As we’ve mentioned once or twice before, the news media is hopelessly addicted to doom and gloom.

But if you take a moment to stop actively focusing on the negative, it’s easy to see that, despite our collective insistence to the contrary, the world as a whole is chugging along towards a better place.


A federal health survey examining child tubbiness over the past decade showed a drastic 43 percent decrease in obesity rates. How come? There isn’t one single cause, but part of it is that fast-food advertising cannot overcome the Kale Factor right now.

5 Inspiring Pieces Of Good News No One Is Reporting


• just realized how I used to reblog sad quotes in relation to my ED and now when I see them I scroll past because I’m actually in such a good place right now so yay for me !
• organic dried bananas are freaking amazing.
• When your best friend is also your gym buddy, life is good and workouts are 182726 times funnier :)
• ¼ through my course which makes me sad because I love it and I love studying but excited to start practicing as a health coach :D
• The people in my life right now are amazing and inspiring and uplifting and make me smile and I’m so glad I cut ties with negative/toxic people to make room for them.
• high carb, low fat, starch based diet is doing wonders for my digestion issues and yay because I just know that it’s healing my fructose malabsorption !!!!

I just saw Tokio Hotel in concert. I can honestly say, all the bad things went away right now.

Oh my gods. The band is inspirational. Thank you so much. You guys have helped me through a lot in the last eight years.

The band played all the songs I needed to hear. Thankyou so much.

This has been the greatest day of my life.


Arbores loqui latine,” Ronan replied. “The trees speak Latin.” They all glanced at the trees that surrounded them; they were fenced by one thousand different shades of green fastened to a millon wind blown claws. “And the last line?” Gansey asked. “That last word doesn’t look like Latin.” “Nomine appellant,” Ronan read. “Call it by name.” He paused. “Cabeswater.”

seventeen during a blackout

seungcheol: tries to reassure everyone that the electricity will come back soon

jeonghan: stays frozen on the floor while hugging a pillow

jisoo: starts playing his guitar and simultaneously singing about the blackout

hansol: begins to walk in the dark and says, “oh my god!” everytime he bumps into something

seungkwan: takes the opportunity to begin narrating his horror stories

chan: the one that instantly jumps onto someone’s back as soon as the lights go out

wonwoo: too busy listening to My Chemical Romance to even acknowledge what was happening

mingyu: constantly tries to press the lightswitch on and off to see if the electricity already came back

minghao: the one sitting down on the couch and patiently waits for the electricity to return

junhui: the one that says, “don’t worry guys; i’m here to protect you―wait, I think I heard a mouse!” and frantically locks himself up in the nearest room

jihoon: is actually sleeping on the couch and is completely oblivious to what’s happening

soonyoung: the one that grabs a blanket, puts it over his head, and pretends to be a ghost

seokmin: the one that hurries to get the candles but holds it too close to his face and freaks everyone out

Fairy Tail Homecoming by Hakari-chan

I am feeling far too lazy to make a promo image for this, so you just get the linked version from DA, haha. This is a small comic that got completely out of hand when i decided to clean up my sketches a bit and add flat colors >__>

Still, at least I finished it just in time for NaLu day!

This comic was inspired by stupidoomdoodles, with her TOTALLY AMAZING Dad!Vegeta comics, which are fucking hilarious and YOU SHOULD GO READ THEM RIGHT NOW. Note that this wasn’t inspired by any one in particular, they just made me start thinking of what kind of dad Natsu would make (the kind that kids love, but drive wives up the damn wall  with their antics X’D )

In my headcanon, Natsu is always much more tan than he’s generally depicted as…plus, hey facial scars are sexy! For those of you that read my fanfic, you can pick out a little nod to it if you look close ;D

I will probably do more of these…just not in color next time maybe >o>;

Side note: Apologies if you have trouble reading the text >__> My photoshop is down so I had to write it all by hand cuz I was too lazy to download another program to do text since Sai doesn’t…

Want more NaLu? Try checking out my fanfic, ‘One Wish’!

So many people fear speaking their mind and I am NOT , I get asked constantly how do I deal with it and honestly Idc what anybody has to say because I know I’m an intelligent human and I know that I was here to do something and right now I do things that inspire others 💯💯💗 I got love for everybody

IG: Sixteencats ✨

Paint Girl Michael Imagine

Anonymous asked: So how you said you have no motivation make an image of Michael or Calum saying that when they have trouble writing and your like use me as your inspiration 

He sat in front of you while you painted your hand and lower arm,

“I can’t,” He says causing you to look up from the masterpiece that was starting to take place on your arm.

“You can’t what?” You ask dipping the paintbrush in the purple paint to continue the space background.

“Write, I can’t write.”

“Yes you can, you can hold a pen can’t you?” You joke trying to make him smile.

“I’m serious y/n.”

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signs as bootleg pokemon games

aries: pokemon diamond (and jade)

taurus: puckman pockimon

gemini: pokemon stadium (genesis/snes)

cancer: monster go! go! go!!

leo: pocket monster II

virgo: pocket monster saphire

libra: pokemon crazy drummer

scorpio: pocket monster (mega drive/snes)

saggitarius: pokemon mewtwo strikes back

capricorn: pocket monsters crystal version (vietnamese crystal)

aquarius: pokemon 4-in-1

pisces: pokemon gold (nes)


Every now and then (at LEAST once a year) I get this Yugioh throwback phaze which generally includes uncontrollable Bakura doodling (with varying quality as you can see), listening to Rica Matsumoto’s Bakura laughs, reading different people’s theories on whether Bakura is Zorc, the thief king or both (I fucking hate and love you Takahashi) and reminding myself of how much I love Bakura’s sexy ass shirts.