A Whimsical Ride

Anna Taberko creates visually stunning GIFs that capture the whimsicality of viewing things through the kaleidoscope. The patterns appear only to disappear again, living in the world of continuous loop yet never failing to mesmerize the audience.   

Taberko uses vibrant background colours for her pieces and illustrates elements of nature such as flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits and even butterflies, morphing from one form to another, moving them in circles.

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The test is not a complex one: when the alarm goes off, do you get up out of bed, or do you lie there in comfort and fall back to sleep? If you have the discipline to get out of bed, you win—you pass the test. If you are mentally weak for that moment and you let that weakness keep you in bed, you fail. Though it seems small, that weakness translates to more significant decisions. But if you exercise discipline, that too translates to more substantial elements of your life.

Jocko Willink, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

Dicipline = Freedom

About Spinel:

Just a misc of a bunch of headcanons I have for her that I wanted to share with you guys:

  •  Spinel is about 8′6. Which makes her taller than all of the Crystal Gems (the tallest being Bismuth at 7′) but smaller than Jasper (9′2)
  • She is an elemental gem like Lapis Lazuli. Her element being fire. She is capable of much more control over the element than Rubies.
  • Speaking of Rubies, Spinels are in charge of training newly formed rubies. She was most likely not the one that trained the one that joined the CGs.
  • Spinel was once part of Pink Diamond’s court.
  • Currently, she is a very high class gem from Yellow Diamond’s court, although, as a warrior, she ranks bellow some of the more aristocratic gems.
  • Her eyes will ALWAYS glow whenever she’s using her powers. It doesn’t matter if she’s just lighting up a candle or burning a gem alive.
  • In addition, her entire body will start getting surrounded by a red warm aura whenever it’s a particularly strong move, such as one that is similar to the Earth Power move, if you guys play pokemon
  • The yellow diamonds on the sides of her head (where the ears would be, idk if gems have them or not) are a piece of gem tech that generates a helmet\shield made up of extremely resistent material.
  • Her arm is made of similar material from Peridot’s limb enhancer, and, like them, they are infused with her body and cannot be removed until she has retreated to her gem. Unlike them, however, the arm is not equiped with screens and is only to be used as a weapon.
  • She doesn’t really get along with anyone except Steven and Pearl at first.
  • To be honest, she’s kind of a jerk with a temper
  • She managed to carry some fallen gems with her back to the ship before the Diamonds used their weapon but sadly she lost most of her friends during the war.
  • Her weapon is an axe (or hatchets that can combine to make a double headed axe, I’m still thinking about it)
  • Spinel was the one that poofed Bismuth, not long after she poofed Lapis (but she was not the one that found Lapis nor did she know her before)

Sometimes I stare at the ceiling and think about warriorXwarrior romantic/sexual relationships. Like were they a well kept or a well known secret? Would the taboo of those relationships in that time period have added more elements of hatred and fear from the commonfolk? Would it be persecuted or ignored within the Organization?

When it comes to romance, was there any sort of courting? A ritual or certain gifts you had to give? If so, who came up with it and passed it down? Does rank affect the courting? Could only the higher rank start to court a lower rank or the other way around? How could a “couple” show their claim to one another? Were there couples at all? Was monogamy a thing amongst warriors or was it more open? Did warriors use or believe in the word “love” , or was it more like swearing loyalty to a person/people?

When it comes to sexual stuff, was it common or not really? Considering how low the wound down their middles go, could they still feel pleasure in certain ways? Once again, did rank dictate who topped/bottomed? Would it maybe only go one way based on rank, like having the lower ranked please the higher ranked? Did one form (oral, penetrative, ect) of sex hold a different importance than another?

I have a fairly active imagination and so many questions.


To create Piper, Barillaro and his entire team entered the Sanderlings’ world. They spent weekends on beaches all over the Bay Area, meeting at 5 a.m. on a dusty road under a bridge in search of the birds. “Half of us were chasing around different beaches and calling each other on cell phones until we found a flock we could get close to,” Barillaro says. “It became this treasure hunt.” 

The more he watched the Sanderlings, the more Barillaro recognized something elementally human about the little birds: their awkwardness. Studying a frame-by-frame video taken of a Sanderling chick falling on its back, all Barillaro saw was an awkward kid picking herself up off the playground. This natural behavior lent itself easily to Piper’s story of courage, both as a child and a parent. (x)

ah, guess who got home just in time for the new episode? Me! And dang, what luck, ‘cause this was one helluva plotty episode!

OK, so this episode basically confirmed my long running theory (that I also discussed this morning) that the corruption was caused by some kind of weapon by the Diamonds! I’m so happy to get confirmation on that, its been a long time coming

tbh, I’m glad its a lot more complicated to fix than cracked Gems, since it’ll give time for more story elements to develop. I feel like the solution to the corruption will end up having something to do with Steven’s dream projecting abilities (its something that will need to be fixed from the inside). But even if it isn’t, I look forward to seeing where the show goes from here

Gem writing! We already knew there was Gem writing (from the pillars in the Sky Arena) but its nice to see it in use. Plus them talking about it might mean we’ll see more of it, which will be neat

Also, Centipeetle was so adorable! I hope she gets healed one day but I’m happy she’s free and with her crew for the time being

I definitely have more to say but I’ll have to do so later ‘cause I’m still busy for the day, I just wanted to pop on and get my thoughts down real quick

Excellent episode! Very sweet!


“Sometimes I feel sure he is as mad as a hatter and then, just as he is at his maddest, I find there is a method in his madness.”

Just Go With It

Not a request but I just had this idea and I really wanted to write it lol

Peter Parker x Reader

Send in prompts from this list!

(gif credits: calebhaas)

“So, single replacement or displacement reaction. In this type of reaction, a more active element replaces a less active element in a compound. ” Mr. Rodriguez explained.

Hands slightly cramping, I scribbled down notes as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t miss anything important. I was completely engrossed in chemical reactions when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A string of curses ran through my mind as I lost my train of thought. I shook my head, ignored the tap, and continued with my work.

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Check it out! My name on a real life WOD board! 
First “real” CrossFit class went great. I had a really good time and everybody was super supportive. The Elements classes are always newbies so everyone is kind of nervous and awkward - this morning I found the camaraderie I’ve heard so much about in CrossFit! I talked to one of the other girls in the class and she goes MWF mornings, as do a number of the attendees of today’s class. I think that’s my new plan - those classes are coached by my two favourite coaches and it’ll be more or less the same crew all the time which is a pretty fun way to get to know awesome people. I’m excited.


15 leg swings

10 dowel rotations

10 duck walk

10 push-ups to lunge (stretch)

5 wall squats



Back squats. I clearly have a ways to go with my strength - in the Elements classes they never really let you put much in the way of weights on because they’re focussing so much on technique. So I had to use just the 5lb plates on my bar today, but it’s a starting point! And I apparently have to work harder on pushing my knees out. That puts my current “max weight” around 43lbs. Ha.  


12 kettlebell swings (12 or 14lb, can’t remember)

12 goblet step-ups (20lb)

12 v-sits

AMRAP 12 minutes

My partner and I each completed 5 rounds, plus 24 more (so, everything except v-sits in the 6th round). She was a good sport to put up with me being a little slower, although mostly our “slowness” is because we got a bit mixed up in which station to go to next. But I really appreciate her sticking with me! 

Last but not least: thank you guys for all the support for going to CrossFit. When the alarm went off at 6 I contemplated going back to sleep but I checked my phone and seeing a bunch of comment notifications made me get out of bed!

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Is it confirmed that it is ONLY metal stuff?…

Steven says so, I guess they specifically mentioned that is only metal to avoid a full episode of what she is supposed to control. And Peridot [Lauren Zuke] confirmed it in a tweet:

I guess than control over all kind of matter, aka telekinesis, will be overkill, since she will become the most powerful gem around. So plain “metal bending” is more suitable for a gem with her kind of background and knowledge.

elements of the Poc Parent Experience™

- “i’m not one of ya lil friends”
- sneaking out the house??? HA
- gettin the belt, or for the unlucky ones, whatever is close to her/his hand
- “you got [insert restaurant] money?”
- eating every single thing off yo plate even if you don’t like it bc “we don’t waste no food”
- greeting/speaking to every adult in the room when you walk in
- “keep it up and imma give you somethin to cry for”
- the moment of instant fear when you hear ya momma keys in the door and you didn’t wash the dishes/take that chicken out the freezer

other poc feel free to add 😂😂

I’m going to give my first “regular” CrossFit class a try tomorrow morning. I’m pretty freaked out about it, but I’m sure once I get it over with I’ll feel good! The workout is programmed as:

 12 KB Swings

12 KB Goblet Step ups. (KB cannot touch body)

12 V-Sits 

AMRAP 12 minutes

 I feel like none of those things are that terrifying…I’ve never done goblet step-ups or V-sits but I just looked up youtube videos of them and they seem hard but doable. I was contemplating going tonight but I don’t feel quite ready to try handstand push-ups…how do they scale those? 
Anyway, wish me luck! 

Just wrote 2,000 words in Book 3, and I think the scene I just wrote is probably the most emotionally-charged scene in the entire series…. Everything Arman is feeling just EXPLODES. It’s a pretty crucial scene for the emotional theme of the book! And it’s a catalyst to help move the plot forward. It felt good to get this part out of my head!

American Gods first look: Laura and Shadow reunite — 'Til death did they part

It’s a classic story of boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy goes to prison and…well, you’ll find out in 2017.

One of the more interesting narrative elements of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 fantasy novel American Gods — which Starz adapts in an exciting series next year — is the supernatural love story between protagonist Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) and his wife, Laura (Emily Browning). Without giving too much away, Laura dies early in the tale, just as Shadow is released from prison, but their story hardly ends there.

EW has a first look at Laura and Shadow’s haunting reconnection in an early scene from American Gods, which arrives at Starz from executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. As you can tell from EW’s first look shot, Laura’s been through the resurrection ringer — just take a look at her massive chest scar for proof — but she’s here in the flesh and ready to close a chapter (or open a new one) with Shadow. She’s not quite a ghost, but in a story about gods manifesting in physical form based on the power of belief, Laura is indeed otherworldly, and Shadow’s the reason why.

If anyone knows how to write a romance about a dead girl, it’s Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies alum Fuller. “As Michael would always remind me, this was another in a long line of dead girls I’ve written about,” Fuller says, laughing. Green adds: “Bryan Fuller only writes dead girls.”

In reality, the producers say Laura was immediately their favorite character to build upon for the series. “It was fun to take what Neil had created for Laura in the book and imagine her point of view from the scenario that she was in now. One of my favorite times collaboratively on this is when Michael and I were first talking about crafting and expanding Laura’s story, because it felt like we had been handed the baton of her character and could run,” says Fuller. “She’s always been a source of joy with this show because Michael and I are so in sync with who she is and what she should be and what we can say through her. And the really magical thing was sitting down with Emily and hearing her perspective because I think she gave us permission to go places that we had tested but were cautious about in our approach.”

Browning also offered a healthy dose of assistance in uncovering new ways to bring Laura to life life-ish. “What really came out of Emily inhabiting Laura is that this is a character for who being dead is not the worst thing that’s ever happened to her,” says Green. “Not because her life was horrible prior, but just in that there’s a level of interest in this new existence for her. Part of the fun of cracking this open with Emily are those conversations we’ve had about where she’s going, what she wants to achieve, and how she [acts] as a character who, in some way, has to experience some wish fulfillment with coming back to life in a non-traditional way.”


200m run

2x (10 dowel rotations, 10 lunges each side, 10 iron cross)


Medicine ball cleans, and then because we’d all done those before we moved into hang squat cleans. I’ve practiced the medicine ball cleans a bunch before and they’re not my favourite, but hang squat cleans are fun! That being said there are a lot of steps to put together…I’m currently having trouble getting far enough under the bar (getting into a low enough squat) without falling over, and trusting my shoulders/collarbones to catch the bar. We practiced without any weights on the bar in order to work on technique. 


3 hang squat cleans (ladies’ bar, no plates)

6 push-ups (scaled to knees)

12 knee-to-elbow

AMRAP 12 minutes

I missed finishing 10 full rounds by about 2 seconds…so I’m still taking my 10 rounds…she hadn’t finished saying “time” when I completed them :p

While we were stretching the coach mentioned that I could stay in Elements until I was comfortable moving on, but could move on…but she implied that I knew this for a long time already. After class I talked to her about it and apparently one of the other coaches was supposed to tell me that - my technique is all there. I haven’t gone for about a week, so that’s probably why he didn’t tell me. I mentioned that I didn’t think my running was anywhere near fast enough, and she said that if I wanted I could ease in by only coming for days where the WODs weren’t running heavy. So, regular classes it is. YAY! I’m both excited and nervous…it’s going to be a reasonably long slog of probably always coming in last on the WODs, but I really think I’ll progress more quickly in the regular classes, especially since I can start doing real strength work.

(And the photo is my workout calendar. Apparently I’ve decided to take it back to elementary school…I bought the silliest stickers I could find and if I work out I get to put one on the calendar. Clearly February isn’t going so well, but I’m planning to get a bunch more stickers on that page before the month ends!)