Jaal: I’ll need a small Resistance squad to guard a lake on Aya for an afternoon and make sure nobody approaches it.

Resistance officer: Um… why?

Jaal: I need to… *winkwink* infiltrate something.

Mass Effect Andromeda Sequel

Things i would love for it to include:

-Multiple new species
-More outposts for the Initiative
-Keep both twins in the Tempest
-Even if one is in the medbay 24/7
-Quarian/Hanar/Drell Ark Arrival
-Open another part of Andromeda
-But also dont give us the whole galaxy
-Quarian and Drell squad mates
-Every squad mate romanceable by either Male or female Ryder, no restrictions
-Keep the nomad
-Multiple outposts on a single world

Better facial animations

Edits based on comments:
-show progress with old outposts
-make jaal romanceable (with either Ryder, why not)
-explanation of the remnant

My favorite thing about Jaal is how he is incredibly open about his emotions and at the same time is naturally very chill. This is a dude whose whole llife till now – as well as the life of everyone around him, has been nothing but struggle and oppression. During the game you see him go through some really difficult moments. And yet, most of the time he’s very calm, upbeat, and as positive as one can be under the circumstances. He openly cries, admits fear, or gets angry, and in the next scene he’s back on his feet. There’s none of that edgelord angsty aura around him, even though there easily could have been one in the hands of a lesser writer, and I really appreciate that.  


i tried editing some of my pencil sketches of my Ryder on my phone. Meh, I’ll definitely draw more of her in the future

and i can’t draw aliens

“Te extraño. Te recuerdo. Pienso en ti. Pienso en tu dulce cariño al besarme. Al mirarme en los ojos y al amarme con tus labios. Te recuerdo y una lágrima mía es tuya y siento tus manos acariciándome en la piel de mi rostro y me derrito e el recuerdo. Es una sensación de amor y nostalgia. Una sensación de desahogo y necesidad de tu cariño en mi pecho. Te extraño y quiero verte, quiero que vengas aquí conmigo y que me digas que me amas otra vez. Sí, otra vez muy despacio en el oído, como esa noche que sentía cada una de esas letras dichas por tus labios y que tus ojos lloraban por mí.
Te extraño. Te recuerdo. Pienso en ti. Y ahora mismo te necesito. Sólo deseo que me abraces y que me digas que todo está bien.”

No quiero que te vallas. Quiero que me ayudes. Que me protegas. Que te quedes conmigo, aconsejandome o simplemente diciendome cuanto me amas. Lo necesito, pero no te das cuenta.
—  Una chica fantasma
Quando tudo oque você tem é Deus, Você tem todo o necessário.
—  Pão Diario.