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you seen this...fucking bullshit in the yuri on ice fandom? the welcome to the madness vid? can't believe the creators fetishised a 15 yr old boy and a relationship with an older guy! guess they win shitty people of the year award. can't believe ota/yuri is canon i'm gonna throw up. as a minor i was so fucking grossed out watching it

god yeah i have and i am absolutely disgusted…. otayuri isn’t canon though, fuck that. unless it’s explicitly stated, no,, otabek is just being a damn friend and helping yuri with his edgy ass performance, bc yuri wanted to top  yuuri’s skate since he brought victor out on the ice with him.

like it’s made pretty clear that they’re friends lmao. it’s just the people who ship otayuri making it all otayuri like…i refuse to believe 18/19 (i hear both of these ages idk which one is canon) yr old otabek would go after yuri, no. otabek is yuri’s first friend and goMDSHUAFDuasfa i hate that all these motherfuckers take that and just shit on it and put them together when we have an awesome relationship between yuuri and victor right there! buT NO! let’s put the 15/16 yr old with the 18/19 yr old bc it’s what?! hot?! y’all nasty. the sexualization of yuri is a different story though. like, yeah, he’s a kid and wanted to do what he wanted for once, rock on, my boy. but it’s the fact that the creators obviously sexualized his entire fucking performance, to hell and back. they know what they did. and all the adult fans are drooling over this fucking kid! i love yuri on ice, it’s really important to me, but the fandom is a cesspool and the creators are lowering themselves into that cesspool in the blink of an eye.

alright i went on a bit of a babble, if you want to talk about this more, please send a message to me on my anti blog

blue green and red are a classification of light/color

blue and red make purple

flowers can be purple, and their leaves are green

therefore it is possible for red blue and green to all be in a flower

“perfect” flowers are called bisexual

jay kai and lloyd are all perfect, and their colors are blue red and green

therefore, logically, it can be concluded that jay kai and lloyd are all bisexual thank you for coming to my ted talk trust me im a scientist

The Vanderlise Wedding!

@mc-and-elise this is the surprise I was talking about!

For a quick reference:


Saeyoung (best man)




Samantha (maid of honor)


Yoosung’s sister (they couldn’t find anyone else on short notice)


Samantha and Saeyoung’s son (he has no name yet lol)

And here is the ever beautiful fluff, my friends! Do enjoy!


The venue was set. Everything and everyone was in place. Years and years of abuse, pain, tears, sadness, they all led to this day. It was very nearly sunset. The sun streamed past the stained glass windows perfectly, creating colorful shadows just at the bottom of the stairs and over the pews. The guests shifted in their seats, eager and impatient for things to begin. “Are you one hundred percent sure about this, Vanderwood?” Saeyoung leaned over to ask them. “Two thousand percent,” they answered. Their hands were clasped together, half out of nervousness and half out of fear. What if she didn’t like this? What if she called it all off? What if they couldn’t make her happy? What if they absolutely failed as a husband and she left them? The band began the traditional music, and just about everything in the world stopped for Vanderwood. She was there, Elise was right there in a beauitful white wedding dress, bouquet of roses and tulips and forget-me-nots and other pretty flowers trapped in her hands. A joyous yet terrified smile played on her lips as she dipped her face behind the flower arrangement. A blush had creeped up her cheeks, and Vanderwood saw despite her precious attempt at hiding it. Zen was walking down the aisle with her, smiling with as much pride as if he were her actual father. “Get ready, old friend,” Saeyoung whispered to the former agent, snapping him out of his beauty-induced gaze. Elise ascended the steps in what seemed like slow, slow motion. Vanderwood’s heart beat painfully in their chest as they just kept staring at her with wide, tear filled eyes. “Don’t you go crying on me before the vows, Sherlock,” Elise huffed before grinning at them. They couldn’t retort. How could they? She was unbeliveably perfect in this moment! They just grinned back her and took her hands. The bouquet was loosely trapped between them, partially obscuring their hands as Vanderwood’s thumb cararessed her skin. Elise’s blush deepened, as she attempted to hide her face behind the flowers once more. Vanderwood’s smile only grew. Their heart only beat harder. The priest began talking. Probably going over the time honored and hallowed words. They heard absolutely none of it. “Mary Vanderwood III, do you take Elise Romanov for your lawful wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” The priest asked, a tiny smile playing at the edges of his mouth. “I do!” Vanderwood nearly screamed. The venue laughed, a gentle and encouraging wave of noise. “Elise Romanov, do you take Mary Vanderwood III for your lawful husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” “I do.” It came out as an eager giggle, a sound they were starting to hear from her more and more often. “The rings, please,” the priest said. br>Samantha and Saeyoung’s little boy trotted up to them in his bright red suit, matching his smiling father. Everyone ‘aww'ed at him as he presented the silken pillow to his godfather and soon-to-be wife. He smiled and happily walked off to sit with his grandmother and his sister. Vanderwood managed to sneak a glimpse of Samantha smiling proudly at her small ring-bearer. It warmed them to see their technically adopted sister be so happy despite all the shit they’d all gone through. Vanderwood’s hands trembled as they took Elise’s, and she giggled again at how shaky they were. The ring was slipped on, a subdued gold with a special enscription engraved within it. Elise in turn took their hand and slipped on their ring with a matching engravement. “I now pronounce you man, and wife.”The priest wasn’t even able to finish the sentence. Vanderwood tugged Elise close and firmly planted a kiss to her lips, smiling when her arms wrapped around their neck. The bow on the flowers tickled their neck. The venue erupted into applause, with Zen and Jaehee’s own child letting out a cry of infantile shock. The twins laughed and immediately rushed to hug the two of them, with Samantha giggling at the resulting group hug. When they were released, Vanderwood gave her another shorter kiss. “Ahem,” the priest said, full blown smile on his face at this point. Everyone settled down once more, with the bridge and groom awkwardly laughing at the looks they recieved. The priest smiled regardless. He patiently waited for the guests to quiet before he continued on. Vanderwood distantly thought the man was en route to being an actual, literal saint. “The bride and groom have written vows they now wish to say,” the priest announced. He nodded at Vanderwood, who slipped out the half sheet of paper they’d scribbled on. “Elise,” oh dear lord they were choking up. Why now? Just, why now? “When we met, I hated you. I wanted nothing to do with you at all, and I couldn’t understand why they paired us up at all. On our first mission, though, I guess that’s when I started falling for you. I was hurt and bleeding. And you just… Ripped up your shirt and tied off my leg. For someone you basically wanted to see dead. And of course I had to cover you with my jacket. You were so cute in it, by the way. Never had the chance to tell you. Then that storm hit and we were stuck in that building. You got cold, and I told you to get the blanket in my car. You… You were so stubborn and you cuddled with me under the blanket so I wouldn’t get cold. Even though I told you to just wrap it up around yourself and ignore me. And I just kept falling deeper and deeper into that hole I dug. The entire chocolate incident we had, how protective of you I was becoming. How much it hurt when they sent you to kill me… How amazing it felt to see you liberated! How much I still feel the burn of you sleeping next to me for the first time as an actual couple….. You’ll never understand just how amazing and wonderful it all is to me. And sure, I’ve made mistakes in the past. I’ve done things I will never be capable of forgiving myself for. But, Elise there is nothing on this planet that will keep me from you anymore! I swear, with everyone here as my witness, that I will always, always protect you until the day I die!” br>Vicious tears were running down both their faces. Elise hiccuped and just about slammed her face into the flowers. Vanderwood frowned and moved to pull her into a hug.
“I was gonna say that,” she finally managed out between the tears. “I fell in love with you. And you fell for me, even though I’m a broken person that probably doesn’t deserve happinesss at this point. I… All the stuff with A-Acid and that…. Monster of a man…. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be beside me for all that. My god, Vanderwood I love you! You’ll always protect me. And in turn, no matter what you say or how much you whine and protest, I’m always gonna protect you too.”
Ah, there were the happy tears. Vanderwood laughed and gathered their beloved girlfriend, no, their wife up into their arms. Elise let out a laugh, too, hugging them as close as possible. Over the applause Vanderwood heard Saeyoung’s twins ask what in the world was going on. Their grandmother simply answered that love happened. It didn’t take long for the two to start cheering as well.
“Congrats, Mary!” Saeyoung cheered once more before disappearing into the gathering crowd to snatch up his children. Samantha gave them both a tight hug before hurrying after her own fiance. Saeran gave them a curt nod before the sea of people swallowed up him.
“Ready to head to the after party?” Elise teased them. Vanderwood only smiled and kissed her forehead.
“Ready if you are, you stubborn woman,” they told her.
“I’m always ready, Sherlock!” She cried out in mock hurt. Vanderwood laughed again, it was such a great feeling, and ran with her out the doors of the church.
Saeyoung had lent them one of his dearest babies to use. It took a minute before either realized that it was the same car they’d escaped the Agency and Mint Eye in. Elise blinked away her tears while Vanderwood planned on complimenting the former hacker turned toymaker. Ignoring the fact for just a moment, the two hopped in and drove off, their friends and family cheering and waving at them as they sped off to the banquet hall.

  • Yakov: I've had it, you're off the team.
  • Victor: You can't do that, that's sex discrimination.
  • Yakov: Fine, I'll give you one more chance. *walks away*
  • Yakov: *returns a minute later* Wait a minute, how is that sex discrimination?
  • Victor: Well, that's what I was doing when I skipped practice.