Pour one out for all the poor Palmetto students who got paired with Andrew Minyard for a group project and briefly considered taking the zero instead.

Pour one out for all the poor Palmetto students who got paired with Minyard, A and had no idea which twin was actually in their class and spent a good five minutes sweating and internally crying.

Pour one out for all the poor Palmetto students who got paired with Aaron Minyard and were thankful to get paired with the Normal Minyard only to realize he was an asshole.

Just pour one out for everyone who has ever shared a college class with a Minyard twin.

Winchester Alpha

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Pairing: Husband!Sam x Husband!Lyle x Wife!Reader x Husband!Dean
Word count: 15,912
Author :
Mel & Brit
: Typical SLD Warnings, NSFW gifs.

Part 109 of She’s Leaving, Dean.

Opening his eyes, Dean looked around. “What the-” He wasn’t in his bedroom anymore. He was on the couch in the break room at the garage. He realized his phone ringing is what woke him. His hand hit the floor as he patted around until he found it. “Hello?” His sleepy voice grumbled, having not checked the caller ID.

Morning sunshine.”


Time to get up and get to work.

“What the fuck is going on? How did I get here?”

You’re being punished, Dean.

“For what?”

For last night. You need to work on your sharing.

“Did you fucking drug me? My head is killing.”

Lyle chuckled. “It takes a lot of work to keep a demon out for a bit. The headache will wear off in a few minutes. Now get your ass up. I’ll see you soon. Love you Dean.

“Yeah, yeah, love you too, ya douche.” Dean hung up and groaned uncomfortably as he sat up. He opened the break room door, and Sam was in the lobby behind the counter. “Fuck my ass hurts..” He grumbled.

“Uh.. thanks for sharing?” Sam cocked an eyebrow, and glanced to the other side of the lobby where someone was waiting. “I was wondering when you’d wake up. You have a car waiting.”

“Yeah.. sorry. hey, you know what the fuck Lyle’s up to?”

Sam shook his head. “Nope. Sorry.”

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I'm sorry I didn't realise we'd said that Satin would be the blue paladin but I was pretty sure Chenille was the pink one and pink paladin? Hngh

Its cool, bruh. I got no idea which twin gon be the pink paladin really. That’s a whole plot thing we gotta work around


Speculation I’ve seen about the “it’s never twins” thing, in no particular order and with zero judgement attached (I just wanted to list all the twin theories I’ve seen so far):

  • Sherlock has a twin (Sherrinford)
  • The Lady in Red/E IS Sherlock’s twin (Sherrinford)
  • The Lady in Red and E are twins
  • John has a twin/was replaced by a twin (possibly Harry, who he lied about being a sister)
  • Jim Moriarty has a twin
  • Mary has a twin/Mary’s twin died rather than Mary

I honestly think a twin will play into this story arc but I have no idea which theories/which twin it could be. Fun!

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Why do you think the Author is the Mabel twin? :o tbh I'm not convinced the Stan twins dynamic will be anything at all like Dip & Mabel's but at the same time, it seems fairly likely the Author will be the booksmart introvert twin who wants to uncover mysteries, like Dipper, while Grunkle Stan will be the streetsmart twin who's more physical and socially outgoing. Though I expect the Author's personality to be quite different from Dipper, like how Stan is different from Mabel.

The point isn’t that the dynamic is the exact same as Dipper and Mabel, it’s their personality and interests. It’s their speech patterns and mannerisms. They aren’t carbon copies of each other; they mirror and allude to one another. Mabel and Dipper have been alluding to Stan and his bro since the get go. Stan has been alluding to Dipper for episode upon episode. Stan may be more extroverted (and he is) like Mabel, but Stan shares more in common with Dipper than Mabel. I suspect the same with the Author and Dipper. They both may be interested in conspiracies, but that’s about as far as the comparisons go. We were made to tHINK that Grunkle Stan is the “Mabel twin” to throw us off. I’m positive it’s the other way around.

But hey, if you don’t believe me, here is a few posts to sink your teeth into:

Why Dipper is like Stan

And one more for Stan

Why Mabel is like the Author

And some more Mabel parallel thoughts

And a few more

Seriously this guy was a passionate fucking nerd

“hyperactive energy towards supernatural and book binding”

SO YEAH I got a few ideas, one which twin parallels which twin.