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I really need to stop but Allison/Stiles twin tag update? If not that's coolio.

i can def do that for you

Ain’t nobody fresher than this motherfucking clique by graveltotempo (1/1 | 38,999 | NR)

Derek had somewhat entertained the idea that the school council was some kind of high rank which made the five of them inaccessible to anyone else. Instead of a supreme table with golden cutlery and high chairs, they were just sitting on table similar to the one he was sitting on himself.

Allison Argent, with her cute dimples and flawless aim.

Lydia Martin, with her incredible genius and terrifying presence.

Scott McCall, with his big puppy eyes and his natural leadership.

Jackson Whittemore, with his annoying attitude and fierce protectiveness.

And Stiles Stilinski with his joy of life and guarded eyes.

One thing Derek was certain of? Heather was messing with the wrong group of people.

Thing One and Thing Two by words_reign_here (18/18 | 37,184 | PG13)

After the sudden, violent death of Claudia Argent, Chris Argent takes his twins, Stiles and Allison from their hometown and to a place that seems to have a history with the Argent family.
The Stilinski boys seem to have a huge role to play in both the Argent family history and in the town.
Stiles and Allison are about to find out how big. 

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So I have a world where a staff is the most common weapon (metal is expensive and wood less so + culture of a citizen army) and a few people with the money and skill develop a technique with a double-bladed sword with a similar reach. In-story it's regarded as a stupid idea and more likely to get the wielder killed but if it does work, a single warrior in the right place can hold a lot of ground against multiple enemies. It looks cool in my head but i'd love a logic check.

It’s not going to work. First off, twin swords (with a full blade extending off both ends of the grip) aren’t real. It’s not that no one came up with the idea before, they simply don’t work.

Bifurcated blades do exist, but rarely on swords. The most common, historical, examples are varieties of swordbreakers, which were heavy daggers designed to trap and hold an opponent’s sword. The overall design is too fragile for a longsword, and wouldn’t survive use.

A number of modern weapon shops do sell twinblades and bifurcated swords as showpieces, because they look cool (if you’re into those aesthetics). But, they’re still not something that would see actual combat usage. You sacrifice too much utility for flashy options that you couldn’t use effectively in combat without getting killed. Swords are kept inside the body’s profile to make them harder to track and defend against. If you’re whipping around, waving it like a staff, that makes them easier to parry, and harder for the wielder to defend against incoming strikes.

There’s another big problem with this plan. Forging metal weapons isn’t something you simply learn, and can then make whatever you want. It is a process of technological development. It starts with smaller weapons, and gradually, as the techniques develop, becomes more complex, and able to support larger and more elaborate weapons.

Just to be clear, either variety of dual bladed swords are extremely complex from a forging perspective. Modern smiths can make them, but they’re standing on the shoulders of millennia of metallurgic and forging innovations.

In a setting where the metal your smiths would be working with is exceedingly limited, to the point that they’re not even using iron tipped spears as their basic infantry weapons, they would not have the raw materials to screw around and develop more advanced smithing technology on a whim.

Advancing swordsmithing (as a technology) would be extremely expensive, and not something that most smiths could afford to engage in. This means that smithing technology would progress very slowly, assuming it didn’t stagnate entirely. It’s not unreasonable to assume that iron would be in such high demand, that it would be illegal (or deemed a sin) to misuse the stuff (when experimenting).

This means: Forget twinblades, it’s entirely possible your setting doesn’t even have longswords. Depending on the availability of iron, they may be limited to something like the gladius.

The second big problem is, you’re dealing with people who have polearms. Even if it’s just normal staves, they’ll have more reach than your character. Meaning, they can get in and poke him without fear of retaliation. Even if they’re just using treated wooden spears, that could quickly get very messy for him.

Ironically, staves and polearms are the best melee weapons for crowd control. The strike patterns can create a wide enough arc, that it becomes much easier for holding multiple foes at bay. If you’ve never seen them, I would recommend looking at spear and staff forms on youtube.

Depending on the available materials, you might even see some kind of stone tipped spears. Not, necessarily, paleolithic designs, but with carefully constructed mounting mechanisms. Bronze or copper are also possible weapon materials. They’re softer, and you can make bronze or copper shortswords. So, if that material is available, it’s possible their swords (and spears) use that as their primary metal. It’s also (I’m told) much easier to work than iron, so there’s that.

So, there’s your logic check. There may be ways to rearrange this to get what you want, but you’ve specified will fundamentally alter the available weapons technology, social, political, and religious development, so it’s something you probably want to think through carefully. To an extent, this part is on you, it’s your setting, so you do control all the factors. But, try to keep in mind how people, particularly intelligent ones without access to all the information, would behave, and shape your world to fit that.


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Drake Family - Again!

Just a quick thought which might be mostly speculation, who knows. This could also end up being a long stream of disjointed thoughts that get us nowhere. Hooray!

So, I’m still not convinced that this is Jessica in this video. They’ve been very careful to show us that the twin sisters parted their hair on opposite sides. Here we see the hair parted on the Mary Drake side, not the Jessica side. This whole drabble is based on the idea that this isn’t Jessica, but Mary. 

If that’s the case, and one of those two boys are truly Charles (Charlotte), which I believe based on the fact that it’s in Charles’ vault in the dollhouse, there’s some interesting thoughts we can explore.

Is the other little boy Jason? Or is it another child that Mary Drake had. Dr. Cochrane said that he dealt with two of her babies, not both of her babies. To be that seems to hint that she perhaps had more than just two kids? The liars found proof of a second child, but nowhere does it say that there isn’t more than two. This could go either way - and I’m pretty sure the other boy is Jason, but let’s play with some other thoughts too. If it ends up being that the other boy in the video isn’t Jason, then maybe this other boy is the A.D. we’re looking for. In that situation we’re looking for someone who was around the same age as Charlotte.

1. The baby girl in Mary’s arms is Alison. I can’t help but think that when Mary said Jessica took everything from her, maybe she literally meant everything - like her entire family. I’ve already supposed that Alison is actually Mary’s daughter, which could possibly make A.D. be the real Alison DiLaurentis. 

2. The baby girl in Mary’s arms is Bethany Young. There’s been a ton of talk that there’s more to Bethany’s story. If Bethany Young were actually Mary’s daughter, then this kind of brings a lot of the story together. Jessica would have actually been Bethany’s aunt but also having an affair with her father. This could explain why she was so angry about calling her “Aunt(ie) Jessie.” It also would support the idea that Jessica took everything from Mary. There’s a lot of what-ifs after this but: If it is Bethany, and she really is dead, and that other boy isn’t Jason…then he could be looking for revenge for both of his sisters. If it is Bethany, and she isn’t dead (some people have speculated this, but I am not a fan of this idea. That girl is dead, man), then Bethany may be making a comeback.

3. The baby girl in Mary’s arms is Jenna Marshall. I’ve already said that I think Jenna could possible be Mary’s child. We’ve never met her mom, but it’s possible she was adopted. It would tie a lot of hints, clues, and theories together to bring Jenna in this way.

However, this could all be for naught. This video could be exactly what it was represented as: Jessica holding Alison with Jason and Charlotte at the Campbell apple farm.

To be fair, I’m still sure that we’re looking for a little brother of Charlotte, which nullifies this whole theory post, but ya know. Cover all bases, explore all thoughts.

Miscellaneous things about the ending credits of LLS Ep7

1. This episode’s ED is sung by Ruby, Hanamaru, and Riko. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea where this combination came from either. (Edit: lesson learned, don’t write a post several hours after watching the actual episode lmao)

This episode’s ED is sung by the first-years. Now we have a complete set for EDs for all of the year trios! I wonder if we’ll ever get subunit versions…

2. The ending credits confirm that Ria’s (the twin-tailed girl in Saint Snow) last name is also Kazuno, which means that she’s probably Seira’s sister. Considering that Seira addresses her directly as “Ria”, it’s likely that Ria is the younger of the two.

3. Seira is voiced by Tano Asami and Ria is voiced by Satou Hinata.

The only major role that Satou Hinata seems to have had so far is voicing a main character plus singing the OP for the 2014 anime Kutsudaru. She’s a former member of the pop idol group Sakura Gakuin. The major gimmick of that group is having the members “graduate” when they graduate from ninth grade (the last year of middle school) in real life. Yes, you read that right: ninth grade. Oh, and did you know that she’s only 17 years old? Since she’s turning 18 later this year, my guess is that she’s currently in her last year of high school.

Tano Asami is perhaps best known for voicing Hino Akane/Cure Sunny from Smile Precure!. She’s also played Kirijou Mitsuru in the stage play adaptation of Persona 3. She’s a former member of idol unit BOYSTYLE. A notable song from the group is “Kokoro no Chizu”, the fifth opening song for One Piece.

tl;dr: Saint Snow is comprised of two former idols, which is why they’re such badass singers.

4. Suwa Nanaka is still listed in the credits, even though Kanan didn’t even make an appearance. In fact, Kanan’s the third character listed, right after Chika and Riko. How fitting, since this is the third episode with zero Kanan lines. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Guess she’s just there by default since she’s in the main cast.

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Okay, okay, I love all of the foxes, and would give my soul so they could all be safe. Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts about all of them. I saw some headcanons floating around and I want to put my grain of salt.

  • For starters, both groups of the team have pre-game rituals. The upperclassmen’s is one of laughter and friendliness. They put “warpaint” on their faces, twin black lines under their eyes, done by Allison and Dan. The paint is actually Allison’s black lipstick, which she doesn’t use otherwise.
  • The Monsters, on their side, sit in silence, as it is done in order to find comfort in the quietness, before to face the ruckus of the court. The idea comes from Kevin who, after all those Raven years, still believes in the fact that knowing your teammates without words being a necessary thing is always a good thing.
  • One time, Renee invited Neil to join them and he ended with black stripes under his eyes and a half french braid coming from his bangs to the back of his head. Needless to say, Aaron mocked him, but what wasn’t expected is how such a hairdo became regular for Neil and more people tried wearing it.
  • After the championships, two things happened. Firstly, the whole team got themselves those Adidas fresh shoes. You know the ones, those white shoes that everyone had 2006-2008. So everyone buys a pair, and then a bunch of sharpies. They end up in the lobby, sitting on the floor, in a filled circle, and the shoes go around, until everyone signed them.
  • When they went at the cabin, Matt and Nicky were delegated to be the ones in charge of the general mood. Considering that, they were the ones putting music at times, and they realised how similar their tastes were. They’re the ones out of whole team, regardless of their groups, who have what is closest to friendship, after Andrew and Renee.
  • At the beginning of the season, when things have simmered down a little, and the new recruits try to bring some discord, Neil is the one to break it. Dan intervenes a little, but she mostly sits back and watch because she wants Neil to be the one in charge, since her and Wymack want him to be the new Captain.
  • Andrew no longer is the most apathetic, since one of the new players seems to have the same issues than him, if not more. But it doesn’t stop him to be nagging everyone over small details, and it infuriates everyone, because they know it’s mostly true, and they don’t know how he figures it all out.
  • Neil, Andrew, Matt, Dan and Renee spend an evening painting the team’s bus, after they won against the Ravens. At first, Coach wasn’t in favour of the idea but he realises it might be a good idea for them to let go of the pressure of the last days and put their energy and anger into the paint they put on the bus. Andrew wasn’t keen on coming, but Neil asked convinced him to come, because Neil knows how good a drawer Andrew is.
  • Following how Matt and Nicky were the ones to put music during the Cabin weekend, Nicky showed everyone some of his signature drinks, and mixed all of the stuff the team wanted. When there was a missing ingredients, he improvised and mixed stuff he knew would go well together, thanks to his experience at Eden’s twilight.
  • After Renee picked Jean up, the two of them spent close to two hours sitting in the car, on the side of the road, far from the Nest but not too much. It was time spent with Renee trying to calm Jean up so he could manage to be with her for the rest of the trip. As she had convinced him, a heavy silence rested in the car, with the young man holding his knees close to his chest, arms wrapped around them, wincing slightly every time there was a bump on the road.
  • Aaron isn’t afraid anymore to be seen with Katelyn, after Neil’s unexpected intervention and what followed. The library isn’t their favourite space anymore, the shadow underneath one of the big trees across campus becoming it. They even go to the length of marking their initials in the bark of said tree, so they could claim the spot and have memories to last them until they were old.

I could go on and on, but that’s what I had on top of my head :D

Ok, reposting a better version now that we’re back at the hotel and I can think straight. Everything went so fast and I didn’t even really get to look at Gillian, which is a shame (the way we were positioned I looked past her to walk past her to get to the spot on the floor where we were supposed to stand). David said to J, “Black Lodge. Isn’t that Twin Peaks? See, I know my shit. I know my shit.” Which is literally almost word for word the EXACT thing he said last year when we met him in Pittsburgh and wore the same shirts 😂  They both seemed pretty Over It™ which honestly I don’t blame them for because it’s been a long ass day. I just wish I had thought of a pose idea ahead of time so we had more time to interact/talk with them a little bit, but I got to meet two actors who mean the world to me and put my arms around both of them at once which is so amazing and surreal I haven’t even really digested it yet, so yeah. All in all a good day.

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Okay, here's four stories, three of which involve my twin. First story - a few years ago, I woke up with a shoe in my bed, but the weirdest thing I found was that it wasn't the first time it had happened. Number two - when we were younger, we used to have bunk beds with me on the bottom and my sister on the top. I remember waking up once in my sister's bed and I have no idea how I got there.

Numero tres! At the beginning of uni, I wanted to ring my sister but I had the feeling I shouldn’t because I just sensed she was in bed with a guy. I rang anyway and lo and behold, she was in bed with a guy. Finally, a few months ago, she had a nosebleed out of one nostril around 6am. A few days later, I wake up with a nosebleed out of one nostril around 6am. Not sure if coincidence or twin thing. I’m leaning more towards twin thing

Interesting stories! I always found those “twin things” fascinating :D

I Can’t Believe It//Ethan Dolan

Request:  I can I have an Ethan Dolan imagine where he has a dream about me (Jenna) and he randomly sees me one day and we talk for hours??

A/N: Thanks for requesting cutie! I changed it up a little bit, I had an idea and I went with it. sorry cutie.

Warnings: None

Pairing: Ethan Dolan X Reader

Another A/n: Going to start making my imagines longer, which means spending more time on them. Get ready cuties

I wake up in a panic sitting up. Who was this girl? And why was she reaching out to me, like she was afraid. I don’t even know this girl. I’ve never seen her in my life. 

I sit taking in deep breaths. Who is she? 

It scares me to think that maybe this is some kind of cry for help. But why a random girl? I groan laying on my back.

I sit up quickly. “Grayson!” I call out.

I run into his room shaking him awake like there is no tomorrow.

“Bro, it’s 4am. What do you want.” He asks deeply.

“I just had the strangest dream about a girl I don’t even know.” I say quickly. 

“What do you mean?” He asks, this time sitting up to give me his full attention. 

“I-I don’t know. There was this girl in my dream that was calling out for help, from me. I literally have no idea who she is.” I answer, running a hand through my crazy hair.

“You sure you’ve never seen her before?” He asks turning on the lamp beside him.

“I’m sure.” I mumble trying to search my brain for this girl.

“What kind of like help was she asking for.” He asks.

“She was being pulled away by some jerk looking boy. And she was reaching out to me, saying my name.”

“Saying Ethan?”

“What else would she say.” I say sarcastically. 

“Okay sorry.” He says rolling his eyes slightly.

We’re left in a complete silence until I decide to say something. “What do I do, because there is no way I’ll be able to fall asleep knowing someone might need my help.”

“Just try to sleep, and we’ll figure this out in the morning.” He says laying back down. 

“You’re right, just go to sleep.” (hahaha video reference…sorry)

I close his door going back into my room. What doesn’t make sense to me, is well, everything, but most of it is the part of the girl; who the frick she is; and why she wants my help. 

And I guess the fact that she showed up in a dream. I just wonder if this girl is in a bad relationship and needs help getting out of it, I just don’t know.

It’s confusing.

I must of fallen asleep because when I wake up panicked again, the sun is brightly shinning into my room. 

“Fuck not again.” I mumble rubbing my eyes, breathing heavily. “Grayson!” 

“Yeah?” He asks coming into my room. 

“Her name is Jenna. She somehow reached into my dream again and told me her name and that she needed help.” 

“Wait, you said this girl was getting pulled away, early this morning right?” He asks. 

“Yeah, why?” I ask.

“Remember that girl we were walking behind yesterday and she was getting pulled away and she kinda turned around and whispered help and he pulled her away even quicker.” 

“Oh my gosh. Yes! Keep going.”

“Is that the same girl?” 

“IT IS!” I announce shocked.

“Well what are you going to do about it?” He asks

“I-I think, I think I want to meet her and see why she wants my help.” I say.

“What is she isn’t even out. You said the guy looked controlling right? Like he would let her out alone.” He says. “Alex turn into Starbucks, I want something.”

“You want anything?” Alex asks me. 

“No.” I mumble. 

I sit in the car going through my social media trying to find this girl. Grayson comes running out opening my door. 

“She’s in there alone. I swear!” He says quickly. 

“What! Are you serious?” 

“Yes! Now come on.” He physically pulls me out of the car, basically dragging me into Starbucks. “There.”

“That’s her.” I say.

“Go on.” Alex says.

“Hi I’m Ethan.” I say to her and she looks up at me shocked. 

“I know who you are.” She smiles. “Sit.” 

I sit across from her and she takes a deep breath. 

“What’s wrong?” I ask seeing her mood shift. 

“My boyfriend doesn’t know I left. I need your help.” 

“That’s why I’m here, you needed me in my dream last night.” 

“What?” She asks very confused.

“Nevermind.” I mumble embarrassed. 

“Anyways, if he comes can you please help me stand up to him. He abuses me.” She says. 

“He’s an asshole, Jenna. I’ll help you.” I say smiling.

“How do you know my name?” She asks. 

“It’s complicated.” I answer looking down at my shoes. 

“Oh my god. There he is.” She gasps.

“Jenna!” He yells stomping over to us. “Who the fuck is this jackass?” 

“This jackass has a name. His name is Ethan.” She snaps.

“And what is he doing talking to you?” He snarls.

I look around and everyone has their eyes on us, even the baristas. 

“We were having a nice conversation that you rudely interrupted.” 

“Let’s go.” He says roughly grabbing her.

“Hey let her go asshole.” Grayson speaks up coming over to us. 

“What did you say.” He growls letting her go. 

I run over to her holding her and inspecting her already bruising arm. 

“You’ll be okay.” I say softly as she looks into my eyes. Someone must of called the police because the police officers break up the yelling match between Grayson and the jackass. 

“I want to have a proper conversation with you and to get to know you better. Can we meet for dinner in an hour?” I ask her,

“Like a date?” She giggles. 

“Yeah, like a date.” I smile. 

I hope you liked it! This was fun to write!!!! 

┊ ☽ 𝓚┊→ Rattling his short nails on the desk’s wooden surface, the singer’s hazy stare follows the slowly raising percentage of the song processing. 86%, just changed to 87%. Still some ten minutes left or so… Yet, as soon as that one is done, they will officially call it quits for the day. Granted, it’s barely 2pm in Los Angeles – many citizens are still having lunch, a few are just waking up after a busy summer night of partying. And the twins’ night was busy as well, for the two of them spent it entirely in the home studio dispatching pending demos and finishing almost all of them that had been piled up previously, waiting for a new bout of inspiration. To which Adele contributed immensely with her own creations, filling both Kaulitz minds with ideas and insights after being at her concert for a second time.

          On the other hand, no one’s made of iron and the two aren’t an exception, needing their fair share of fast food-born calories to carry them through those many hours of intense focus and barely broken concentration, as well as plenty of beer cans to wash it all down with. Girl Got A Gun was a song written and composed when both of them were all but way past drunk and it ended up having brilliant results, so who’s to say history cannot repeat itself? Thus, when Tom walks back in with a huge bowl of chocolate coated popcorn and an almost as big jar of sangria full of fruits, the younger one promptly grabs his empty glass and pumps it up with an enthusiastic, drunken smile.

“ CHEERS!! ”

Blurry minded and a bit sluggish of walk, from both the hard work being put down through the night, as well as the early celebratory intoxication, the brunette volunteers as the one in charge of fetching the refill, whilst all the while preparing a new wave of junk food in the ready to soon fill their stomachs. Stomachs that weren’t starving per se, but ones that had probably been sitting in front of the computer screens for long enough in order for its owner’s body not to provoke some concealed kind of hungriness to it, too. Sangria bottle in one hand and a bowl of the salty-sweet snack in other, the elder Kaulitz enters the room again with all these goodies, shutting the door with a press of his hip, a light snicker following. Not a surprise at all to find Bill almost standing up in order to greet the strong fruity scent – inviting as it was, Tom had difficulties not just taking some gulps straight off of the jar. Without dedication, the producer limps a bit to his brother’s side and all but sets that popcorn bowl in his twin’s lap, only after that pouring a generous amount of the citrusy beverage for both himself and the pink haired male alike.

The flow is a bit shaky with disorientation, but managing without a single spill, Tom gives it a winning grin. “Yeeees!” he agrees, though obviously more than just a bit tired, seemingly also more than a bit drunk. Surprisingly enough – or maybe not, seeing how that Adele adventure number two also woke up things it him that shouldn’t be – maybe even catching up with his twin for once. Maybe even in the lead for one imaginary, Olympic lap of an non-existing sport category called overdrinking. But hey, that’s where the source of inspiration was, so thank fuck for that! One sangria bottle down, one more to go, Tom guesses. Or two. Let’s see who’s faster. And oh how quickly the damn things emptied up! Rubbing his eyes with gleeful distraction, Tom raises his now full glass up and cheers loud right back. “Ayyyy, cheeeeers!” Exclaiming being done, he lowers himself in the closes of chairs, genuinely confused as to how he managed to get up and down the staircase anyway.


Random drawings (+ things which probably will never be finished)

1. The Gemini twins~ I just wanted to draw them and made this. I still want o color it *ugly sobbing* but I must buy new marker first (I have no nice shade of blue for Kanon gdi)
2. Sorrento being a siren. Actually the little mermaid thing started with this drawing. I wanted to make something dark, not so nice and probably something that would end with the death of Kanon but well, I threw away this idea and now the little mermaid will be a sad story :3
3. Yato, the unicorn with fancy clothes, a flower crown and a ponytail. I always wanted to draw Yato (I just love this guy, he is adorable) I love drawing flower crowns so it was obvious that he would get one together with some tiny ears and a horn.
4. Violate. I just love this woman. Fight me but I love her!
5. Shun & Alone~ two precious little babies. Give them love, they will love you back. Yes, I used the same pose as for Saga and Kanon but drawing this pose is a lot of fun and a good practice for me (bc hands and other tiny details)

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ur bittle twins au is beautiful i love it thank you please continue it forever <3

Awww thanks! I surely will, cause my head’s too full of ideas. Here’s a bit more because you’re so kind

The whole family has Falcs jerseys, of course. But they’re custom. Jack has his game jerseys, obviously, but he has one that matches his family. They all say “Bittle” with numbers 1, 15, 16, and 16 (guess which jersey is whose)

Allie is one of those goalies who’s obsessed with fighting. One time an opposing D-pair double-teams one of her forwards and all of a sudden Allie has wrestled off her gloves before she even gets to the blue line. Bitty is horrified, Jack is kind of impressed, and Chowder sends her a bottle of champagne (no note, just the champagne illegally shipped across the country)

Dicky is an art major. He spends a lot of time during his summers at Lardo’s studio. Sometimes they create things side-by-side in companionable silence. They often forget to eat. More than once Bitty shows up with food because he knows they’ve probably not had lunch and he is the Best Dad

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Hey I was just wondering if you could do a sodapops twin headcannon and dally having a crush on you. That would be the best thanks. Btw I love your writing.

(Yes! Thank you so much! I’m glad someone actually likes my writing lol. Sorry if these aren’t the best, I just woke up and I’m still really tired.)

● When Soda first found out, he was VERY protective of you.

● Like, you’re his twin. Of course he’s not going to like it.

● Darry wasn’t really shocked when he found out. You shared Soda’s good looks. He was used to having to fight boys off of you with a stick.

● Dally promised not to hurt you but Soda still didn’t approve of the idea.

● Whenever you got “too close” to Dally, Soda would squeeze in between you two and break it up (which annoyed the hell out of you)

● You and Dally eventually started dating behind Soda’s back.

● Soda once caught you two making out and nearly killed Dally.

● You had a talk with Soda and told him that you really liked Dally and Soda eventually got used to the idea of you two dating.

● But Soda had a talk with Dallas when you weren’t around.

● Soda threatened to kill Dallas if he hurt you, which amused Dally.

● Whenever you and Dally showed PDA, you could tell Soda was uncomfortable but he kept his mouth shut.

(Okay, my brain is empty of ideas right now lol. I hope this is good enough, Anon :))

Today I am thinking about the twins and faith;  specifically the idea of Muslimah Wanda, because when you think about where Sokovia/Transia is in relation to real world geography it always boils down to somewhere in the Balkans. And in the Balkans, Bosnia for example has a 54% Muslim majority, and even in Marvel canon, Transia is said to have a small Muslim population amongst the Romani in the western province. Which makes me think then, about Django & Marya. What if they were actually Muslim? And if so, to look at how that would impact on the way the twins were raised. Because I mean there are loose parallels between the diklo & hijab and there’s a whole cultural overlap between the Rom and the Middle East in terms of ritual cleanliness and ideas of spirituality. So it just made me think wow, that’s a kind of neat possibility. 

I also realise a Wanda mentioned some of this a few months ago, but I can’t remember which of you it was, but the idea’s stayed with me and now I’m just happily dwelling in my own little cultural and theological bubble while pondering different angles a character could be viewed from.

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I think it's mainly because Oracle described Bill as a uncaring villian that "destroyed his dimension in a thirst for power." While Axotl's poem implied a much more troubled, and even regretful action. Almost making it look like she's trying to make Bill out as irredeemable. That, and she pretty much lied to Ford when she said that he "had the face of a man who would destroy Bill." Which, as someone else on Tumblr put it, is a dick move to pull when you have a twin, because Ford got his hopes up

(Continuation) and thought that his own plan to destroy Bill would work. It may seem like a stretch, but hey, with Gravity Falls, literally anything can happen.

Honestly, I didn’t see it that way. What she said doesn’t contradict Axolotl’s poem - Bill wanted power, got it and destroyed his dimension. How it went down, and whether Bill had even intended to destroy it - as opposed to his own idea of ‘liberating’ it - is very much up in the air.

Plus, Ford noted that she spoke of him “without anger” - she just acknowledged Bill needed to be stopped. Had she wanted to rile up Ford against him (not that she needed to!), she could have done and said a lot more.

As for the “face of the man who would destroy Bill”, it is a prophecy. Prophecies are vague by definition throughout myths and fiction in history, often with even the one making them not quite knowing HOW it would go down: they get a glimpse, and what they know is that glimpse only. Within Gravity Falls even Bill, the “all seeing eye”, clearly could NOT see it all. 
So I don’t think she purposely lied to him - or, if she was vague on purpose, it is possible that she knew that Ford would need to keep believing he was The One for the prophecy to fulfil itself (read: had he not thought he could take down Bill, he wouldn’t have been in the right place at the right time when the portal opened again). Dick move? If the choice is between a guy’s delicate feelings and the fate of the multiverse, I know I’d have no doubt.

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69-Zoo, Padme and Anakin? :D

69 - Zoo 

“Look at the state of your room!” Padmé admonished. Her six year old twins refuse to look at her, and instead looked at their ground. Leia stood with her arms crossed tight across her chest. Luke looked ashamed of himself; he never liked to see anybody upset. Padmé didn’t mean to be so upset, but it was a disaster. Toys, clothes, and papers littered the floor so much she couldn’t walk; how Luke and Leia managed in this, she had no idea.

“Sorry,” Luke said sadly, and fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. Padmé sighed.

“You just need to clean it up.” Padmé said, which earned a groan from Leia. Padmé raised her eyebrow, and Leia liked to pretend she hadn’t done anything. “If you don’t, no dessert tonight. And I’ll tell Threepio too, so as much as you ask he won’t give you any.”

You’d think she had sentenced them to death with the stares she got. She picked up a model ship and handed it to her son. “Oh, it’s not that hard. Plus, your dad’s going to help you. Isn’t he?” She raised her voice down the hallway, and Anakin popped his head around the corner.

“Huh?” He asked intelligently, and walked over to her.

“You’re going to help the kids clean their room while I’m at work. Or no dessert.”

She understood her children’s pained reaction to the thought of one night without desert. Getting the same look from her husband was a little undignified.

“It better be clean when I come back.” She kissed Anakin’s cheek, and Luke’s, and eventually a reluctant Leia’s. “Alright. I love you. See you later.”

Padmé came home really hoping her kids had listened. It wasn’t terrible if their room wasn’t pristine, she knew that, but she just wanted it under control.

She opened the kids’ door and was met with all the clothes shoved in a corner of the room, toys still on the floor, and her kids and husband wrestling on the bed.

She cleared her throat.

Anakin sat up suddenly, and Luke and Leia looked sheepish.

“I guess we’re not having dessert tonight.” Padmé said, and Luke almost started to cry, the poor boy.

“Oh, come on, Padmé. Don’t blame them. I’m the one who distracted them. They can do it tomorrow.” Anakin said, to the joy of her children.

“I’m sorry I don’t want our children living like animals in a zoo.” She rolled her eyes. She sat on the bed next to her husband, and Luke hurriedly ran into her lap, hugging her tightly. She sighed, and ran her fingers through his blonde hair.

“Ok, fine. You can clean it tomorrow.”

That night they all enjoyed their dessert.

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“Oh. That’s real fucking cute. Honestly, I’d thank you for the gift if I felt this thing could even feel despair, but it most likely can’t so simply ‘fuck you’ for giving me what is essentially a giant fucking cat on my bed.”

Junko turned to face the angel. “Well, this is going a bit to at least change my determination on which one of you is the worthless twin like me and Mukuro.”

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“… Okay, I want to make this very CLEAR I am TOTALLY n-not against this idea here, no, I’m all good on that front– But…” He started, exasperated. “… It is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to bend my body in that way. I apologize if that upsets you, but… I r-really like my bones… A-And… I’m a little concerned that such a thing would e-even cross your mind… Do you want me to get you water or anything? Are you feeling okay?”

Not that he cared or was concerned. Nope. Not at all. Not one bit.

Okay, maybe he was. A lot.

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So when human got converted into Gear, his 'humanity' part got destroyed and the Gear part inherits every memory of its 'human' life? Does this mean this Sol we have here is not really the Frederick of the past even though he remember everything Frederick experienced?

That is the conclusion I came to based on what Raven said about Justice and Jack-O’, and also what we know is true of Zato’s and Eddie’s relationship since Guilty Gear X.  Eddie has also elaborated on his connection to Gear Technology circa the first game Missing Link.

The question about which ‘Soul’ is the true 'Soul’ is made more obvious when observing Eddie and Zato.

While Zato’s personality (as of Night of Knives) lends to the idea that he is a calculating individual, observing Eddie’s struggle to free himself from Zato’s personality and identity is no less significant.

Even now their conversations are unique, as if watching Twin Siblings having a conversation.

But, we know that Zato came first, so then, what does it say of Eddie?

At first (GGXPlus and GGXX), Eddie appears to be extremely good at 'mimicking’ Zato’s behavior, which has a huge impact on Venom later on.

But we learn that what Zato desired and what Eddie wanted were not the same, as Eddie explained to Millia when he 'died’ (Accent Core Plus).  Eddie was willing to make the entire world his enemy, if it proved he was different from Zato.

Being merely remembered is not the same thing as 'being remembered as a unique individual’.  This is further clarified when Zato speaks to Leo Whitefang in winquote: if he is to be remembered, he’d prefer not being remembered as a Human, fully acknowledging Eddie as his other half.

So then the idea of a 'Gear’ or to be more specific a 'vessel imbued with Gear Cells’, for such a thing to 'inherit’ the memories and personality of someone else, it begs a new question: What does the vessel DO with the memories and personality they’ve inherited?

Does the vessel follow its own manufactured 'fate’?  Or does it rebel against that fate in order to be FREE?

Justice explored that question intimately and started a war for her own Independence.  Sol’s belt buckle encapsulates the very same idea of being FREE.  Unshackled by the restraints of one’s past.

But as Sol continues to live his immortal life, his past reminds him of old promises, old debts to pay.  All the more reason for Elphelt and Ramlethal not to be caught up in the past of a pair of 'relics’ (as Sol says when speaking to Leo).

Even if he seeks Freedom and Individuality, Sol clears away his past in order to see the Fireworks of the Future.