I’m rewatching my Season 1 Rebels discs  because the second season comes out on DVD tomorrow and I wanna refresh my memory, and I keep forgetting that one of my favourite characters is this stormtrooper in Episode 4, whose response to Ezra and Zeb assaulting Imperial troops, stealing a TIE fighter, and pursuing and assaulting a troop transport, is 

“Wait… you did all this… for FRUIT?!” 

Please protect the stormies they are precious. 

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Re: your comment about baby boomers and jobs. If you think boomers have/had it easy, think again. Some did, for sure, but many, many others did not.

Dear Anon,

I’m sorry if I offended you with this post. It wasn’t my intention to devalue anyone’s work or experience. I was merely commenting on the fact that there are different standards nowadays than there were for Boomers. Millennials are facing requirements for entry-level jobs that would have been expert-level positions in the past. 

For example, “having a high school degree used to be enough to make it into the middle class…[but] the bar is higher today. [Millennials] are the first generation that needs to have a college degree and experience to compete, before they even enter the workforce.” The new normal for millennials [in the United States] is the to have at least a 4-year college degree to work in an entry-level position that makes $8/hr. That $8/hr is not enough to pay back student loans, let alone cover the increased costs of food, housing, medical expenses, etc..

Millennials are not only expected to have college degrees, but also x number of years “experience”. But “experience” is different today than what it meant to Boomers. Today it means having worked an internship (or internships) for little or no pay for a time during college or after graduation (and don’t get me started on how the concept of the unpaid internship is a classist issue, barring middle and lower-income persons from working them, thereby perpetuating a culture that rewards the rich and continues to punish the poor). And a few months isn’t enough; companies are looking for “experience” in years, which means extended periods of low or no-pay for already-struggling and indebted millennials. These internships or apprenticeships existed back during the Boomers’ days too, but usually they ended in some sort of offer of employment. Today, “educated members of the millennial generation… are locked out of the traditional career ladder and are having to settle for two, three and sometimes more internships after graduating college, all with no end in sight.”  This is because there is an endless supply of free labor for businesses in the form of unpaid internships. Basically, no one is paying millennials for their work or hiring them, which is then an excuse to blame millennials for the current state of the economy.

That’s not to say that Boomers didn’t/can’t have their difficulties too. I’ve witnessed these first-hand and have seen how today’s economy has forced Boomers to delay retirement due to financial insecurity. I’ve also seen how these ridiculous new job requirements have really hurt Boomers. For example, companies are trying to push Boomers out of their jobs so that they don’t have to pay their rising cost of health insurance or pay out large pensions when they retire. I’ve seen how, when these Boomers are laid off from work, how difficult it is to find a new job when they don’t have college degrees, extensive computer and coding experience, foreign language proficiency, etc. So I know it’s hard for everyone, I do. 

However, some Boomers (emphasis on some) have had luxuries that millennials haven’t. Some Boomers (again, emphasis on some) have had time to save money, to buy houses, to purchase cars, to take vacations, to have children, etc. But Most Millennials are starting out in the world saddled in debt and with no positive outlook on the horizon for reaching some of the milestones that Boomers have. For Millennials, things like houses and cars and general financial security are currently fantasies that are out of reach. 

Again, I meant no offense to Boomers and did not make the comment to devalue your work or experience, I was just making an observation as to the struggles of millennials in our current job market.




I often miss something in TC’s pockets until I hear it rattling around in the dryer.

You’d think he would be running out of drill bits by now with the stash I’ve collected.

I had my man working this job with me today and it was awful cause he just looks too good while he’s working and sweating I jus wanted to fuck in the bathroom and I couldn’t

I know it’s a lame cliche trope, but I am still disappointed in the lack of Sex!Operator!Cas fics out there. And I don’t mean a one shot pwp.

I want a 80k+ fic of a bored Dean curiously calling up a sex line just to see if it’s as horribly cringe worthy and awful as he thought it to be, but not expecting to become so enthralled and admittedly attracted to the deep gravelly voice who goes by the name of ‘Jimmy’ on the other end of the line.

I want Cas, a lonely man who works this job because it pays well and he grew up being told that he couldn’t do anything worthwhile, so he settled for something he thought he would be good at instead, going by what some people had told him in any case. And despite the nerves and rushing thoughts of self-doubt telling him that he will make a fool of himself before he takes each call, he does exceptionally well in making people believe he’s a confident man that wants nothing more then to get them off.

To some extent, Cas wants the intimacy he brings to life with his callers, but a different kind that doesn’t involve grunts and moans over a staticky line. And as a virgin that has no clue how to get the love that he seeks, he again, settles for his job and his empty apartment.

And then he receives a caller, Dean, that soon becomes a regular, and Cas slowly notices that over time, his persona fades away as their once sex-only conversations become more of a tentative friendship. It should be strange to find a friend in someone who use to call you for pleasure. But somehow it works. To Dean, Jimmy soon becomes Cas, and as he’d been mocked before in the past, Cas finds himself unable to allow Dean to further their friendship in fear of Deans reaction to his virginity.

Because how could a 32 year old sex operator still be a virgin?

Daddy Issues (Dean Winchester x Reader + Crowley x Daughter!Reader)

Title: Daddy Issues
Summary: Dean is nervous about meeting your dad, expecting him to be some old man with a stable job and judging opinions. What he ends up with is a lot worse for a number of reasons… One being the black eyes.
Warnings: Language
Request: [1] Could you possibly please do a one shot of the Crowley is the readers dad imagine you posted? That is too fun for words. (Imagine: Being Crowley’s secret daughter and Dean’s girlfriend. When you go to tell him that your dad wants to meet, you have no idea they have met before.)
[2] This is the first request I’ve ever done I don’t even know how Tumblr works lol but could you please make a one shot out of the Crowley’s secret daughter being deans boyfriend.

A/N: Based on this imagine: [HERE]

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Dana Scully with the eyes of David Duchovny

In Season 11 I want to see Dana Scully how David Duchovny sees her. I want David to write at least 1 Mulder & Scully episode. I want him to write an episode where Dana Scully is happy, beautiful, flirty and absolutely in love with his spooky partner for life, Fox Mulder. I wanna see my OTP how David sees them. 

David Duchovny could bring justice to Mulder & Scully. I would probably die when that episode airs, but I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. We’ve waited for 20 something years, we deserve a perfect MSR episode. David Duchovny is the perfect man for the job! Let him write & direct it!

A/n: The infamous 1918 imagine so many requested me to to do.

Heavily based on season two of Downton Abbey because I really love the storyline and thought it would work mega well with the idea I had.

So I hope you enjoy~

Being the only female chauffeurs for the Downton house was already a difficult position, it took a lot of persuasion and several tests of skill on Jillian Holtzmann’s part to even get the job, but now she was proud to say she had been the house chauffer for five years.

Holtzmann was someone you greatly admired, being a woman in a predominantly male position made you look up to her in a sort of way.

You were a lady of the house, but you spent most of your time as an auxiliary nurse for the local hospital, staying there late into the evenings at your mother’s discord.

She had never been fond of the idea of you being a nurse, expecting you to do more gentle things for the war effort as ladies usually did.

But you refused to be swayed on your decision, and you’ve enjoyed your work ever since you started.

Because of this you enjoyed Holtzmann’s company, and her with you.

You would talk whenever she drove you to the hospital or took you home, and you waved at her whenever you made sure no one was around to see it.

You’re friendship started the first year she began working for your family, and since then you both grew closer without anyone noticing.

Because of the way things were, you’re family would’ve been a little displeased at your relationship with a chauffeur, so you both kept it secret and restrained from showing any friendly interactions around other people.

You saw a lot of potential in Holtzmann, she was brilliant in every aspect of the word.

She took care of all the repairs on the car, knew more about politics and war updates than anyone you knew, and she gave you very good advice whenever you needed it.

However, you saw greater things for than just being the chauffeur to a socialite family.

You went to see one morning like you always did, finding her wearing a tan jumpsuit over her uniform while she looked over the engine of the car, a bit of greese on her cheekbone.

Holtzmann wiped her forehead and turned to see you walking over to the car garage. “Miss (Y/n)!” She called, knowing no one else was up yet. “How are you?”

You smiled, finishing up the knot of your white hair wrap for your nurse uniform. “Good, and you?”

“Just fine.” She replied, going back under the hood of the car and using some tool at the engine.

The question had been bothering you for awhile, you played with your hands as you pondered how to ask her.

“Are you happy at Downton?”

Jillian looked over at you again, squinting in the early sunlight. “Why do you ask?” She tossed her tool back into the box and turned to face you.

“Well it’s just that I don’t think you’d be happy working here you’re whole life, tinkering away at the same car engine every month or so.” You said, pointing to it and looking at her. “I know you could do better.”

Jillian stared at you, looking over your features as she thought about an answer. “I had an offer for somewhere, but I couldn’t take it because of a medical condition.”

You nodded. “Yes, I remember you telling me about it.” You said, recalling the encounter. “But I’m sure you could something else, something better.”

Holtzmann smiled, looking down at her hands that were covered in oil as she took out her flannel to wipe at her hands. “The truth is I’ll stay at Downton until you want to run away with me.”

You blinked, taken back a little by her sudden offer. “Don’t be ridiculous.” You said, with a breathy laugh, trying to comprehend why she would even think such a thing.

“You’re too scared to admit it,” Holtzmann said, shaking her head. “But you’re in love with me.”

You’re eyes widened, and you couldn’t do anything but just stare at her.

“Holtzmann.” The voice of your sister said, as she suddenly came into view. “Would you take me into Ripon at three?” She asked, her eyes going back and forth between the two of you.

Holtzmann nodded at her before grabbing another tool and going back to the engine.

“I’m getting some things for Mama. Is there anything you want?” She asked you.

“Nothing you can find in Ripon.” You said, casting a look at Holtzmann before walking away from them.

Holtzmann turned her head to the side a bit so she could watch you walk out to the gates.

Your sister continued to look at you both suspiciously before said goodbye to Jillian and headed back to the house.

A/n: Don’t worry this’ll definitely have a part two.

Probably a few parts, I dunno yet.

On Neil Gaiman, and Heroes.

I think I realised something, a reason for why I love about Neil Gaiman’s work so much that I never realised before. Many of his main characters are very…wallflower. At least, they have been in most of the stories I have read. They aren’t celebrated. They aren’t suave or extra clever or grand in any way. They just are. Richard is a man with an okay job and an iffy girlfriend. Shadow is a down on his luck ex-con. The Narrator in Ocean is a man questioning life in his late 40′s, in a not too different way from how one questions in their 20′s. Barbie too, is just a girl. They all lead wallflower existences, unnoticed by those not looking, easily passed over by the random on the street. 

And then these wallflower heroes of his go on to see fantastic things, have reality warping adventures. Adventures on scales so abstract and so vast, and so, so beautiful. And then they come back. Then they come back to a normal life, or at least, a life normal enough. No one knows of what they’ve done. They aren’t congratulated or patted on the back. They come back and live more of their wallflower lives.

And I think the reason I really love this trope of his is because, as time goes by, I too feel more and more wallflower. As children, we dream big. I was going to be the next Tesla, re-invent electricity based technology for the world. Right now, I’d be happy to get a job out of uni that pays okay. Life lowers our expectations and makes wallflowers out of most of us, meant to go just watch the world swing madly on. We contribute to it, but in small ways, ways that seem insignificant. And when we pick up a book, we hide ourselves in awe behind heroes like Vin and Daenerys who can decimate armies and change the course of history in minutes. Which is fine - it’s a lovely escape. But sometimes, we need something a bit less from our heroes. Sometimes, we just need someone to see ourselves in, to stand by, to walk with, to fight with, and in the end, come back with to our everyday lives, with a world none the wiser, and feeling no more changed. Sometimes, we need Shadow, and we need Barbie, and we need Richard. And we need Gaiman.

present mic was totally one of those kids who, if you asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, would say something like, “a rock-star/astronaut/hero!!”

and of course all the adults were probably like, “aww, isn’t that cute? there are a lot of great jobs out there, aren’t there? you’ll pick one out someday!”

but no, instead he became a teacher/radio-host/hero.