I’ll drink to that.

Another April is about to end
No message from you, no sign you aren’t dead.
I’ll still remember you while I carry on with my life.
I’ll love and break and smile and bathe in sunshine but I will remember you.
When the first rain pours down, I’ll keep my phone and glasses inside and run out to soak in the magic that falls from above.
And when I come back in to dry myself and check my phone as a reflex, I will think of you and smile.
Another April is going by, and I haven’t forgotten you yet.
I don’t think all forgetting is good.
I don’t think all forgetting is healing.
I think for just this once, I’ll give up trying to forget you.

my boyfriend picked me up after school today and it was so nice tbh. he had driven his dad to work so he stopped by the restaurant and made his mom and me food which was honestly so delicious and just so thoughtful cause I always leave the chem lab starving and anyway we went back to house and hung around with his mom and siblings eating and watching scary movies and just chilling. it was really nice his mom is so sweet and really tries to make me feel welcome. plus we watched a pretty decent scary movie which meant optimal cuddle time. his brother was so cute tho omg cause he’s turning five in a couple weeks and any time he sees anyone he says “it’s my birthday!” and they’ll be like “really!” and he’s like “no! but we’re going to chuck e cheese!” he’s so excited omg. anyway overall a nice day we laid down a bit it was nice and lately he’s been trying to be cute like taking pictures and shit which I love

vvicreaa  asked:

As an person who gave up on dreams to go to Korea or other over seas for parents... I'm happy you get to complete your dream honestly. It's not that I regret giving up for my family cause there's nothing more important than family in my life and there never been. If my mother is sad cause of me going away I will basically won't go and learn to be happy. I will support you from here!! Do your best!!

See I could never give up my dream like that. Like, if my family were sick, I would absolutely drop it to take care of them! But just because they would be sad or don’t want me to go, I can’t even imagine doing such a thing. That just me tho. My ambition outweighs my heart most of the time. But I do admire you for giving up your dream for your family. Family is important (to a degree) and you were able to change your dream for them bc you love them and that’s not always a bad thing. Would I do the same? No, but it’s you and if you’re happy that’s all that matters

mac’s dream but toxic is playing and keeps getting faster