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hey ship, i was just dumped by my boyfriend of 1 year. he said i deserved better, and that he didnt want to try to fix things anymore, or fix me anymore. i was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease recently that thickens collagen, and they dont know if it'll spread to my internal organs. im not happy anymore. i miss him every day, and i dont know what to do. ive lost my rock that kept me sane through side effects and bad days. i know its a lot to ask, but do you have any advice?

I’m sorry. People begin to feel like home, and when they leave, sometimes we feel lost. But people are a lot more like hermit crabs than barnacles… we’re not fixed in one place for our entire lives, attached permanently to a single identity and unable to move on or survive a change. We can find our homes anywhere, and when they no longer accommodate everything we are or need to be, we find new ones. Sometimes they’re a little unconventional…

…but we make the best with what we have. 

If you feel like you’ve lost your rock, it’s okay - you’re not a barnacle. Use other resources in your life to craft yourself something that feels like a home. Family, friends, interests, hobbies… it’ll feel right eventually.  

There are people a lot more equipped than me to advise or support you with chronic illness. But… life has never been stable, really. Not for anybody. Life is full of chance and risk. There are no promises of health and safety, no guarantees that we’ll prosper. There’s always a chance that things could go very, very badly at a moment’s notice. But there’s also a chance that they won’t - we’re not guaranteed to suffer. And those odds are always worth gambling on.

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im hoping thats what it is and also for cas to find out he belongs... like ive been dying for cas to know that since metatron brought it up to him. hes still struggling and it pains me bc dean also thinks everyone he loves doesnt want to stay with him and i feel like it would /really/ help both of them if they just realize it. if they're not setting this up for endgame i dont even know what they're trying to do anymore.

i’ve never had doubts that destiel is endgame, the show has been telling us that for a few seasons now. if i’m right about mary wanting to go back to heaven at the end of the season, that would a nice parallel to cas, who doesn’t want to go back to heaven, because he found his family on earth and he feels like he belongs with them..

Make a wish and don’t drown.

i’m sorry this just sucks but i decided to give it one damn try. i’d sing it but i dont have the instruments or the voice to do it, and in my head it sounds better. If you ever want to sing this shit please tag me i have no problem.

When you wake up, it seems to be a dream.

What you remember, it makes no sense at all.

And if it’s just a dream, you cannot escape, it won’t hurt.

And if it’s just a joke, I want it to end now.

It can’t be gone, it can’t just end now,

and whatever you do is wrong.

And while you wonder if you are helpless and you can´t quit this game

You make a wish, don’t drown.

Please help me, I just don’t know.

I can’t help, to be

scared of everything you do

But if the world ends I want you to be there

Don’t make it look like I just don’t care.

If this is just a dream it won’t be fair,

‘Cause life isn’t either.

White van, mask guy.

You know he may have had some sort of shady life.

He said “you shouldn’t trust no one in this goddamn town”

But what if he is just a traitor

He just saved you, you can’t do that

It’s too late to talk this out.

“Why won’t you die already” you say while he is suffocating, good night friend.

He makes a wish, don’t drown.

He’s not the one you would make fun of.

He’s right there, to be

The one to save you.

And if the world ends you want to be with him

You care more than you want to

And if this is a dream I want to wake up

But I won’t remember.

All your life was just destroyed by shiny people who don’t give a fuck.

Running down the streets with glitchy guys that don’t know how to talk.

Maniac nurses, giant fishes, kings and queens that may just end your life.

It’s the end,


so i noticed something?? Remember the beginning of episode one when victor is dancing for yuuri in the empty ice rink? Yuuri is doing the exact same program (?? I dont know the proper terms im soRRY) later to convey his feeling for Yuko. Do you know what its called? Stay close to me.

Now is it just me or is victor asking yuuri to stay close to him? Now we dont know when that scene takes place, or even if it happens at all, but still im pretty sure this isnt a coincidence. They couldve used any other program, but they chose this one. It might be a huge stretch on my part but hell you cant convince me this scene doesnt hold any meaning/symbolism or hint at the ending we’re all hoping for.

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pam. confidence is so great like more ppl need to be more confident right! but im tired of this new mentality thats like "if they dont like u thats their problem" like no! sometimes its a u problem! idk like to some degree i agree but its also promoting the idea that ur perfect and u dont have 2 think abt if ur actually doing something wrong/mean etc u know what i mean? i dont know how to articulate this

no I 100% agree but I’m not great at wording things, but I think you are! like you can’t neglect self growth because you don’t want to face up to your own shortcomings. obviously sometimes people will not like you for no good reason but if someone doesn’t like you and you know its because of certain personality trait you should ask yourself if that is a flaw you could work on or if you’re simply incompatible/they’re the ones being unreasonable if that makes sense?? I think people should focus on developing self awareness

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The problem with us camren shippers is that we're constantly expecting something to happen btw them, like 24/7 , & life is just not like that, I mean i know its hard, but i think that we should chill out and relax about it. If somenthing has to happen & we should know, it will, if not, well, no.. Its better when you dont expect anything from ppl, cause then things start to happen. Jus let it flow, & we will rewarded(its all about selfcontrol), anyway tha'ts what im going to do. Kisses yall.

i agree, we’re always waiting for something to happen but that’s normal between shippers

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so i recently came out to most of my family and pretty much all of my friends that im pan. things were going ok until (i still dont really understand) my nan/grandma looked at my instagram (i felt more comfortable coming out on insta) and she said "you're not pansexual you'll change when your older" and i felt really bad about myself, plus i have anxiety and possible depression issues and when my mother asked what was wrong i said i had a really bad cramp. i dont know what to do anymore

what your grandma said was inappropriate and hurtful, and i wish i could be there to tell her that she shouldn’t be saying something like that to a person who loves and trusts her. that’s just infuriating. i’m really sorry you had to bare through that, anon. that’s gotta be so tough and you just don’t deserve that treatment.

you are pansexual, and the only person who gets to decide that is you- not her, not anyone else. just you. you, your feelings, and your sexuality are completely valid and okay. if your mind ever wanders back to what she said to you, focus on that fact that you have many many other people who love and accept you for who you are. you should talk to them, anon. they will listen to you!

also, thank you for opening up to us. you can always come back and talk some more if you ever need to. we’re here for you as well, anon!

- derek

so i am writing a book, and it’s reallly stressing me out. i have absolutely no background in writing or english. i feel like im not good at writing :( 

i finished writing one book about 3 years ago, but it wasn’t that good. i want this book to be better, but i just….dont know what im doing :( :( it’s so frustrating because i love writing, but i just don’t think that i have the talent. 

ugh. this story needs to be told though. it’s a middle grade fiction novel about a young girl dealing with the death of her sister. 

this story needs to be told because it’s my story. my older sister passed away when i was 10 years old, and i have always wanted to write a book about her. i just don’t know if i can do it. ugh. 

im so frustrated :( 

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~ in love with her nor happy in their relation anymore, theres still an emotionnal link between them. and i 100% understand that he's not in an easy position that its hard for him and hes just tryin to do his best. but it almost feels like hes very distant with me now that he doesnt really wanna think about it that hes fine pretending norhing happened. but im not and he knows it. i just feel so helpless, i dont know what to do bc i know hes genuine but i just dont understand im so lost.

you have to understand that he is in a relationship with someone already which is why he is distancing himself from you and wants to pretend like nothing happened as he probably feels guilty for what he did as he’s in a relationship with a girl who’s having a hard time even though he probably does have feelings for you but it may take time before you get the chance to date him and you can’t always get things to go the way to want them to, you just have to give it time. 

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Idk if the original ask was eaten or not but im gonna ask again. Im sorry if its not ok. Im moving and going to meet a new psychologist and idk if i should mention that my mom is abusive sometimes since i dont want to get taken away or (1/2)

continuedanything like that since i kinda depend on her and shes nice half of the time. I don’t really know what to do about this. Im also nervous that im gonna get misdiagnosed since last time the psychologist didnt even let me talk. Thank you! (2/2)

Hello anon! No worries. I hope this goes well for you, but I don’t want you to feel like you can’t tell them what’s going on. Even if your mom is “nice” sometimes, that doesn’t erase the fact that she is abusive! And you don’t deserve to put up with that. But I would see how this first session goes; hopefully you connect with this psychologist well! Regardless, I hope things are ok and I’m here if you need me, anon!

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how did you stop obsessing over calories?? i have a fitbit so i always track it and its getting out of hand but i dont want to stop because im scared if it do then i will eat too much and gain weight... i dont understand how everybody just doesn't gain weight all the time because when do they know when to stop eating?????

I deleted my fitness pal and chronometer. I stopped reading the back of the package, and when I caught a glimpse I told myself I didn’t care. I told myself that gaining weight wasn’t the worst thing in the world, and I had bigger things to worry about. Does what you’re eating make you feel good? Is your life fulfilling and happy? Are you surrounded by genuine, positive people? Are you doing what you love? Are you taking care of yourself?
You will learn how to decipher when to stop eating. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. I find that when I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I am not ravenous throughout the day and I don’t feel like over eating. Give yourself patience and love when you begin to heal your body and rid of toxic thoughts. There is so much more to life that the nutrition facts on your cereal.

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this isnt "negativity" tho. if people r telling to kys thats negativity, yeah, but asking you to stop being racist- even if it unwarranted- isnt negativity, you know what i mean? so your hostility is scaring me... youre acting like everyone who is doing their best is just stupid which isnt the case at all. i would appreciate your correcting people if it was gentler but it just seems so defensive that its hard to believe...

ya but what im saying is, im not being racist and it is unwarrented and when i have literally asked multiple aboriginal people if what im doing is racist and they say no, and people are still telling me i AM. then im going to be defensive?? like. here’s what i dont understand. they dont speak for all aboriginal people. i dont speak for any but if the’re abo, they dont speak for all of them. aboriginal people i know are chill, they may not be. it just means they stop interacting with the blog, not yell at someone and tell them ‘nOO I DONT LIKE WHAT UR DOING SO UR RACIST!!!!1!!111!’ which is essentially what they’re doing. im not racist, I of course, have racist stuff embedded deep into me, but i am doing my best to unlearn what’s been taught to me. but this? what im doing now? is not racist. it’s not something just for aboriginals, it can be used in other contexts and they dont seem to understand that and im frankly sick of it

WHAT?!!! Wait….. WHAT?! When the hell did this happened?! 😱😱😱😱 OMG!!! Shit I dunno what to say OMG Im so happy guys! Why? I mean, what did I did to deserve this?! What do I do now?! What does someone does in this cases?! Omg Im just…. I… how…? I I really dunno what to say just just… THANK YOU!!!!!

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i just came out as ? not straight? (i dont have a label for myself but im rly gay [looks at my bf]) to my primarily bap/tist father and it went well all things considered (he gave me soooo many reasons to fear tellin him.. aka he’s an extreme ho/mo/ph/obe and has tended to yell and blow up horribly on me and my mom growin up..)..

but he… like smiled and was like.. i knew. and i asked him if he still loved me and he was like lmao of course and we hugged while i cried.

im all wound up and cryin and shakin and dissociatin now bc it sounds like a fuckin fake ass story and How Can This Be Real ive been scared to tell him for literally 10 years?? but it Really happened i didnt think he’d ever know until i left the house…

im just…. i dont know what to do with myself right now i need hugs and comfort..