People who comment on, like and reblog; my art, screenarchery and writing

Or people that merely take a second to look at it…

Thank you so much. It really really means so much to me.

Every single person that acknowledges it in any way, makes me very happy. I notice every single comment, reblog and like. And every time I feel so much less self-conscious and so much less self-critical.

Basically I just wanted people to know that your acknowledgement is meaningful to me. Some times, I even feel a bit choked up from the kind words that people give me.

I am certainly not well known in the Dragon Age fandom. But attention to my work has been building over the months and it inspires me to keep posting things that I obsessively tire over.

I put a lot of work into my OC’s, writing, art and Screenarchery. I am not an expert or anything but yeah…

You are great.

It especially makes me happy when people like my OC’s because well… I love my fictional besties more than anything I create.