170627 Ilsan Fansign - Winwin moments


op: this promotion era has been really busy right? you guys got so many overseas schedules as well~ isn’t it tiring?

ww: oh~ but it’s fun! there are really lots of fun!

op: did you get some good rest in new york? and had delicious food?

ww: i had lots of good foods!

op: what dishes?

ww: oh~ the hamburgers that johnny hyung bought

cr: sseucheong

(op’s name is minkyung)

op: hello!

ww: hello

op: can you give me a chinese name?

ww: ah.. that’s difficult..

op: just a generic name.. whatever name is ok..

ww: (wrote the hanja character for min) what is ‘kyung’.. ah.. kyung *thinking hard*

op: no no just whatever chinese name that you can think of!

ww: *not listening* kyung.. ah.. um


/in  the end he wrote down the hanja version of minkyung/

cr: sseucheong

op asked winwin to recommend her a chinese noodle dish, winwin asked back ‘chinese dishes?’ so op also said ‘yes! chinese foods!’, then winwin replied to her indeed confidently ‘BIBIMBAP!’

op gave a surprised reaction then winwin started giggling at her. Op thinks that winwin must have been teasing her because he himself asked ‘chinese foods‘ (and he knows bibimbap is not a chinese dish, hence he is just joking)

cr: sseucheong

op: winwin do you like being cute or being cool?

ww: though i like both i think i prefer being cool

op: why?

ww: because being cute is like.. too childish

op: oh hahahha childlike eh? then winwin is really cool!

ww: ooh! *thumbs up* thank you

cr: sseucheong

op told winwin that he can change his weibo bio already (it still says ‘limitless’), he froze for a moment before smiling sheepishly then op asked if he had forgotten his weibo acc pw, and he kept laughing~ op then asked if he can write a sentence down for her but he kept drawing hearts instead? so the op thought maybe there was no time and said “it’s okay you can write it for me at the next fansign” but when winwin gave her back the album, he suddenly asked, “do you have freestyle?” (iconic catchphrase of wu yifan on chinese rap show) and the op was just like ??? she froze and then started laughing like crazy

cr: nctdojae

Here’s the video of wyf saying the catchphrase LOL

op: hello sicheng! my friend is called xing xing (op is getting signature on behalf of her friend)

ww: which character of ‘xing’?

op: xing as in stars on the sky. can you write for her ‘live well and take care’

ww: why this sentence though?

op: she really likes you, she wants some encouragements from you coz her health is not good

ww: oh, ah, thank you thank you

op: recently, you’ve been flying abroad a lot right?

ww: yes

op: last time you said you liked ‘six records of a floating life’ right, do you have any favorite foreigh poet?

ww: foreign poet.. *thinking* i don’t know any actually

op: then chinese poet?

ww: xu zhimo

op: isn’t xu zhimo a painter?

ww: (? questioningly looked back, then constantly asked if the ‘mo’ in xu zhimo was written rightly)

op: im not sure either

ww: (kept the album in his hands w/o giving back, asked if he got the fan’s name right) (but he didn’t let op go, kept asking if xu zhimo was written like this)

op: i really don’t know

ww: (continued thinking) (afraid that he wrote ‘mo’ wrongly so he crossed over it then returned the album)

op; take care~

cr: sseucheong

op: before you said that you liked grilled samgyeopsal made by taeyong hyung the most right? what kind of food do you like recently?

ww: um…

op: if that’s hard to answer then how just say what you often eat!

ww: self-cooked instant noodle

op: are you good at cooking?

ww: i am!

op: do you add eggs?

ww: yes!!

op: how many?

ww: i add one egg!

cr: sseucheong

before doing the ending ment they had to pick 2 lucky fans to get pics (?), when the box of name lots was drought out:

ty: since mark and haechan aren’t here today, winwin is our maknae, sjall we let the maknae pick? winwin how do you like being the maknae?

ww: if i could be the maknae everyday that’d be nice..

cr: sseucheong

Random Sentence Starters
  • The fire was getting closer 
  • She went to the toilet and on her way back, opened the wrong door
  • Head high, she swept out of the room. A second later, head even higher, she swept back in, snatched up the money and was gone again.
  • With her faded dress and worn shoes, she knew she couldn’t go
  • As soon as she walked in, she felt the tension
  • The text message simply said ‘very clever’
  • He would always regret the day he saved the dying fish.
  • Even though it was twenty below freezing near Antartica, he started to feel warm.
  • After the girl dropped her passport, he scooped it up and ran after her.
  • She had never known that a human body could twist into that position.
  • The day my Mother was kidnapped, we became ghosts.
  • It was like no other week in November when the bailiffs arrived.
  • My friend was being followed by Santa Claus.
  • The garden of flowers is a murmur that beckons wonderment.
  • The water looked deep and inviting.
  • The ringing phone filled her with dread.
  • The clock struck one.
  • The sound of breaking glass stopped her.
  • Everyone in the office turned and stared.
  • It was never going to be an ordinary day.
  • I knew what I’d done as soon as the door closed.
  • The lights appeared out of the darkness.
  • The time has come.

Super crazy quick Sheik doodle! Even as a pre-anime kiddo, I was 500% into red eyed characters and also the hair covering one side of the face? What a cool thing!!?

spoiler alert: my tastes have not changed…. = w =;;;

Looking east of the Broadway-Myrtle Avenue Station on the Broadway-Brooklyn Line.


anonymous asked:

"Solnyshko, Viktor’s own personal sun. Bright and burning, beautiful and destructive. Bringing light into his life and melting the wax from his wings for daring to get so close to something that would never, could never, be his." OMG, is that a reference to Ícaro?

Yes, it is! I couldn’t help myself :D