Uh, so I haven’t posted my face in a while, but i do sometimes on this blog so this is me, hi? :D

Pseudo costest of Yuuri (who turned out to have more natural makeup than my usual cosplays so is also like half just normal me lol), who I’ll be cosplaying at Katsucon this coming Thurs-Sun! Will have actual cosplays then, Stammi Vicino Yuuri is my main but I also have a fem!Eros Yuuri original design <3 Was surprisingly nervous because I’ve drawn Yuuri countless times in 2D but it’s very different on your own face… ^ ^; Hopefully is passable LOL

I got my hair cut just for this today, and well it was getting a bit long anyway and saves me from having to get a lace front wig ^ ^;;

Before (yeah lopped off a fair amount):

also bonus with glasses (not cosplay glasses, actual every day glasses but eh close enough in shape at least ^ ^;)

i’m tired of stupid teen boys who tell girls that they don’t know what they want. i’m tired of boys calling girls sluts 24/7. i’m tired of boys who treat girls like shit just because they don’t like them. i’m tired of boys who talk about how girls are fake when they wear makeup and want them to be natural but as soon as a girl goes out without any makeup they start calling her ugly and that she needs to wear makeup. i’m tired of boys telling girls that they’re stupid. i’m tired of boys  who do everything in their power to drag a girl down who tries to defend herself. i’m tired of boys who call girls names just because they didn’t want to talk to them etc. i’m tired of boys making jokes about girls and how we “always complain” when we’re on our period. i’m tired of boys because they always think they’re the best when in fact they’re not. in fact girls are the best because we have to go through this all our lifes and yet we still have the power to be kind and loving and supporting towards boys/men :)

“You should just go natural and go out with no makeup on!!! It will help your skin and honestly it’s better than hiding your spots because makeup makes them look worse”

Lmao okay so like you think I have the confidence to go out with loads of spots on my face? I don’t give a fuck if covering it makes it look worse, it makes me feel better. Like honestly if I didn’t ask for your opinion of my makeup then shut up, move on & stop advising me with your clear ass skin with no experience of what it’s like to have acne, good bYE