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‘I can’t make a woman’s choice for her.’

The signs after making a mess:
  • "oh no, what am i going to do??? nooooooo" *shoves the crumbs or mess under a couch or any place out of sight*: TAURUS, Pisces, Libra, Cancer
  • "Oh no, look what I did. Oh well..." *cleans it somehow magically*: CAPRICORN, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio
  • They just leave it and walk away. Amount of fucks given = -1: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius
Punch Drunk

Summary: So it turns out that ginger inhibits a Time Lord’s ability to metabolize alcohol. Rose learns this accidentally but takes full advantage of the situation. (Ten/Rose, canon-verse)

Word Count: 940

Rating: Teen (barely)

TSP // AO3 // FF

Merry Christmas badwolfrun! I hope you enjoy this little thing!

Rose and the Doctor were curled up on opposite ends of the couch in the library, giggling.

“I can’t believe you told him that he tasted like sage,” Rose said, doubling over while still clutching her glass of punch.

They had decided to spend the night in the library just chatting and Rose had determined that a bowl of punch was in order since the Doctor had gotten them chased out of the party before she could try theirs.

“He did though! I thought he might want to know!” The Doctor protested. “Sage is a very respectable spice. Spice? Herb?“

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These are the names of the people behind the muses, because I need to be able to yell them when I'm excited about minor things.. so yeah.. feel free to add your own <3
  • iamsharingansasuke (me): Will
  • goodboykiba: Rachael (call her Rach, she likes that)
  • gonnabehokage: Ellie
  • super-pervy-sage: Tori
  • smallcherryblossomofkonoha: Carimel
  • passthesake: J
  • strong-hina-hyuuga: Sami
  • nothatsmytree: Natalie
  • madaranookami: Morwen
  • menmashinata: W-a-l-l-a-c-e
  • hibernalonyx: Kelsey
  • ne-ne-naruto: Ashley
  • teme-kun: Ruby
  • sauce-kun: Skylar
  • immortal-snake-god-orochimaru: Dani
  • psychoticgaara: Chesh
  • uchihasavior: Esu
  • the-legendary-forehead: Lisa
  • sex-n-lightning: Steph
  • greatharmony/kaminoraijuu: Alex
  • Faiyuuhi: Fai (or Cat)
  • godaimekazekagesama: Laura
  • wellhonedblade: M
  • indigocosmos: Shannon
  • bibi-books/wysteria-wind: Myttie
  • vermilionstains: Amber
  • alostbond: Ashley
  • yondaimeflash: Jennifer (Jen)
  • littlesasuke-chan: Chikara
  • tobiiornottobii: Lindsey
  • kuramasfluffybooty: Cameron
  • lazydeershinobi: Laurie
  • maskedscarecrow: Grayc
  • shining-days: Abbie/Arthur (also Beth, apparently..)

Jeff Winger Appreciation Week, Day 1: the moment you started liking Jeff Winger
Spanish 101: Community + text posts (8/?)

Oooooh nooooo…Jeff Winger isn’t just smart and sarcastic, HE’S A GIANT GOOFY DORK. And he has dimples. Lexi, I am in so much trouble. [x]

I clearly remember a moment when I first watched Spanish 101 when I thought, IF ONLY I’D WATCHED ONE MORE EPISODE IN 2009. I watched the pilot when it aired and didn’t much care for the asshole main character. If I’d watched just one more episode I would’ve seen Jeff doing this ridiculous presentation for Pierce—Jeff finding enough sympathy and kindness in himself to make an idiot of himself in front of the class for PIERCE HAWTHORNE—and I definitely would have kept watching.

Hunter’s Moon Mate

Again, this is for Sterek Week, but I’m kind of late in posting this, so shhhh just pretend it’s still the right day. Also this title is awful and I’m sorry. It’s 1:30am and I am tired. That’s my excuse. Enjoy.

It’s dark save for the light of the full moon, and there’s a sharp chill in the air that makes it a little hard to breathe the faster Stiles runs. He doesn’t stop though, even though there’s a burning in his chest and legs. The wolf howl that echoes in the trees behind him only serves as motivation for him to keep running, ignoring the soreness of his calves, the stings of branches and leaves that hit and scratch him as he passes by.

He asked for this; heck, he wanted to do this, and there was no way he was giving up now.

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Drabble Sundays Masterlist

1. “I love you. Please let me hold you.”

2. “I’m too proud to admit I like you but I’m too jealous to let you go on a date!”

3. Making out on the jet. 

4. “I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s like you’ve put a spell on me.” 

5. "You drive me crazy, of course I’ll go on a date with you”

6. “I was aiming for the unsub!"  

7. "What am I going to do with you?”

8. “Are you still watching Gotham?!” 

9. “Stop being so adorable and hot. I can’t concentrate on my work.”

10. “I don’t mind if you think I deserve someone better than you; you’re the only one I’ve ever wanted”

11. “I am never doing that again!”

12. “I thought I was over you but, here I am, running up the seventh floor, knocking the eleventh door.” 

13. “You’re an idiot, Spencer Reid, a complete fool.”

14. “Baby, all I ever wanted was you” 

15. “Are you looking at Luke Alves?.” 

16. “Sit on my face.”

17. “Is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” 

18. “I need to know you won’t run away.”

19. “Did you just call me… Daddy?”

20. “If we are going to do this for real… there’s a few things you need to know about me! So, against my best judgment and my mother’s advice, I cannot let you marry me blindfolded.”

21.  “Where are you? Please, come and find me.”

22.  “You said you love me until you don’t.”

23.  “I didn’t know I’d love you so much.”

24. Latina girlfriend.

25. “I like her too!”

26. “I love you I really, really do. But I don’t think this plan is plausible in the slightest.”

27. “I’m Batman.”

28. “I love you so much. Please don’t leave me.”

29.  “Mermaids are totally real.”

30. “Stop telling me you’re fine!”

31. Eavesdropping.

32.  “Come over here and make me.”

33. “Fuck the statistics.”

34. Hand Kisses.

Pinescone Week Day 1: Roommates

am i doing this prompt right? i just realized pinescone week started today so i didn’t have any ideas planned X’D. i room with my s.o. and another friend, so i thought it’d be funny if these guys did, too.

i’m not sure what the story would be behind this. but i took wirt’s nickname, ‘music note’, from the Mystery Best Friends series. maybe this can be an au to that fic where everything is the same except bill is a completely different character? haha… *sobs*

edit: I JUST REALIZED HOW MUCH BILL LOOKS LIKE WIRT! uuuuggghhh, sorry for the confusion, bill is in his own body, not wirt’s. i just drew it very badly

so hey, yeah. my first follow forever. i just hit 200 followers and i’m so grateful for every single one of you. thus i decided to this little follower forever. i never imagined i would ever make another kpop blog ever again, buuuut bts man. (their comeback left me speechless btw) i just couldn’t get away from them. so here i am and therefore i want to show my love to all my mutuals, the friends i made, those that have been following me from the very start, those who don’t even know that i exist etc. you get it. also i know i tend to do this funny thing of reblogging 20 things and then disappearing for a few hours. but thank you for sticking with me. seriously thank you for making tumblr so enjoyable!

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it was only a kiss [1/?]

crooked-queen was having a bad day yesterday (because people like to try and make perfect people feel like crap, too bad they didn’t succeed), hooksandheroics, did you really think it was over?, wetbellamyblake, you deserve to be tagged in this for distracting me by making lovely gifs

prompt - I’d love to see Bellamy and Clarke as the football player/cheerleader of rival teams who have this obvious sexual tension every time they see each other at away games, and it finally snaps one night and he takes her up against the locker room lockers. 

AN: I have no idea when I will finish this but Naiche will make me.

Bellamy joined the football team because when he started looking at possible ways to get into college. Now that might not make a lot of sense, but if he wants to into a good college and so that his sister can go to one as well, a scholarship for football is the best choice for him.

He worked his ass off all through high school to be the est and he was definitely becoming the best.

Then Clarke Griffin, the blonde with too attitude and that haughtier than thou face, came along and he had trouble concentrating. It wasn’t just the fact she was beautiful (she was, she looked like a fairy princess, small and delicate but also strong and powerful) but then he noticed how she watched the plays. How she would wince as one of her team fumbled or passed in some way, each of these would end in a resounding tackle from a member of his team.

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It’s making me sad that some people are hating on me or stopped liking me because of 1 or 2 misinterpreted drawings out of 200 (or so) “normal” ones… and if you by some point thinks i’m actually a person who would glorify abuse or rape, then it makes me sad even more, that from all other stuff i post/say/draw you can’t tell what kind of person I am…

How to avoid drawing hands:
1. Make the arms wings with no hand. They have feet to pick shit up with
2. Make them fins. No spaghetti fingers making it hard to swim. Have a thumb for grasping
3. Put the hands in the hair. Sexy pose
4. Huge ball gowns. Too many layers, such tiny hands where did they go?
5. Born with no hands!!!!! No hands!!!! Ever!!!!