Glamour Beauty: How to wear glitter like you’re on the Fashion Week runway! From New York to London, Milan and Paris, glitter prevailed on the Spring/Summer 2018 runways. Whether silver or colorful, on eyelids or lips, glitter and rhinestones gave the models a party-girl-style sparkle. Make heads turn this New Year’s Eve, with one of these 9 runway looks.

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Glamour Beauty: 8 manicures to copy from Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018!

From neon nails to graphic nail art and glossy finishes, take a look at the most striking manicures worn on the runways of Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018.

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ssssup my dudes im doing some bonus content for you guys at this very moment! comment down below any prompts requests and i’ll try and work em in (including some requests from my askbox as well <3)

on a side note if any of y’all are makeup lovers and want to talk makeup with me message me pls because none of my friends are into it and i need to scream about ABH’s leaked palette seriously it’s so pretty