To any trans women and transfeminine followers of mine, did you know there’s a pretty huge Etsy store which does gaff underwear and swimsuits specifically designed for trans people amongst its products? They go in a pretty decent range of sizes, including sizes for young girls, and while I do not personally know anyone who has used them, there’s a fuckton of positive reviews on the Etsy store. They have a ton of colours to choose from, different fabric choices, the works.

And for once they’re not marked “for crossdressers” too, they actually under “transgender”, so that’s (depressingly) unusual.

I’m mostly posting this because I’ve seen a lot of younger people recently in particular saying they never knew what gaffs were… a lot of people find them WAY MORE comfortable and convenient than tucking, so I would recommend looking into them if you’ve never done so before!

And even if you yourself don’t use or need this stuff, do pass this kind of info on to any friends of yours that might, guys! There’s always like a million more PSAs about transmasc stuff as opposed to transfem stuf tbh…


“We just wrote [more PSAs] everyone had ideas for things that Captain America could say [on screen]. So we just put them into a teleprompter, and had Chris Evans stand there and really read through them. It’s really funny, because Chris is so NOT like Captain America in person, but him being Cap and then just reading this stuff totally fresh, in that old costume, was so funny.” Jon Watts 

the instagram bmc fandom is so problematic

can y'all please stop bothering friends/family/partners of the bmc cast? travis had to post on his story today about not being associated with george because some of y'all. and i’ve seen way too many people posting super inappropriate/personal things and tagging the cast in them. please be respectful? they are so nice in including us in their lives and being grateful for the revival of the fandom and you guys are treating them badly. be responsible if you’re going to tag them, please? thank you

self-care masterpost: clean speeches edition

(psa 1: this was inspired by Kara’s aka tasyoungreckless tumblr post, I just thought it might be cool to add a few more to the list

psa 2: I also included video links to the speeches if I could find them because I personally feel Taylor’s words more if I’m watching a video)

when you hate yourself:

when there are rumors/bad things being talked about you:

when you feel alone with your pain:

  • Glasgow, Scotland, 06/23/2015 (text // video)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Bossier City, LA, 05/20/2015 (text)
  • Raleigh, NC, 06/09/2015 (text),
  • Foxborough, MA, 07/24/2015 (text // video)

when you feel stuck up in having to be perfect/happy all the time:

  • Glasgow, Scotland, 06/23/2015 (text // video)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Louisville, KY, 06/02/2015 (text // video
  • Cleveland, OH, 06/03/2015 (text)
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 06/06/2015 (text // video)
  • Edmonton, AB 08/05/2015 (text)
  • Los Angeles, CA, 08/21/2015 (text // video)

when you feel like past mistakes will forever define you:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands,, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Cologne, Germany, 06/20/2015 (text // video)
  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Charlotte, NC, 06/08/2015 (text // video)
  • Vancouver, BC, 08/01/2015 (text)

when you feel like everything is pointless and the bad days will never stop:

  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Tokyo, Japan, 05/05/2015 (text // video)
  • Las Vegas, NV, 05/15/2015 (text)

when you lost yourself:

  • Las Vegas, NV, 05/15/2015 (text)
  • Bossier City, LA, 05/20/2015 (text)

when you feel like you’re standing still:

when you feel like you just don’t fit in:

  • Cleveland, OH, 06/03/2015 (text)

when mean comments on the internet get to you:

when you compare yourself to others:

when you think you’re not “enough” of something:

  • East Rutherford, NJ, 07/10/2015 (text // video)
  • Washington, DC, 07/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Washington, DC, 07/14/2015 (text)

when you feel like happiness is never a constant/always expect pain:

when you’re getting told you’re too much of anything:

when you’re going through heartbreak/lost someone:

  • St Paul, MN, 09/11/2015 (text)
  • St Paul, MN, 09/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Indianapolis, IN, 09/16/2015 (text // video)
  • Nashville, TN, 09/25/2015 (text)

when you’re full of regrets:

when other people’s opinions clatter up your life:

  • Shanghai, China, 11/12/2015 (text)
  • Adelaide, Australia, 12/08/2015 (text // video)

i just want to say that there is nothing cringy or embarrassing about finding comfort in stories or music or using fictional characters to inspire yourself, no matter what people might say.
if imagining yourself as a character in your favourite book makes you forget about your sadness, if blasting musicals at full volune makes you feel confident while walking through a crowd, if drawing cheesy fanart or writing cliche fanfiction makes you feel good about your skills then keep doing that!
other people might mock you but they have no right to take away the happiness and the comfort you find in art.
there is no wrong way to make yourself feel a bit more happy.


I was shocked by the lack of poison dart frog stuff on this site, so here’s a video I made of my pet frog eating.

As a PSA: poison dart frogs make FANTASTIC pets. They’re low maintenance, gorgeous creatures who are fascinating to watch. They also up your badass factor by like a thousand points and take less work than a goldfish.

Volio bih da znaš da ću te uvijek voljeti.
Volio bih da znaš da želim da imam kuću sa tobom, da želim da ljubim tvoja ramena, da želim da se svađam s tobom oko života, da želim da spavam s tobom i da te gledam dok spavaš.
Volio bih da znaš da želim da budeš dobro, da ti kupujem ruže, da te vodim da more, da imamo psa, da te čekam posle posla.
Volio bih da imamo jedan život.
Hoću da mi pričaš svoje teorije, i da mi kažeš šta si sve rekla pticama o meni.
Želim da znaš da je pijesak isti kao ti i ja, ali drugačiji od naših snova.
Želio bih da mi pričaš svoje snove.
Hoću da ti kažem da je ljubav najjednostavnija i najljepša stvar u životu.
Volio bih da si ti moja srodna duša.
Volio bih da si dio mene koji sam izgubio kada sam pao na ovu planetu.
Volio bih da ti nedostajem.
Volio bih da me se sjetiš posle nekog lijepog filma ili lijepog čaja, i da kada vidiš more, pomisliš na mene.
Tvoja koža je najljepša tišina koju sam ikada poljubio.
Volio bih da znaš da želim da imamo jedan život, i da te čuvam, da me čuvaš.
Da noću gledamo filmove, da te pokrijem kada se uspavaš, i da te tako malu poljubim u nos, da ti šapnem da te volim, da ti šapnem da je ovo jedan lijep život.

yeah, using a poc fc as an ‘alt’ to your white fc isn’t diversity and it’s not cool; it’s a problem. you can’t just switch out races and ethnicities without taking into consideration how it alters the characterization because their experiences will not be the same, and there’s also the matter of the inclusion of the respective fc’s culture.

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Just a PSA more and more asian women are going missing in western countries. A chinese woman was in France staying at a 5 star hotel and was called to the lobby at 3 am, she refused to go down and they ended up knocking on her door. She went down but also pulled her police on speed dial and made sure she had a way to get out. 2 men were downstairs and when she began to run back to the elevator they chased her. She is ok now, but theres a whole organization kidnapping asian women.

I’m glad she’s okay but what’s more frightening is that media coverage on human trafficking is lacking. Even when it’s covered, it’s rarely treated as a human rights issue (16%) instead, it’s treated more as a crime (54%). When an issue is treated more so as a crime, then solutions rely more on laws rather than help. Laws neither effectively nor directly address the problem.

If we go by the numbers provided, Asian women age 18 or older are the most trafficked group of people worldwide. So I believe you’re right in that there are entire organizations that kidnap Asian women (or attempt to). In addition, it’s not just organizations, it’s an entire industry.

Angry Asian Guy

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Underrated book dally moments

This came out more like PSA Dally quotes oops

“He came over to Buck’s a couple of days ago for something and found that sweat shirt. I told him I didn’t know where you were, but he didn’t believe me. He gave me this letter and half his pay check to give you. Kid, you ought to see Darry. He’s takin’ this mighty hard.”

— He’s speaking properly and longer than two or three sentences. Lots of people (including myself) have written him not to talk much more than a sarcastic sentence or so and when he does it’s “golly man fuck shit man” blah blah

“You don’t need to make like every mouthful’s your last. I got plenty of money. Take it easy, I don’t want you gettin’ sick on me. And I thought I was hungry!”

— Again, he’s speaking rather formally. Also, he’s showing concern for them!

“…‘No, thank you’ and told me where I could go in very polite terms.”


To summarize, Dally’s grammar and vocabulary is underrated. Most of y'all would think these were spoken by someone else. From this you should have learned that Dally isn’t as illiterate as you thought.