miki-7heaven answered: show us your first cosplay! :D please~!

Can do!

Here I am at Kumoricon 2009, cosplaying Ema Skye as she appeared in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I swear I had the white and pink sunglasses too, but I don’t know why I don’t have them in this picture. The vest and neck thing were both made by my mom, and everything else is store-bought.

oh man ohhhh man

last night I had a dream where the cast of Roméo et Juliette (2010) came to town…………..

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noirlaurantsh ha respondido a tu set de fotos “Sanhora text post meme strike again! (3rd edition)”

Please continue :)))) but sorry, how can you find the ‘Revo in coffin’ photo?

Thankyou!! I will keep recollecting text post! (ಠ-ಠ)ᕗ

The revo-coffin its from the Holiday Special 2010 Pamphlet (aka Heika’s Funeral)… you can get it from the forums  (tell me if you can’t get them and I can give you the link of it ;) )