… a lot of people find them WAY MORE comfortable and convenient than tucking, so I would recommend looking into them if you’ve never done so before!

And even if you yourself don’t use or need this stuff, do pass this kind of info on to any friends of yours that might, guys! There’s always like a million more PSAs about transmasc stuff as opposed to transfem stuf tbh…

the instagram bmc fandom is so problematic

can y'all please stop bothering friends/family/partners of the bmc cast? travis had to post on his story today about not being associated with george because some of y'all. and i’ve seen way too many people posting super inappropriate/personal things and tagging the cast in them. please be respectful? they are so nice in including us in their lives and being grateful for the revival of the fandom and you guys are treating them badly. be responsible if you’re going to tag them, please? thank you


some people ship things. that’s okay
some people don’t ship things. that’s okay
some people like a character, others don’t like that character. that’s okay
some people like a certain plot line, while some people might not. that’s okay

what’s not okay is bashing other people for how they view things.
stop the hate and just let people enjoy or not enjoy stuff


Volio bih da znaš da ću te uvijek voljeti.
Volio bih da znaš da želim da imam kuću sa tobom, da želim da ljubim tvoja ramena, da želim da se svađam s tobom oko života, da želim da spavam s tobom i da te gledam dok spavaš.
Volio bih da znaš da želim da budeš dobro, da ti kupujem ruže, da te vodim da more, da imamo psa, da te čekam posle posla.
Volio bih da imamo jedan život.
Hoću da mi pričaš svoje teorije, i da mi kažeš šta si sve rekla pticama o meni.
Želim da znaš da je pijesak isti kao ti i ja, ali drugačiji od naših snova.
Želio bih da mi pričaš svoje snove.
Hoću da ti kažem da je ljubav najjednostavnija i najljepša stvar u životu.
Volio bih da si ti moja srodna duša.
Volio bih da si dio mene koji sam izgubio kada sam pao na ovu planetu.
Volio bih da ti nedostajem.
Volio bih da me se sjetiš posle nekog lijepog filma ili lijepog čaja, i da kada vidiš more, pomisliš na mene.
Tvoja koža je najljepša tišina koju sam ikada poljubio.
Volio bih da znaš da želim da imamo jedan život, i da te čuvam, da me čuvaš.
Da noću gledamo filmove, da te pokrijem kada se uspavaš, i da te tako malu poljubim u nos, da ti šapnem da te volim, da ti šapnem da je ovo jedan lijep život.

anonymous asked:

Underrated book dally moments

This came out more like PSA Dally quotes oops

“He came over to Buck’s a couple of days ago for something and found that sweat shirt. I told him I didn’t know where you were, but he didn’t believe me. He gave me this letter and half his pay check to give you. Kid, you ought to see Darry. He’s takin’ this mighty hard.”

— He’s speaking properly and longer than two or three sentences. Lots of people (including myself) have written him not to talk much more than a sarcastic sentence or so and when he does it’s “golly man fuck shit man” blah blah

“You don’t need to make like every mouthful’s your last. I got plenty of money. Take it easy, I don’t want you gettin’ sick on me. And I thought I was hungry!”

— Again, he’s speaking rather formally. Also, he’s showing concern for them!

“…‘No, thank you’ and told me where I could go in very polite terms.”


To summarize, Dally’s grammar and vocabulary is underrated. Most of y'all would think these were spoken by someone else. From this you should have learned that Dally isn’t as illiterate as you thought.

hi it’s pride month and these are becoming more common SO psa: trans aesthetics are only trans aesthetics if you actually use trans people in them.

i’m about to have a bit of a busy period in real life - but while i might be a little less present for the next two months, i’ll definitely still be around to fill up my queue and check in! but, my dash has been a little quiet at the moment, and i’m in the (slow) process of setting up a new aesthetic sideblog so i’m looking for some new blogs to follow! please like/reblog this is you post (about):

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I’ve noticed a trend in a lot of MEA discussions that really bothers me.  (Yes there was a recent post that led to this one, but it was by far not the first, just the one that finally prompted me to say something.)

Sexless relationships =/= ace relationships

Please please please stop saying “ace” when you mean “sexless.”

Not only is asexuality an umbrella term as well as a standalone identity (which covers other identities such as demisexuality and gray-asexuality, where sexual attraction is experienced rarely or only under specific situations), behavior has nothing to do with and in no way defines orientation.  Someone who feels no sexual attraction to other people can still have, want, and enjoy sex.

Instead that gets into how individual people feel about sex.  Some language commonly used in ace circles (but not only applicable to people who are ace) are sex-adverse/repulsed, sex-indifferent, and sex-favorable (occasionally “sex-positive” is used but that tends to cause confusion between personally wanting/being okay with sex and the overall “sex positive” movement).

Sorry if this is getting a little too “asexuality 101.″  My main problem with the way “ace relationships” has been used lately is that the moment its discovered that there will be a sex scene (and usually an implied sexual relationship past what the game shows) with a companion, people write off that they and their relationship cannot be ace.  Which is fundamentally untrue.

While I would kill for more relationships without sex scenes or the simple ability to skip those scenes for any/all characters, that is not what makes them ace.  That idea just adds more fuel to the “gold star ace” (never has sex, never wants sex, never gets aroused, never masturbates, etcetcetc) fire that the general ace community has been fighting to stop for a really long time.

Even just talking about ace characters and the potential for canon ace characters is a massive step forward, and I’m so grateful for that.  But we have to stop stuff like this early, especially when it might be the first or only mention of asexuality that some people see.  I’ve read stories from and talked to so many people that thought they couldn’t be ace because they didn’t fit that gold star standard and its heartbreaking.  And I just can’t stand the thought of that idea being unknowingly perpetuated, especially in a fandom I feel so close to.

Creepypasta #1035: Chocolate Milk

Length: Short

“But Dad! Me and Carly want chocolate milk,” Timothy whined, tugging on Dale’s hand.

With an exasperated sigh, Dale brought the shopping cart to a halt in the middle of the freezer aisle. He hated chocolate milk, and didn’t want Timothy drinking it. He considered giving the boy another lecture on the nutritional benefits of the whole milk over chocolate, but decided against it. It wasn’t worth the trouble of negotiating with a five year old. There are some things children just don’t understand. He decided to compromise and get the two percent.

Reaching for the door handle, Dale froze. Staring back at him on the other side of the glass was Timothy, smiling back at him. A younger photo of him, of course. Back when he had his natural hair color, before Dale dyed it black. The bold red lettering printed on the carton twisted his stomach into knots.


Stephen K. Akers

Date Missing: 4/7/1990

From: Lyndhurst, NJ

DOB: 2/19/1988


Eyes: Green

Hair: Blond

If you can identify this child, or any other missing children, report any information you may have to:

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678

Timothy was young in the photos, but it was unmistakably him. Even he would recognize that. Dale’s eyes darted to the whole milk on the shelf below.


Mary McKenna

Date Missing: 1/22/1993

From: Staten Island, NY

DOB: 9/05/1992


Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

A cold sweat ran down Dale’s forehead to the top of his brow. She was sitting happily in the cart, enjoying her sippy cup. She was too young, but surely someone would recognize her. Timothy might even piece it together.

Timothy tugged at the bottom of his father’s jacket. “Dad! I want chocolate milk!”

Dale yanked the door open and grabbed the chocolate milk, quickly inspecting it. Mercifully absent of any more PSAs, he put it in the cart and shuffled out of the aisle, with Timothy happily skipping behind.

Dale hated chocolate milk, but anything else just wasn’t worth the trouble. There are some things that children just don’t understand.

Credits to: The__Angsthase


Since this is gonna be a thing, I figured I’d make a post linking all the Relive The Magic comics. As always, my Relive The Magic tag will have everything related to this nonsense, but I’ll be updating this each time I add another episode!

What Is Relive The Magic?

Episode 1: Climatika

Episode 2: The Bubbler

Episode 3: The Pharoah

Episode 4: Lady Wifi

Episode 5: Chronogirl

Episode 6: Mr. Pigeon

NEXT EPISODE: Evillustrator!

Hiatus Messiah OUT.

PSA: So calling out creepy ‘Ler’s’ was one issue. Here is another.

This is how NOT to approach me.

Just because I’m a Ler does not mean I’m sitting here waiting to tickle you. Just because I’m a Dom, does not mean you can hit me up and start an argument so I’ll 'punish’ you with tickles.
If I don’t know you, why would I want to just give you thrills?! I don’t offer a free service to strangers I’m afraid, and getting salty because I won’t, just means I’ll block you.

Why so serious?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m the most friendly guy if you get to know me. All my posts are a piece of me. Teasing, happy, playful.

Just, please, don’t assume I’m going to instantly RP with you. It takes a lot more than a hello…