tag yourself i’m shal we skat

i missed doing tag yourself memes (and putting too much effort into them) i was waiting for the past few weeks for enough skaters to show up so i could make one. i’ll add otabek once he actually shows up

Why Yuri on Ice is Perfection

What Yuri on Ice has given us as an anime:

  • -Brilliant animation
  • -Excellent acting
  • -Emotive, well-done music
  • -Deep, ensnaring characters 
  • -A multifaceted, well-structured plot
  • -An opening (And closing,) finally worth watching
  • -A reason for sports anime as a genre to be taken more seriously
  • -A very true-to-life, unrushed, genuine relationship

What Yuri on Ice has given us as a fanbase:

  • -Artistic inspiration (Sidenote: Some of the art created by the fanbase of Yuri on Ice really is astounding.) 
  • -Laughs
  • -A show to bond over with friends
  • -Reasons to wake up
  • -An escape
  • -An icebreaker for better representation in anime
  • -A new reason to cry every Wednesday/Thursday
  • -Justification for screaming, crying, or making unintelligible noises sporadically in public
  • -Reasons to cook… KATSUDON

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What Yuri on Ice has given us as communities:

  • -Respectful representation:
  • -Of varying ethnicity, race, and culture (Also defying stereotypes, i.e. The show’s sweet, cuddly Russian, the show’s spicy Canadian, etc…)
  • -Of a queer relationship… While remaining respectful, unrushed, passionate and loving (Sidenote #2: The relationship dynamics of Yuri on Ice are very subtle and generally more true-to-life than the relationships of other mainstream anime, queer or not.)
  • -For American viewers in particular, a very helpful escape from the awful legal and social future that may be in store for queer citizens (Sidenote #3: The positive nature of Yuri on Ice and lack of question for the validity of its relationship is a very relieving thing for queer people to watch.)
  • -Hope for better LGBTQA+ representation and acceptance in anime
  • -Basically… In Yuri on Ice, love won.

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What Yuri on Ice has taken from the world: 

  • -Long-haired Victor Nikiforov
Tiny Poems About YOI Characters

He is beauty, He is grace,
He’s the smile on Viktor’s face

Roses are red, stealing is wrong,
He’s Yuuri’s Katsudon, He makes Yuuri strong. 

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Cats are awesome, everyone else, fuck you.

He is beauty, He is grace,
He’s adorable, I rest my case.  

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
You’re so single and Emil likes you. 

He is beauty, He is grace,
He’s too pure to exist on this cruel earth’s face. 

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
I masturbate to my own selfies, I’m better than you.

I’ve seen some videos of people doing skating montages for “History Maker”, so I decided to play my part~!

I don’t know where to get raws, so I apologize for the sub captions. I tried really hard to look for scenes where they weren’t any. But some didn’t fit well.