Truth and Dare and a Few Other Things

This whole situation was, she had to admit, Lily’s own fault. If she was in the mood to pass the blame, it was truth or dare’s fault. If she was feeling particularly bitter, it was Mary Bloody MacDonald’s fault.

But, truthfully, Lily was neither in a particularly blame-passing mood, nor very bitter, two facts most likely stemming from the the glass of firewhiskey already in her system. And so she was forced to admit that yes, this was her fault.

Because, really, what self respecting seventeen year old still played truth or dare? And, furthermore, what self respecting Gryffindor seventeen year old played truth or dare with Mary MacDonald, well known for not giving a damn about rules or consequences of any kind?

And so it was with a slightly (but only very slightly) firewhiskey-addled brain and a rather lot of self pity that Lily Evans found herself in James Potter’s bedroom. Rooting around in James Potter’s underwear drawer.


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I was tagged quite a few times to take a hit, and I honestly wish I could remember everyone but I can’t 😩😓 forgive my terrible stoner memory haha. So I’m just going to tag a ton of people 💜💗💞💖 @freckldbitch @weedstop @stonedpisces @stoned-goonie @astr0zombies @rachelsfuckingzooted @thesquidbat @thickthighs-higheyes @haisies @thcolleen @paradisiak @stonercuutie @weedweirdo @chocolatemamashighdeas @royallyoily @kawaiidabber @bongtokingprincess @bongripsforthesick @coffeepotsmokin @hasher-roth @a-northern-peach @thatsthenorthstar @kellywiththebelly @bobbcarly @peacefulpothead @doobiedrewbie @chubbybluntz @ganja-goddess

Prompt 76

After a devastating break up, Person C crashes at Person A and B’s house for a while. At first, Person C is grateful for Person A and B’s generosity, but quickly grows tired of seeing these loving looks they exchange, accidentally walking in on them at the worst times, and seeing them be so hopelessly in love with each other.

(Bonus: Person C starts sobbing on the couch while pushing Person A and B away like “STOP RUBBING YOUR LOVE IN MY FACE”)