I work in makeup store that does free birthday gifts.

Was tasking and talking to a co-worker friend about how she signed her boyfriend up for the birthday gift and she was just going to take it since it was eye shadow… this led her going on a mini-rant about how our store needs to have male orientated birthday gifts. We’re a 1 brand-specifc makeup store that sells makeup, tools to put it on, and stuff to take it off. THAT’S IT.  I asked her what we could possible get for guys and she was like, ‘idk a tie or cheap cufflinks or something?’

A huge part of our clintelle is makeup-purchasing males… why wouldn’t they want free makeup on their birthdays if they specifically come in here NOT on their birthdays and PAY for it?

Like as a female, if I walked into a hardware store for my free mini-birthday hammer (or something lmao) and they handed me a cheap set of earrings insteadI’d be a little miffed. You don’t go to a brand-name makeup store for a tie, like you don’t go to a hardware store for earrings. Give me my hammer, and I’ll give you your mini eyeshadow palette!

Sorry but it just really rubbed me the wrong way!


Makeups that I’ve helped with/been responsible for thus far!!! 

OOF. Five episodes. I want to take a moment and recap, because I wanted to explain something. 
I am so grateful for still being around.
Yeah, these makeups are far less than perfect, we only had 20 hours total (and only 15 hours for a few) to complete the makeups, so…. for what we’ve created so far, I am quite happy indeed. 

Five episodes later, I’m still here. By some magic miracle, I’m still hanging in there, and I could not be more shocked. This last episode, I was completely prepared to pack my bags. I swung, and  I missed, and on top of everything, I was extra responsible for everyone as foreman. So I was prepared for the consequences. 

I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting me through this adventure. I cannot thank SyFy and FaceOff and the judges for allowing the greenhorn to stick around. I feel like I will carry with me what I learned for years and years. 


Final round: What I used! And how to find more info.

e.l.f. Eyeshadow palette
Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer
e.l.f. Lipgloss, color “Michael”
e.l.f. Mineral mascara

The brushes are an eyeshadow blender and a blusher. Mine are from The Body Shop, but e.l.f. has similar brushes for less money. All of these are available at Target!

For more information, check Pinterest. Seriously, Pinterest is your makeup BFF. Also, check the nonfiction art section of your library. I’ve found some books by makeup artists (Bobbi Brown and Kevyn Aucoin’s are both very good).