SHR Character traits.
  • So:Fierce, Protective, secretly a cinnamon roll.
  • Mu:Fair, Loyal, Kind worth more than he knows.
  • Yo:Straight up evil, but he doesn't hide it.
  • Wook:All talk and no action, coward, little b!tch.
  • Eun:Precious Sunshine, cutie pie.
  • Won:Sneaky B@stard, evil, no one really cares about him tho.
  • Baek Ah:Beautiful soul, cinnamon roll too pure for this world, loyal.
  • Jung:Blind, annoying, naive, cowardly, ignores the truth.
  • Hae Soo:Adorable, loyal, can be blindsided but comes around.
  • Chae Ryung:Cute, but why is she helping Won? #no
  • Yeon Hwa:Power Hungry b!tch, manipulative.
  • Queen Yoo:Hates one son, "loves" the other two only wants the throne.
  • Court Lady Oh:Wise, lovely, too good for Damiwon.
  • Lady Hae:Beautiful soul, kind, selfless.
  • Soon Deok:Cute, great fighter, Loyal, perfect match for Eun.
  • Woo Hee:Warrior, friend, great for Baek Ah.

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aren't you afraid this blog can be kinda of harmful? i mean the mcu has problems. Many entertainments doas well. but there are also people happy with the mcu with the characters. people who grow up with this movies. one of the happiest days of my entire life was spent watching the first avengers. the mcu made so many people happy i honestly believe it made the world a better place. don't you think you may be hurting people who love these movies and characters with this blog?

we’re not tagging our hate. we even purposely misspell things so it won’t come up in search results. generally, we’re very mindful of the fans who are going about their own business. we appreciate them.

also, if a film brings you that much joy, how can a hate blog take that away? I see dceu hate all the time, and honestly it only makes my love for those movies stronger. No matter what your taste in movies (or anything is) odds are that someone, somewhere will disagree with you. If you let that keep you from watching/reading what you love, then you won’t be able to enjoy a whole lot of things.

alright, things n thoughts about working title [Hateful Bard]

  • only smiles when playing
  • loves music, hates most non-muscisians for their lack of music appreciation
  • works as playing the performing music for street performers
  • hates almost all things that factor into playing in public, such as; crowds, hecklers, people talking through the performance, no one tipping, people in general, etc
  • very very quiet, if fiddle is out, will respond with chords and melodies instead of saying words. since no one actually can decifpher what they mean outside of emotion, they tend to ask yes/no ‘how do you feel about’ style questions only
  • when they do say something, its usually crass, mean, or otherwise violent
  • their fiddle is their baby, would probably throw the fiddle out of the way if they were about to get crushed by a rock
  • will shank you. they are small but know how to handle themselves. too many people have met their end cause they thought they could shake down the meek musician
  • likes romance novels

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I'm probably the only one, but I'm a bit sad that Aaron called Robert 'Rob'. I thought it was such a cute thing that he always said 'Robert', but I guess I have to change my headcanon now... Tonight was amazing though, so I won't complain ;)

You’re not the only one I kinda hate it. I loved that Aaron only ever called him Robert so when he called him Rob, yeah kinda hated that lol. But anyway was amazing :)


congrats on anime debut!!! 


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a conga line of goobers

Repeat after me:

You can be gay and christian.
You can be gay and Christian. 
You can be gay and Christian. 

Happy Birthday, Tooru…

Because stargazing is a Birthday tradition with them. And noone can convince me otherwise. Also: more gentle Iwa… <3

Yes yes… my first year in this fandom, I went with the traditional Oikawa birthday theme. (◡‿◡✿) … just because.
I am NOT too late… somewhere in the world it’s still the 20th…. *flails*


Favourite pictures of Rian Dawson

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