TG: yall got me fucked the fuck up boi
TG: mods i love you im sorry i keep coming back but im pissed and this is for that jackass anon
TG: listen up scrub were not gonna stop with the positivity because if you keep coming back saying how these mods sprites are boring or how their headcanons are stupid??
TG: youre gonna get knocked the fuck down with a ten ton wave of support for the mods of this damn blog
TG: youre calling them boring?? you aint even coming off anon
TG: youre being associated with a little grey face with shades
TG: my trademark thing is my shades and i feel ashamed to share them with your crusty ass
TG: long story short i do not want to hear you speak
TG: sit down and make your own damn sprites if youre really that fed up with these people
TG: thanks and bye

Friendly reminder that I have a Cresswell AU called “Ghosts” in case you are in the mood for some Fall Cresswell shenanigans. =)

Cress did not appreciate Mrs. Sanford’s old house one bit.

The cobwebbed corners, angles, and archways around the first floor had been enough to creep her out. The fact that they had been the home of the fourteen disgusting spiders she’d valiantly killed hadn’t helped either.

But the porcelain doll collection on display was the worst of it. Each of the little white faces stared at her with sickening makeup and unnaturally long eyelashes. The thought of how they looked with the light on made her glad she had switched them off. She shuddered and buried her body into her blanket, telling herself that if she couldn’t see them they couldn’t see her.

The grandfather clock on the other side of the room kept her from falling asleep. Every half hour that it tolled, she nearly jumped out of her skin, making her regret her decision to turn off the the lights and perhaps want to take her chances with the dolls. Grumbling, she rolled over again, wishing that she had brought her earplugs.

But as she moved she heard it again:


She’d heard four creaks in just the last thirty seconds and she was not doing a very good job at ignoring them.

It’s nothing, she told herself. This old house is just spooky and you’re just getting yourself worked up for nothing.

Another creak, long and whiny this time.

Then consecutive ones: one, two, three, four, five, like footsteps—

Cress’s eyes shot open, her heartbeat escalating. “H-hello?”

There was another creak muffled by an uummph and a groan. Cress frantically turned her phone’s flashlight on. Hand trembling, she held it up, squinting into the room. Only the dolls grinned at her from their spot on the shelves.

She was imagining things. She was definitely imagining things.

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halloween-esque  asked:

Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Sebastian Stan 😉😏

Hahaha the hardest one, right out of the gate, huh?!

Slow Burn: Sebastian Stan. I want that boy for the long haul, even if I have to torture myself with a slow burn!
Fake Date: Tom Hardy. I can pretend it’s real, right?
Enemies to Lovers: Chris Pine, because I think it would be hilarious to see his scrunchie little face be mad at me 😂😂


My phone camera is all messed up right now, but my brother let me borrow his to take a few quick pics of my new girl h my first Minifee!

She’s a Fairyline body (Sircca release) with the spring event head. I just adore that grumpy little face, she looks so smug! She’s a Valkyrie, she’s just not wearing her wings right now (I need to paint the neck connector, it’s horrid yellow).

This also isn’t her wig; I bought her the Minifee Eva fullset wig, I’m just waiting on it to come.

anonymous asked:

For someone who’s always complaining about being lonely and shit, you certainly hook up with a lotta chicks. Maybe you should be looking for a meaningful relationship instead of fucking prostitutes

That’s a pretty strong opinion for someone who won’t show their face.

1) who the fuck are you calling prostitutes? Your little gray sunglasses face doesn’t know shit.

2) I’ll make my own goddamn decisions. They may not always be right but I don’t need a stranger with an opinion to judge my shit.

3) When I find a girl that I see a relationship with I’m locking that shit down. Until then I don’t have to be actively looking for a relationship because that’s not the place I’m at in my life.

4) Whoever the fuck you are you ain’t got my back so you can fuck the fuck off.