Rusame PSA

I feel like people like to shrink Alfred for the sake of height difference so you can have “tol and smol” - but I would like to keep Alf’s decent height and raise you tol and fucking gigantic. Give me big gigantic Russia. Russia that’s so big he makes all the other tol nations feel insignificant. So tol that even germany with all his strength feels really short in his presence. And of course… then you get the bonus of big boi russia being really fearful he’ll accidentally hurt the people around him… and Alfred helps him not worry so much since he’s ridiculously strong despite being shorter-but-still-tall.

PSA: Taylor herself nor her label have anything to do with merch prices, ticket prices, VIP prices, etc. Ticket prices are based off of supply and demand as well as the production and tour promoter. Merch prices are based off of the manufacturers for the most part. Yes Taylor’s team has to approve the prices but like Taylor said about the magazines she is trying to keep everything as low as possible because she personally knows we’re in college or financially responsible for ourselves because let’s be honest, a large majority of us have grown up and at that stage in life for that. Please don’t blame Taylor for prices. Don’t blame TN, they’re doing their job by marketing everything, that’s what they’re there for afterall.

To any trans women and transfeminine followers of mine, did you know there’s a pretty huge Etsy store which does gaff underwear and swimsuits specifically designed for trans people amongst its products? They go in a pretty decent range of sizes, including sizes for young girls, and while I do not personally know anyone who has used them, there’s a fuckton of positive reviews on the Etsy store. They have a ton of colours to choose from, different fabric choices, the works.

And for once they’re not marked “for crossdressers” too, they actually under “transgender”, so that’s (depressingly) unusual.

I’m mostly posting this because I’ve seen a lot of younger people recently in particular saying they never knew what gaffs were… a lot of people find them WAY MORE comfortable and convenient than tucking, so I would recommend looking into them if you’ve never done so before!

And even if you yourself don’t use or need this stuff, do pass this kind of info on to any friends of yours that might, guys! There’s always like a million more PSAs about transmasc stuff as opposed to transfem stuf tbh…


“We just wrote [more PSAs] everyone had ideas for things that Captain America could say [on screen]. So we just put them into a teleprompter, and had Chris Evans stand there and really read through them. It’s really funny, because Chris is so NOT like Captain America in person, but him being Cap and then just reading this stuff totally fresh, in that old costume, was so funny.” Jon Watts 

Periods suck. Witchcraft helps.




(Please research herbs before using them, not all the posts are very informative about all the effects herbs may have! ESPECIALLY if you’re on meds.)


Mundane tips:

I’d like to request that you keep gender out of any comments that you make on this. People of various gender identities get periods (or don’t), lets be inclusive here!

the instagram bmc fandom is so problematic

can y'all please stop bothering friends/family/partners of the bmc cast? travis had to post on his story today about not being associated with george because some of y'all. and i’ve seen way too many people posting super inappropriate/personal things and tagging the cast in them. please be respectful? they are so nice in including us in their lives and being grateful for the revival of the fandom and you guys are treating them badly. be responsible if you’re going to tag them, please? thank you


For people who RP/write fanfiction Genji.

Please note that young Genji has a Chokuto, and Cyborg Genji has an Odachi. NOT a Katana. Genji all also carries a Wakizashi. (One could say young Genji has a Tanto but based off the size am gonna say its not) And Hanzo’s sword in the Hanamura map is a Katana.

I thought cyborg Genji’s sword was a katana for the longest time until I really looked at it. As it is to long and curved to much to be one.

sound the drums of war

okay so i’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a retold fairytale about pocahontas, which is a really reasonable thing to request since i’ve done so many retold tales about disney movies, but here’s the thing

pocahontas the movie is easily one the most messed up things that modern media has ever produced, and i’ll belt out color of the wind like nobody’s business, but that doesn’t change the fact that disney took a history about lying, abduction, rape, and torture and … turned it into a love story. which. what. who thought that was a good idea???

so. look. this is the only retold fairytale i have in me for pocahontas. i know it’s not what anyone who requested this actually wanted, so. sorry.

we’ll keep disney’s aged up premise and characters, because the truth is just too sad to touch at all. we’ll keep pocahontas as her name, because it wasn’t her real name (her real name was matoaka).

okay here we go

we have pocahontas, the young daughter of chief powhatan. she is spirited and flighty, having no fear of jumping off waterfalls or any other manner of dangerous things. what does she fear? growing up, responsibility, having to be a grown woman in her tribe and all that that entails, of being forced into a marriage she doesn’t want.

she grew up with kokoum, she knows him, he is a good man and a strong man, he will provide for her everything she could need or want – but she doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason to marry him. he’s a good leader, he’ll probably be elected to replace her father when the time comes, and she will move on from being the daughter of the chief to the wife of the chief.

something in her rankles at being the daughter of, the wife of, to being just ‘of’ anything.

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i just want to say that there is nothing cringy or embarrassing about finding comfort in stories or music or using fictional characters to inspire yourself, no matter what people might say.
if imagining yourself as a character in your favourite book makes you forget about your sadness, if blasting musicals at full volune makes you feel confident while walking through a crowd, if drawing cheesy fanart or writing cliche fanfiction makes you feel good about your skills then keep doing that!
other people might mock you but they have no right to take away the happiness and the comfort you find in art.
there is no wrong way to make yourself feel a bit more happy.


I was shocked by the lack of poison dart frog stuff on this site, so here’s a video I made of my pet frog eating.

As a PSA: poison dart frogs make FANTASTIC pets. They’re low maintenance, gorgeous creatures who are fascinating to watch. They also up your badass factor by like a thousand points and take less work than a goldfish.


FFXV: Comrades interview with Tabata.

I’ve transcribed the interview Questions below for those too lazy to bother watching the video:

PSA: “What was the main piece of feedback you got from the Beta and was there anything that you actually changed based on the feedback?

Tabata: “The difficulty of the closed beta was perhaps higher than we previously envisaged. The number of people who actually completed the missions was low! So we’ve looked at rebalancing it to make it more forgiving.”

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