Sans looks through the telescope and points it around the room, looking at the ceiling.  More star stickers!  He slowly moves it towards the window before spotting something peculiar.  

… A dog.

Making his way over, Sans slowly opens up the window and tries to pet the dog, but to no avail.  The dog kind of just…. flops onto the ground.

The dog looks around a little before spotting the moldy pizza.  It immediately makes its way over to it.

The dog absorbed the pizza.

Radiating with power, the dog exits the room.

There he goes.  Off into the distance.

…. Well, this isn’t the strangest thing Sans has seen today, to be fair.

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  • Yakov [to his skaters]: Now stop fighting and help me do this crossword. I need a six letter word for disappointment
  • Mila & Yuri: Georgi.
  • Georgi: ...
  • Yakov: It fits.
Victor and Yuuri seem to be playing their own separate game, and it’s called ‘let’s see how uncomfortable we can make Yakov.’ And they’re BOTH winning.
—  Phichit, describing this year’s banquet

“Meg, can you describe your thought process as you tackle a new drawing?”

*pushes up glasses*

Why, yes. It’s the simple formula of, “How can I make two characters groping each other in the fluffiest way possible? I call it The Shmoopy Octopus.”