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Hello Acchan! I was wondering if you had any new ideas about Lord Sirius' identity? Do you prefer Sirius being iClaudia or the twin or even someone new?

Hello Anon! Ah, such a question xD But yes, I still think Sirius could be one of the two (unless they’re a completely new character indeed, which is less probable imo but still a possibility until we know Sirius’ identity). 

Okay so, before I answer, let me just say something. I reached a point in my life as a Kuro fan where I’m now convinced that the 2CT will very probably be made canon and, while I’m still not the greatest fan of this theory to say the least (’cause psychological trauma >> hidden twin as an explanation if I had to sum up roughly), I have made peace within myself about the 2CT being the main explanation for Ciel’s character.

Anyway, I have made peace with the 2CT as long as the twin died 4 years ago and his body burnt so badly (like Vincent) that UT can’t even try to bring him back. If it turns out Sirius is the twin however… well, as of right now, I’m envisioning to put Kuro on hold for a little while, as sad as it sounds.

Just so you understand though, this possibility (of putting Kuro on hold) isn’t me being childish because a theory I don’t like became canon. I’ve been a theorizer about series I liked ever since I was 12 and I was obviously wrong a lot of times (I actually prefer being wrong anyway), so this isn’t about accuracy but about logic and consistency.

Yeah, I know, I love these words xD But anyway about Sirius being the twin…

I can’t say there aren’t hints in different chapters, although I don’t necessarily agree with all the hints other bloggers mentioned for this theory throughout the arc, but I have one big problem with it when it comes to such a development (Real!Ciel being BD!Sirius) making sense as a whole in the series.  

Of course I’ll explain why just after, but just so you know, that’s part of why I was so unsettled by ch125 last week. I used to… be sure of a few things in Kuro thanks to what we had seen until now, but after a chapter using plot convenience tricks + Violet’s plan being ridiculous and hinting at a larger explanation maybe not making a lot more sense, I am not sure of anything making sense anymore (and I don’t mean that just for the current arc). :/

From the moment an author seemingly stops being logical (although this could still be a storytelling trick of course, never say never), that means the wildest explanation could waltz in at any moment and that’s particularly unsettling for me, since I have fun theorizing by adding things together (which is why I like logic in the first place xD).

So anyway, now you know the reason why I actually was so pissed off about the new chapter: if Yana was 100% serious with what she hinted at through Violet’s plan, that means there are possible plot holes in sight (when she was able before to write arcs without those) and that means we can’t really rely on anything that was introduced in the story before. 

Back to “is Sirius Ciel’s twin being brought back as a perfected BD?” 

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Being the Weasley Twins’ best friend would include…

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- Meeting them at detention and instantly liking each other

- They would recognize you, but you didn’t talk to them so far, which is why all of you would be even more surprised by how much you have in common

- Starting to elaborate even more mischievous ideas during detention

- It wouldn’t take long for the three of you to basically be attached to the hip, since everything seems to be even more fun if all of you are involved

- Ron being not really thrilled by the idea of having one more person teasing him all the time

- Ginny looking up to you because she sees you as some kind of big sister

- Molly absolutely adoring you and treating you like a daughter

- Getting a personalized sweater as well every christmas

- All the teachers having quite a hard time when they have to teach a class that all three of you attend

- You cheering them on during their Quidditch matches

- Them deciding to give you extra flying lessons to get you into the Quidditch team as well

- Deciding to test some of the boys’ new inventions on a suitable test rabbit

- Professor Snape not really feeling that honored to be choosen as said test rabbit

- The three of you having to reorganize the potions chamber as a detention

- Inconspiciously ‘borrowing’ some things that might come in handy at some point

- The three of you going through everything together because somehow you always manage to find the positive sides about everything

BNHA cuddle week day 3: With friends or family

This is from the family AU I’m working on with @chibichibisha in which Katsuki and proto!Katsuki are twins, and Deku and Yamikumo are cousins. We love this AU and have many ideas for it, so expect to see more in the future.

alice bailey says that virgo is of significant importance esoterically because its nature reveals a hidden spiritual reality. soul fuses with body in virgo, instead of the fragmented twin form symbolised in gemini. mother earth is expressed in virgo, there is the fertility of ideas, growth of the spiritual substance, the knowledge of all matter and particle, and the highly divine operation of service. they can facilitate growth of the mind, natural world, and the way in which we relate to our physical bodies. the virgin was historically a symbol of power and the foundation of matriarchate. 


mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


hear you me (a cinderella story au): chapter one

fandom: riverdale

pairing: jughead jones and archie andrews, betty cooper and veronica lodge

word count: 7k

on ao3


Jughead Jones is antisocial and brooding, invisible to everyone except for his bestfriend Betty Cooper who works on the school newspaper with him. Due to his fathers death, he’s forced to be under the care of his step-mother, Penelope Blossom; doing chores for her and her twins, Cheryl and Jason.
Archie Andrews is Riverdale High’s star quarterback, who is adored by all. But despite his father’s wishes to work for the family business, Archie secretly aspires to be a musician.
Under the name ‘burgerboy’, Jughead confides to 'musicman’, someone he met on an online form for LGBTQ+ teens; which eventually turns into an online relationship. He has no idea that 'musicman’ is Archie Andrews, his ex-bestfriend who doesn’t even remember he exists.

a/n: hey guys! this fic was inspired by this gifset that compared jarchie’s make up scene in 1x02 to a cinderella story, and since i have no self control, i created this. please let me know what you think!

Jughead Jones was seven when his dad died. Back then he wasn’t known as Jughead, but by his birthname, ‘Forsythe Pendleton Jones III’, although Jughead didn’t really think that name was much better. ‘Jughead’ was a teasing name his step-siblings, Cheryl and Jason Blossom called him once their parents had married the year prior to his dad’s death. After his dad died, he let his real name die too- ‘Forsythe’ constantly reminded that his father was gone, as he was named after him. He would never forget what happened that June day, partly due to the nightmares he still had; but also because he was the last one to talk to his dad before he passed.

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Details: The RUF RtR Narrow

The idea behind the 218 mph Ruf turbo Rennsport (RtR) is to build a Turbo-Coupé, which fulfills all needs of an enthusiastic sports car driver.

The RtR projects its 802bhp via an all-wheel drive system, deployed onto the road by ultra-wide 255mm (front) and 325mm (rear) tires. At high speeds, increased downforce comes from the motorsport-derived rear spoiler, while braking is attained by carbon ceramic discs, measuring 410mm front and 390mm rear, with six-piston calipers on the front discs and four-piston calipers acting on the rear. The powertrain is a well-proven 3.8-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder unit, featuring a dry sump lubrication system with external oil tank. 

Twin Felix Au

A slight continuation of this post.

  • After Felix has come to terms with his crush, he just carries on.
  • He’s not going to make a big deal about it.
    • Sure, it’s would be nice if he could date Marinette but she’s head over heels for his brother.
      • Which stings a little but it’s nothing to get worked up about
    • Thinking hard about it, Felix also decides that this is just a crush, not the be all, end all of his relationship with Marinette
    • She’s still his friend first.
    • So he’s not going to angst about not being able to date Marinette.
    • (If anyone has a problem with this, this is how I deal with crushes on friends. There’s no real angsting about it.)
    • He thinks it’s great!
    • (He’s a little jealous though)
    • Felix is not getting paid enough to deal with this
  • Adrien wants to set Felix and Marinette up on a date.
  • Felix is going to need so much coffee for this conversation.
  • It essentially goes like this for about three days
    • “No.”
    • “Yes!”
    • “No.”
    • “Aw, Come on Felix!”
    • “No.”
  • Eventually, Felix manages to get a word in and tells Adrien Marinette is head-over-heels for someone else.
    • He makes very pointed remarks about who it is
    • He won’t straight out say it’s Adrien
    • He still Marinette’s friend first
  • Adrien still doesn’t get it
    • Don’t ask Felix how Adrien got to that point. He’s not sure either.
  • Felix just leaves after this revelation
  • Felix runs into Marinette soon after.
  • He explains he has a crush on her
    • She’s a little shocked
    • He’s pretty chill about it
    • “I just tolerate you more than I tolerate most people. Don’t get too worked up about it. You are still my… friend.”
    • They talk about it at length and it’s pretty open.
  • Felix then tells Marinette that Adrien found out about his crush and that’s the only reason he is telling Marinette
    • Aside from the fact she and Adrien are the only ones who he feels comfortable with talking about ‘feelings’
  • He tells Marinette that Adrien somehow got it into his head that she likes Chat Noir.
    • Poor Marinette’s head pretty much explodes

So Felix having a crush on Marinette, them still being good friends cause nothing can stop this friendship, Adrien being the dense Ray of Sunshine we love and poor Marinette’s head exploding.

I’m toying with the idea of writing a stupid high school based mystery paranormal thing with a “Twin Peaks”-y vibe

So far, I know the main character is nicknamed Ham (no one, not even her, knows why people call her that) and she solves mysteries and creeps people out a bit b/c she’s a gay kid in a small town who is into the occult. Everyone thinks she’s a witch. She runs the “Mystery Solvers Club” in her school, which just consists of her and her staff supervisor, the librarian.

Anastasia is a new student  and just moved to the town b/c it turns out her millionaire dad had been cheating on her mother (ironically,her mother and him got together in the same way) and he’s leaving her, and due to the prenup, she’s pretty much flat broke, so her mom moves them back home. She wants to be an engineer when she’s in university. Ofc there’s romance between her and Ham, who writes her off at first b/c she assumes she’s just a stuck-up rich girl, but soon realizes she’s a sweet lady who is genuinely interested in solving mysteries and being Ham’s friend.

Lincoln is a dude who goes to their school and is known for being a real loner type. Turns out he’s actually a robot and his “dad,” the scientist who made him, went missing and he’s trying to find out where he is. He keeps to himself b/c he knows if people found out he was a robot, it’d be bad news. Ham and Anastasia manage to figure out what the deal w/ him is and offer to help him find his dad, and he begins to warm up to them as he helps them solve mysteries. He lives in an abandoned grocery store and owns like, one flannel shirt.

H.R. Giger is an artist whose work you’re probably familiar with, even if you don’t recognize his name. His designs have been featured in movies such as Dune, and the Alien franchise, just to name a few. At Special Collections you can find this book which catalogues his work through the years, including gems like this custom-made monster costume for a dog appearing in the 1968 short film Swissmade 2069.

There are also some unused designs for the 1975 Dune film, which are amazing, if not terribly practical.

An extensive section of the book is dedicated to a film concept of Giger’s own, The Mystery of San Gottardo, which revolves heavily around “biomechanoids” – grotesque cyborgs made by joining human arms and legs using mechanical parts.

Themes of this movie idea include the biomechanoids searching for their lost “twins” made up of the other arm and leg from their original human body, and the struggle to avoid being sown back on to the torsos of the “slavekeepers” they were detached from.

Giger’s incredibly detailed description of this world wavers between dystopia and utopia as he describes how the superior beings of the biomechanoids create an Eden free of pollution, racism, nationalism, and disease through their domination of the wheelchair bound human race.

-Katharine Pigliacelli, graduate student employee

H.R. Giger’s Film Design, published by Morpheus International, 1996.

Twin Peaks promotional idea

A fake episode of a true crime tv show covering the Laura Palmer case.  A deep-voiced narrator says things like “No matter how much the killer cleaned up, he couldn’t clean up dreams”, and “It was at this point the FBI hit upon the idea of throwing rocks at a bottle to determine which leads to follow up on.”  Albert as a talking head going “Well, we COULD have done a real autopsy, but we’ll never know what that would have revealed because SOMEONE had to get fussy about the funeral.”  Cooper as a talking head acting really weird, indicating that he’s either possessed or has been through so much shit at this point in his life that he’s just absolutely exhausted.  Reinactors playing Donna and James who are obviously like ten years too old for the roles.  Audrey is credited as “Audrey Horne, author of In the Shadow of the Peaks: My Life in the Center of a Small Town Crime Ring.”  The show itself has a really suspicious name like Stories in the Blood or The Truth Has Eyes Everywhere.

Tim and Damian Dating Twins Headcanons

A/N: The boys are older in this, probably young adults. I’m assuming they’re identical twins so here goes.

Tim and Damian dating twins would include:

> They tried double dating this one time, both couples vowed never again. It was the twins idea and the batboys had reluctantly agreed to it. The twins ended up dragging their respective partner off in opposite directions with low-key insults being thrown whenever the boys were left unattended.
Never again.

> Damian knows the difference, Damian just knows. Even from a mile away he can tell which one is his s/o, it baffles everyone in the family. It’s been this way from the very beginning.

> Tim also knows to the extent of Damian now. It took him a while to figure it out and still when he’s sleep deprived he gets confused.

> At 3am, Tim lazily makes his way into the room, takes the first twin he sees into a hug leaving them confused but they comply anyway.
“Leave my beloved alone Drake.” Damian is clearly unimpressed whilst Tims s/o walks in quite bemused with the situation. Tim then realised his mistake and sheepishly lets go of the other twin to complain into his s/o’s shoulder.

> Dick try’s to tell the difference between them but still mixes up the names occasionally, Jason on the other hand has completely given up.

> Jason resorted to post it notes on each of them labelled ‘Twin 1’ and 'Twin 2’. Stephanie is silently thanking him in the background whilst Damian was less than pleased and almost killed his brother for it. Tim on the other hand grabbed the pen and wrote “the best twin” on his s/o.
Again, Damian = unimpressed and muttered a string of curse words under his breath.

> At the start of the blossoming friendship, the twins indirectly terrorised Batman. The first time they both came to the Manor, Bruce walked past the study where Damian and his s/o were only to bump into Damian’s s/o down the hallway??? He went back to the study, Damian’s s/o is still in there but also walking up the stairs. Alfred took note of Bruce’s confused expression.
“Clearly your nightly activities are interfering with your senses Master Bruce.”
“No, thats not it - you can see it right? Two of them…”
“Sir… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“What? But Alfred -”
“Ahem. They’re twins sir, it seems Masters Tim and Damian have taken a liking to them.”
“Right. That’s wonderful news.” Sarcasm.

> The twins probably attempted to switch places at least once and it had predictable outcomes.
“What are you doing here (twin 2 name)”
“Aw, Damian you’re no fun! You could’ve at least pretended for a bit.”
“What’d be the fun in that?”
Meanwhile with Tim, he’s going on about this random complicated theory and stops to hear his s/o’s point of view only to be met with severe confusion and no snarky remark.
“You’re not my twin are you?”
“I can happily say that I’m not.”
“This is why I like your twin better!”

> If either of the boys need to get something for their respective s/o then they ask their twin for advice since they know them best.

> The twins having secret competitions concerning their batboys, like who gets home from patrol first for example.
Text: Hah! I win, Damian just slipped through the window. ;)
Text: Yeah well… idek where Tim is tbh.
Text: Tim probably got more work done anyway.

> The boys get on with each twin but are liable to favouritism when it comes to their partner. As a result they take their side on most things which gets them all into trouble.

> Tim and Damian may not be so fond of each other on the outside, but they’d do anything to save their brother’s s/o because they know how much they mean to them.

About Shouto’s appearance, quirks and genetics

Back in September I was quite into canonical discussions on some Russian BnHA communities, and back then I came up with a little theory regarding Shouto’s appearance and the nature of his quirks. Not sure whether this idea has already been expressed, but anyhow…

Have you heard of tetragametic chimerism and of genetic chimeras in general? Not the one which goes «Ed-ward». but more mundane ones, such as Lydia Fairchild?

Not to go into the details, but it may happen when two nonidentical twins merge together at the very early stage of their development. Basically, what could have become two people becomes one person, combining within himself the genetical material of two people. Theoretically it may mean that if you take a sample of the tissues, let’s say, from the liver and from the kidney, the results of the DNA test may state that these samples are taken from different people. Definitely related, probably, siblings, but surely not the same person. 

It’s quite a rare case for people, or, maybe, not so rare, but often unnoticed… 

Anyhow. Before I switch to the fandom-related part of my tedious blah-blah-blah session, take a look at this beauty, please. 

Name’s Venus. Isn’t she beautiful? 

My point is — it is not impossible to have quite a symmetrical manifestation of the chimerism.

Such as Shouto has.

It was mentioned in the manga quite a few times that normally children inherit either one of the parents’ quirk or some sort of a mixture of both (such as Katsuki, for instance). However, in Shouto’s case we have a peculiar situation of having two different quirks, each inherited from each of his parents. Considering what is known of the «quirk marriages», they were normally held for the sake of the strong combinations of quirks. 

But it’s not Shouto’s case at all. It’s not a combination — each quirk corresponds strictly to one side of his body. Coincidentally, his right «ice» side also bears quite a clear resemblance to his mother’s appearance, while the left «fire» side looks a lot like his father. His bicoloured hair and eyebrows, his heterochromia - even for the quirk society the «split» in his appearance is quite unusual. We don’t know about his bodily hair, though, but it’s not really essential at the moment. 

Also, it surely bugs me a lot that Shouto has O blood type, while his father has AB, but fine, with all the genetic complications of BnHA I wouldn’t be too surprised if Enji actually has Cis AB.

So, well… Do you think Shouto may be a chimera after all?

Twins (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Hey, I’m not sure if you’ve already written this but if you haven’t could you write a fluffy imagine in which the reader and Sebastian adopts a puppy? :) 

Word Count: 1191 words 

A/N: There are two things I will enjoy seeing/writing Seb with. Puppies and children. Here is one of them. Thanks to @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse for the prompt! Keep those requests coming in. 

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A concept:

A fusion AU where 18 year old Stanley Pines is chosen as the first human trollhunter, and discovers a found family among the trolls.

7 or so years later, Ford runs into the trolls as he’s researching the local wildlife in Gravity Falls, and is mistaken by them for the Trollhunter… which leads him to reunite with his twin brother and discover his secret double life.


Speculation I’ve seen about the “it’s never twins” thing, in no particular order and with zero judgement attached (I just wanted to list all the twin theories I’ve seen so far):

  • Sherlock has a twin (Sherrinford)
  • The Lady in Red/E IS Sherlock’s twin (Sherrinford)
  • The Lady in Red and E are twins
  • John has a twin/was replaced by a twin (possibly Harry, who he lied about being a sister)
  • Jim Moriarty has a twin
  • Mary has a twin/Mary’s twin died rather than Mary

I honestly think a twin will play into this story arc but I have no idea which theories/which twin it could be. Fun!


I have this lowkey headcanon that Chris knew about the prank they were planning for Hannah. maybe Ashley told him about it, because “it’s just supposed to be funny.” except he doesn’t think it’s funny, at all, but he also doesn’t think any real harm will come of it, so instead of participating, he gets smashed with Josh and just lets it happen, figuring everything will be alright in the morning, because what’s the worst that could happen?


I propose: an au where Chris does tell Josh and the twins about what the others are planning, because he’s protective and as much as he loves a good joke, which this definitely isn’t, he doesn’t want Hannah to get hurt.

Hannah is understandably upset and both Josh and Beth are royally pissed, but while Josh just wants to punch Mike in the face and tell the others to gtfo, Beth has a better idea: she’s going to dress up as Hannah and give them all a surprise.

so with help from Josh and Chris, the twins switch outfits. their hair is a little tricky because Hannah’s is much longer and Beth has bangs, but bobby pins, hair clips, and hats are a godsend. Hannah recreates her tattoo on Beth’s arm with a marker and covers hers with Beth’s sweater, the finishing touches of makeup are applied, and by the end of it Beth is indistinguishable from Hannah to anyone who doesn’t look too close for too long.

Josh preemptively sets up an extra camera in the guest room in case anyone deletes the footage from Matt’s camera, everybody tries to act casual, and then it’s just a matter of time.

when the time finally comes, everyone think’s it’s working; Beth impersonates her sister perfectly, and no one suspects anything is amiss until she moves in like she’s going to kiss Mike…

…and promptly knees him in the balls.

she chews him out, threatens him with worse things if he ever tries to do something like this to her big sister ever again, flips everyone else the bird, and saunters out to roars of laughter from Chris and Josh (and questions from Sam, whom they did not inform for that extra bit of authenticity).

the video goes viral and Mike doesn’t hear the end of it for weeks.

  1. Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, 1960.
  2. Lorna the Exorcist by Jess Franco, 1974.
  3. Possession by Andrzej Zulawski, 1981.
  4. The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Miss Osbourne by Walerian Borowczyk, 1981.
  5. The Living Dead Girl by Jean Rollin, 1982.
  6. The Fly by David Cronenberg, 1986.
  7. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me by David Lynch, 1992.
  8. The Witch by Robert Eggers, 2015.
  9. The Neon Demon by Nicolas Winding Refn, 2016.

Films that end with a woman’s sublime or abject experience. Inspired in part by a post by batarde.

“Whatever is fitted in any sort to excite the ideas of pain, and danger, that is to say, whatever is in any sort terrible, or is conversant about terrible objects, or operates in a manner analogous to terror, is a source of the sublime; that is, it is productive of the strongest emotion which the mind is capable of feeling.”

A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful by Edmund Burke, 1757.

“The corpse, seen without God and outside of science, is the utmost of abjection. It is death infecting life. Abject. It is something rejected from which one does not part, from which one does not protect oneself as from an object. Imaginary uncanniness and real threat, it beckons to us and ends up engulfing us.”

Powers of Horror by Julia Kristeva, 1980.