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I’ve had a very hard couple of days. My mom literally told me to go kill myself, and my dad is drinking and he’s making the whole abuse thing sound like it’s my fault. He saying “oh you know you make mistakes when you’re growing up” I’m like sexual abuse isn’t a mistake when growing up leaving a friend at a party is a mistake when growing up. So he’s been drinking and I called them alcoholic and we got into a big fight started crying at work so I had to sob in the bathroom before starting my shift. I just had a really long day.

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I'm thinking of an aroace Louis Weasley becoming a school celebrity (assuming my other headcanons about him are pushed aside), and his family jokes about him coming into the family fame. Louis is rather overwhelmed because he's a bit of a loner and is just trying to do school work when people hug him and gush at him. It also doesn't help since for awhile there was also a bit of an issue with people believing it (or just saying terrible things) because of him being part-Veela. -H

This is awesome!


Growing up with two loud and confident sisters has made it easy for Louis to learn to blend into the background, just where he likes it.

When he tells that sobbing 3rd year Hufflepuff that he’s aroace and maybe they are too, Louis is just looking to comfort them and let them know they’re not alone. He’s no idea the little Puff would run off and tell anyone and everyone what Louis said to them. That starts the whispers. It starts the trickle of younger years who approach him and ask him questions and come out to him.

When he steps in front of that 2nd year Slytherin and takes the 4th year Gryffindor’s curse, he’s just trying to protect a child in a fight he can’t win. When he snaps back his own spell, he’s just trying to put an end to things. Him and his sisters’ have danced this dance. He’s no idea that the two short spells that the “duel” lasts will gather such a large audience or that word of it would spread quickly through the halls. That starts the rumors and gossip, the people who talk about him when his back is turned, about how he basically flew in front of that younger year and ended the fight with one spell.

When he has a shouting match with the Ancient Runes professor, he’s just trying to defend his family. The professor had no right even bringing them up in Ancient Runes. There’s a lot Louis can ignore and let slide but insulting his family isn’t one of his. He has no idea that by the end of the day students would be coming up and congratulating him for standing up to “that dictator of a teacher” (he notices none of them offer sympathies for his detentions).

And that’s how Louis becomes a school celebrity. That’s how he gets asked to be the president of the Queer and Straight Wix Alliance that a few other students have been trying to form (he says he’ll help co-run it, but he won’t do it alone). That’s how Louis ends up ducking his head and trying to wave off his many, many relatives who all joke and laugh that he has become the next to be drawn into the trap of the Family Fame Curse. That’s how Louis ends up going to bed with a smile on his face because even though he runs off and hides in an empty classroom so he can just breathe through the hoards of people sometimes, he feels like he’s making a difference, like perhaps the “family fame” isn’t so bad after all.

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Peake strikes me as someone who doesn't really enjoy human contact like hugs and stuff so could you maybe write something where the reader is the only exception and the guys are kind of shocked? xoxo

You had gone through a crappy break-up the night before, leaving you without make-up, comfy clothing and a large coffee in hand. You tried to hold the tears back, but you knew the guys would automatically notice the awful mood you were in.

At your desk, you could feel the sobs growing in your chest and it eventually started to hurt when you held them back. You were shaking which is when you felt a hand on yours. You looked up to see Matt smiling gently at you, giving your hand a small squeeze “You want to talk?” he mouthed. You nodded, wiping your damp eyes on your hoodie sleeve as you followed Matt towards the kitchenette. He switched on the coffee machine as you slumped against the counter, playing with your sleeves nervously.

You listened intently to the way Matt moved around the kitchenette, trying to concentrate on your breathing. You were about to remind me how you like your coffee, but before you could, you felt a warm mug against your hands. You gratefully received it, and took a sip “What’s up?” he casually asked, however when you looked up, his expression was full of concern.

You couldn’t help but let out a sob, quickly placing the mug down beside you before you could spill anything. You suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around you, the warmth from Matt’s body pressed against your own as you cried against his t-shirt “He broke up with me last night,” you whispered. He held you even tighter as tears stained his top.

Matt didn’t say a word, but instead just hugged you as you let the tears fall for the first time “Oh…umm sorry, I’ll come back in a bit,” you heard a familiar voice say. You looked up too see Bruce turning on his heel and escape the small room. You swore you heard Bruce mumble “What the fuck?!”

im literally about to sob because my 2 year old brother just randomly started saying “stop screaming, stop crying” because that’s what my mom says to him a lot everytime he does that and it gets me so fucking angry that he’s growing up with this mindset that his emotions aren’t valid like i did fuck