Friendly reminder.

That Hina did this to Bon Clay’s ship:

Yes. Those are her iron bars, stabbing through a ship. They’re not frail or small, they’re made of iron and she can likely make them as large as she wants them to be.  In this instance, she used them to sink his ship.

While her Devil Fruit is mostly used to constrain, lock, and cage, she is perfectly capable of impaling and crushing ships, and most certainly capable of impaling and crushing your muse.

She’s not the broad to mess with. She’s pretty, but she’s still a Marine Captain.

This has been a PSA.


IRIS DOES COMMISSIONS!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

amazing…so i’m deciding to take commissions for both my graphic work and my art. but, this isn’t the first time i’ve done so, i have a lot of experience with doing paid work! though, this time, i plan on doing it differently. i’ll be doing the work before pay, and the commissioner will pay right before i send files, codes, etc. once pay is confirmed, i’ll send!!! i take pay through PAYPAL ONLY, and only accept usd! 

for more information on the commission packages i offer, pricing, more choices in commission types, the form, EXAMPLES, etc, PLEASE CLICK HERE!!  the link will take you to a page with extensive information on my commissions. above is a simplified chart displaying the most common commissions that are available. 

even if you can’t buy anything, please reblog this to spread the word!!! i would so appreciate it! questions? offers? send them my way through inbox, email (, or IM! thank you to anyone who orders or reblogs this, it means the WORLD. 

Update on my mother, and how you can still help.

Hello, everyone. If you all remember this post that I made a few weeks back in a state of utter desperation, I have a few things to update you on. My mother claims to have found a new place to live, and she plans to move out on Feb 5th. I am hoping to my core that all goes well, and that the move goes smoothly. 

It will take a long time for my family to get back on their feet. The financial troubles they will face now will be mighty, but donating to my youcaring fundraiser is no longer crucial. I am going to keep the fundraiser open because I have gotten a few messages from people saying that they were planning to donate but don’t have the money yet. Please, do not feel forced to do so. What you all contributed was more than enough, and I am forever thankful.

I’m still working hard to help them somehow, and I’m selling over half of the stuff in my closet to help raise money as well. For those of you that are familiar with Poshmark, you can shop my closet here. For those of you who don’t have an account, you can join with the code JNNOY to get $10, and the website will give me $10 when you make your first purchase on any closet at all.

Thank you all so much for your continuous support and love. This past month has been unlike anything I have gone through in years. But no need to worry about me at all. As always, if you cannot purchase anything or donate, a reblog is more than enough. Thank you <3