No but really Tony’s birthday this year is probably gonna be pretty rough,,, but I just like imagining him being all sad and grumpy and sharp in the morning, on his own in the compound, draining a cup of coffee and getting ready to spend the day alone,,, n then he hears a knock on the door. And ofc he’s like ??? Who the fuck is calling at 8am in the morning?

So he opens the door and he’s scowling and getting ready to tell whichever military goon or SHIELD asshole to piss off, but he’s just met with Peter Parker’s happy little face as he smiles up at Tony. he’s got a fucking balloon in one hand and a cake in the other.

And he’s wearing a motherfucking party hat.

But it just takes Tony by such surprise he temporarily forgets the words ‘piss’ and ‘off’, so Peter just lets himself in, stopping to give Tony a hug first, because the kid is touchy-feely and doesn’t seem to know what boundaries are.

And at first Tony is like “dude,,, don’t u have like. Friends or smthn” but Peter just shrugs and puts on some Star Trek n he’s babbling about science and CGI or whatever the fuck and Tony is still lowkey ???ing but he just lets it slide bc he’s tired and sad and the kid doesn’t look like he’s leaving any time soon.

So they eat cake and watch sci-fi all day instead. And Tony’s still grumpy n sharp but. Parker somehow manages to soften his edges a lil bit.

BTS Reaction: Wanting to be Closer to You

Requested: Yes

Warnings: None

A/N: A little backstory ig: they see a couple being closer than you and him in public and he wants to be close like that.

Suga: Isn’t vocal about it, but you can tell he’s clingier. Grabs your hand, kisses your forehead, ignoring your questioning looks because it isn’t like him. Wraps an arm around your waist when you’re walking, keeping you pulled close to him. He’s a little shy about it but wants to do it anyway. Will probably take you to get ice cream and then go for a walk and hold your hand, or have you sit in his lap on a park bench.

Jin: Wants you to feed him at a restaurant, doesn’t ever let go of your hand while you’re out. Keeps telling you how much he loves you and gives you lots of little kisses on your face, even if people around you are grossed out. Asks if you want him to take you shopping, carries your bags.

Rap Monster: Isn’t sure how to initiate it. Will start by just grabbing onto yoir hand and then work his way up from there. Is kind of insecure and embarrassed but wants to be closer to you so he pushes it aside after a while. Walks with his arm around your shoulder and takes you to a couples cafe or something.

J-Hope: Pouts and asks why you and him aren’t that close. Says “Y/N, stay close to me.” Isn’t embarrassed about showing affection. Gets excited if you reciprocate. Keeps calling you cute and kissing your forehead. Will die if you kiss his cheek in public. Will walk up and wrap his arms around your back, resting his chin on your head while you’re shopping for clothes, ordering food or drinks, etc. Doesn’t care what the people around you think at all.

Jimin: Shy about it but gets confident if you blush. Thinks he’s doing a great job if he makes you blushy and giggly. Says cute, teasing things about how cute he thinks you are. Wants to share a milkshake. Doesn’t let you get more than two feet away from him before he whines and pulls you back, telling you something cheesy like he started to miss you because you were so far from him.

Taehyung: “Y/N why aren’t you sweet to me like that…” Pouty and says things to make YOU cling to HIM and show him lots of affection, basks in it. Gets really smiley and cute and pulls you to him to hug you at random times. Back hugs you leans on you, mumbling things into your back. Nearly suffocates you in skinship but don’t pretend you wouldn’t love it.

Jungkook: Isn’t loud about it. Has you sit in his lap. Wraps his arm around your waist. Blushes a lot so you get the hint and show him more affection. Like Jimin, won’t let you get too far away before he pulls you back into him.


A Concept: Learning How To Swim

You would be lay on the sun lounger next to the pool, being woken up by hearing small shrieks from your little girl and a warm laugh from your husband. You would sit up slowly, letting your eyes adjust to the sunlight, to see Shawn in the pool with your daughter. His smile would be as wide as ever, as he holds his daughter in his arms. He would be looking at her with so much admiration, making your heart melt. You would get up and walk over to the pool edge, sitting down so that the bottoms of your legs were in the warm water. Shawn would look over at you and smile, moving himself and your little girl closer to you.

“Nice snooze?” He would ask, grinning up to you. His lips would press softy against yours, and you’d nod, yawning in response. I small chuckle would escape his lips and you’d turn to face your little girl.

“Having fun baby?” You’d ask, knowing the response. Any time that your daughter spent with Shawn she was happy - over the moon in fact. The two of them were basically inseparable, and it was the nicest thing to see. Everyone who saw them interact would comment on their unbreakable bond, ever since the day she was born.

Her face would light up as both you and Shawn watch her for a response.

“So much!! Daddy taught me how to swim!!” She would say with excitement.

“No way baby! That’s amazing!” You’d beam, running your hand through her curly locks.

“Show mummy” Shawn would say, moving away from you. After checking her armbands where still secure, he would let her go and move a few feet away from her. She would be kicking her little legs so that she could reach Shawn, making you feel so proud. She’d eventually get to him and look straight at you, waiting to see what you think.

“Wow!! You swim like such a big girl!!” You’d respond.

“I am a big girl!” She’d say, leaning against Shawn’s bare chest.

“Not to me you’re not” Shawn would mumble against her head, kissing it afterwards.


ahhhjdsk i think i just died from cuteness overload

suggestions? let me know in my asks xo

If Kim Seokjin was a boyfriend.

Originally posted by jjilljj

  • *Where has this gif been all of my life wth?*
  • s/o basically dies whenever Jin makes that face.
  • they consider themselves blessed.
  • did i ever tell you guys that Kim Seokjin’s one of my biaswreckers?
  • all of ot7 are my biaswreckers tbh kill me right this minute.
  • psht he wouldn’t confess to you first, it’d be the other way round because mr handsome over here is so angelic that he doesn’t notice someone crushing on him.
  • also he’s friendly, would prefer everyone as friends.
  • and so he’d be shocked when s/o comes out with it one day.
  • no, like, honestly, shocked.
  • imagine a kdrama gasp.
  • the man’s got a degree in film, after all.
  • s/o would cry because they just confessed their love for kim seokjin and all the latter can really do is just be in a state of… shock.
  • because yeah he thinks he’s beautiful (i strive for that type of confidence) but kimmy seokjinny can be insecure too.
  • like, man’s had friends all his life.
  • didn’t expect someone he considered a friend to confess to him out of the random.
  • but he’d also be shocked because he likes you too!!!
  • praise to the lord!!!
  • he’d never thought that the feelings would be mutual???
  • and suddenly he’d be delicately holding s/o’s tear stained cheeks and s/o would just be shocked like boi wyd? (BRB MAKING A DRABBLE WITH THIS)
  • seokjin would laugh because he’s currently the happiest man alive.
  • would ask if they’re allowed to kiss s/o.
  • who responds with laughter and then they kiss and YAY COMMENCE THE KIMMY SEOKJINNY WITH BABY MONTAGE.
  • would feed s/o 25/8.
  • no bae of seokjin’s is going to be left starved.
  • s/o might as well have no hands because all seokjin does is feed them with their own.
  • would cuddle.
  • cute.
  • would collab w s/o for eat jin.
  • would start doing challenges within eat jin.
  • imagine me doing that in the shia lebouf tone.
  • he and s/o would have matching chopsticks tbh, like the finest of chopsticks only for his king/queen.
  • i keep on scrolling up to see jin’s face I’M LITERALLY PERFORMING MY OWN DEATH HERE.
  • y’all would last like a million years because seokjinny’s love for s/o is eternal.
  • KMS.
  • I’m out.
  • thanks for reading :)
The Catte In The Bucket

( @bexyamalaryssia​ was kind enough to host a wee story-telling get together yesterday, and Corwynn had a story to tell.  Hold onto your drawers, kiddos.)

Corwynn stood and headed for the stage with a little grin on his face as his friend Raven said a silent and rare prayer to Halone. Corwynn had access to so many stories he’d prefer remained mysteries. 

“Right.  So.  This ain’t no inspirational tale or nunna that.  No nice poem or fairy tale.  Just a dumb little story about me.  And why?  I’ll tells ya why.  Cause ‘at one over there…”  He pointed at Raven.  "…He’s always gettin’ the brunt of my story tellin.“  A grin from the dark haired Elezen in the corner.

Corwynn chuckled softly.  "We spend a lotta time together so we know a lot of embarrassing stories about each other, yeah?  And so when I tell fings to people, offentimes they’s about Raven, and not so flatterin’”.

From across the room, one Zandros Bastion, a writer himself, offered up, "Pain shared is pain lessened".  The moon catte agreed instantly.  “See??  That’s what I say too, mate!”  Raven pinched the bridge of his nose. “Oh gods.”

A shake of that blonde head, and his ears flickered happily.  "Nah, but really, I give him too much shit.  The other day he was talkin’ to some girl and when he introduced us, I was like ‘Oi, ain’t that the one you said had her toes too long for you to even think about datin’?’ He turned about six shades of red.” 

“But anyway.  The point is that today I ain’t gonna tell a story about him.  I’m gonna tell a story about me, a right embarrassin’ one, to boot.  And!  One he ain’t never heard.”

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projectthesinner  asked:

Can you edit the MeenVris Kiss panel to be Dave and Karkat? Karkat with dark skin & Vitiligo. Same goes for Dave but he has very little Vitiligo on his face, and can you make Dave's hair like how official-spec draws Dave's hair?

ooh my GOD thats GAY

~ mod bee