oh another story cause your girl so smooth

i was hanging out w/ my friends and this guy that has an awkward crush on me like bruh nah. anyway we were all talking and something about overwatch was said and i was said “man those robots are hot” and dude w/ a crush on me said “what” and without thinking i looked him dead in the eye and said “genji can get it”

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Elisa and Rafael shopping together!!! OMG! So cute!

Literally, it’s the cutest!

Elisa does not buy a single outfit or pair of clothing without Rafael’s approval first. Sonny pretty much just comes along as the bag carrier, because he admits to knowing next to nothing about little girl fashion.

Plus, Sonny loves watching from the sidelines as Rafael and Elisa look through the racks together, Elisa with a hand around one of Rafael’s fingers as she pushes past various dresses and shirts. 

Elisa is always very concentrated on the task at hand, as she takes her appearance just as seriously as her daddy does. Clothes shopping is no laughing matter for Elisa Barba-Carisi.

Lets be clear, Donald Trump potentially becoming president is not a laughing matter for Canadians. I don’t want to see any pretentious jokes about the US election.

Beyond the horrors that would occur against Muslims, mexicans, black people, jewish people, in the USA…

It effects Canada directly. The USA is Canada’s largest trading partner. If Trump fucks up his economy, its going to fuck up Canada’s economy. Trump has also been very protectionist in his rhetoric, which will obviously hurt Canada’s trade.

The US is one of the largest emitters of Greenhouse gases. Trump plans to leave the Paris Climate Change accord and disinvest hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in funding for climate research and energy efficiency.

The earth is a connected system, and if Trump ends up pushing the world towards a runaway climate, its going to effect every single person on earth.


[PATD meme] → [2/7] songs → Mad As Rabbits

“Me and Brendon sing back and forth, everyone is doing backup vocals on it — it was definitely the most group sounding [song]. In the last refrain, the ‘reinvent love’ thing kind of just summed up the whole process." 

—Ryan Ross

826. It's become quite common for students to send each other love songs in the form howlers. The teachers put a ban on explicit songs when a Hufflepuff sent the explicit version of Enrique Iglesias's 'Tonight I'm Loving You', to their Slytherin partner.

David Tennant and Matt Smith doing movie quotes in American accents - Extended Edition

From the BBC America pre-show for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special (which has more footage than the similar “Things You Won’t Hear…” video that was released to YouTube).

Source: [X] (at roughly 16 minutes)