The Story of Us

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✮ Chapter Seven: The Sidekick ✮

Word Count: 6141

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Monday morning approaches and Riley decides to skip the bus and walk to school, even though it would take her close to an hour. Once she arrives, Riley doesn’t find her friends immediately. It’s not until the morning assembly that she gets a chance to say hello. 

Everyone is gathering in the gym for a few announcements followed by the date bidding for the dance. An excitement buzzing through the bleachers as students pile in. Riley spots her three guy friends sulking by the stage and approaches them after Lucas waves her over.

“Do we have a last minute sign up?” Mrs. Dunn asks Riley as she approaches.

“No way!” Riley shakes her head. “I’m just saying hello.” 

“Alright, don’t be too long.” Abbey smiles. “We’ll be starting soon.” 

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forever loved [yoongi&you]

Summary: your anxiety attacks when hating fangirls threatens of your relationship with Yoongi. he finds out about it and comforts you.

a/n: sorry to the anon who wanted depression. i tried my best not to make it much depression, since it’s quite sensitive to others. but i did make it angsty with a pinch of sweet love. so enjoy~

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Social media was never your thing to find as a kind of hobby wise, especially with making blogs or tweeting like the generation does today. You were the type who prefers

Curling your feet up as you hug it while sitting in a position almost like a ball, your tears slowly streams down your cheeks. You had stopped bothering to wipe them since they wouldn’t stop either way. Hugging your legs tighter as the quiet cries grows louder, you begin to wonder what the world would be like without you.

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anonymous asked:

It says prompts are closed but you reblogged that ask game, so if it's ok: Freewood for 12? (P.S. I adore your writing, you are amazing!)

12. “You can’t protect me.”


“You don’t look like you’re having much fun.”

Ryan grit his teeth as a hand trailed over his shoulder and across his back. Skip Masters pranced around him and plucked up a pool cue from the table, twirling it about in his hands. The young gambler was his usual obnoxious self, with ten pounds of bling hanging around his neck and his shirt unbuttoned right down to the navel. Every time Ryan encountered him his fake tan seemed to get more horrifyingly intense.

“We’re not here to have fun,” he replied stiffly, arms folded. Masters just grinned at him and waved the pool cue vaguely around the room.

“My yacht,” he said cheerfully, “My rules. Come on, Vagabond,” he added, and leaned forward, poking at Ryan’s shoulder - Ryan tensed, grimacing, leaning back away from him - “Loosen up a little.”

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Shout out to @SMAcKMANE and @TEAMSMAcKDAT APPAREL for these bomb ass boys hors.. im bout to cam in in them for a bit..

Ps they will be on sale as well when I’m done.. hit me for buying / bidding info



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ATTN: For Those Interested in Purchasing Free! Merchandise

So, I get a lot of people asking me questions regarding where I purchase my Free! merch on a fairly regular basis and while I could very easily just tell you to do a bit of browsing through eBay, here is something I hope you might consider when choosing this option!

Please, please, PLEASE make sure to always read the product description before purchasing or placing ANY bids on ANY item.

I say this because as of late, when I myself go browsing through the “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club” tag on eBay, I unfortunately happen upon products such as this with several watchers and buyers:

Or this!

At first glance, it is very easy to assume these products are “the real deal,” and because of their surprisingly low prices, we may be incredibly tempted to hit that bid and purchase button right then and there.

But please be cautious!

If you are a collector, or simply someone who likes owning official merchandise, then these products should probably be overlooked as they most certainly are not official product.

The easiest way to know for certain you are buying official merchandise is to simply look at the product description. For the first item, for example, the description states:

Chinese Factory Branded Version for Salemeaning this product is not patented by the original company, Ensky; it is essentially a copy of the original. To prove my point, I messaged the seller of this item and received a message saying that, yes, this is not the official product, but that they are supposedly of the same quality as that of the original. Suspicious, I dug a little further and found negative review after negative review on their eBay profile from people who claimed to have been scammed and given “poor quality” merchandise which very easily fell apart.

As for the poster set, the same incident occurred; I messaged the seller and they are, in fact, not official posters. They are enlarged copies of the original, often printed on cardboard, sometimes with an unofficial watermark of the printing company printed either on the back or even the front of the image.

Often times it is easy for us to overlook these little details in favor of paying more attention to how cheap the product is.

So why am I telling you this information? Well, as a collector myself, I want to make sure that I am purchasing only the best merchandise, meaning it must be high quality, packaged, sealed, and preferably sent directly from the country of origin. I want to make sure what I’m spending my money on is worth every penny. Often times with “fake” merchandise what you pay for really is what you get. Lower costs in the long run does not necessarily mean a better product as the reviews for these products clearly show.

Always, always look for the word “official” or “official licensed product” when looking to buy your merchandise. Chances are if it isn’t in the title of the listing itself, it will be in the product description. If you have any doubts, feel free to message the seller to voice your concerns. Ask to see photos of the product. Ask to see the box it comes in or any sort of marking or copyright on the box to prove it is, in fact, Japanese licensed merchandise.

In the long run, you want something that is going to last. You want something you can keep on a shelf in your home to look at and admire and maybe take out a few times to dust off and play with just like the floatie toys. What you don’t want is a product with paint that will chip off or even crooked parts that could easily break and fall off. And for that matter, you don’t want items which could be potentially made out of questionable materials, most commonly, for example, paint containing high traces of lead, which counterfeit toys like these often have.

Tl;dr: please be safe when making your purchases! It only takes a minute or two to review the product information and to even contact the buyer directly! Most of the time they respond within less than a day; sometimes even within the same hour like my favorite sellers do! It may cost a little more to have the product that you really want, but at least you can guarantee that you will have that item in it’s very best condition for much, much longer.