“It’s either I don’t see it or I’m tired of hearing about it. It’s this weird super power of human rationalization to be able to look out into the world and continue thinking it’s them it’s them it’s them it’s them, whoever them are, which are the real racists, the people who keep talking about it. It’s everything but me. I’m doing the right thing. And people don’t understand that just the power of listening, just the power of not disparaging other people’s experiences, like the power of not turning your head, the power of when you’re tired of pushing through the weariness and reading anyway and learning anyway. Nothing is changed without being agitated. And that’s the truth of anything. That’s the truth of our history. If we learn anything: when you’re agitated you’re growing. It’s very natural to be agitated and to be uncomfortable in the process of being better than you were before. Or at least different than you were before. The goal should be to be better.” smashfizzle, Episode 19

When on one end of a conversation, especially about race and inequality, as a PoC it can feel like the response from those in the majority is not necessarily of empathy but of wanting to divert away from an uncomfortable conversation. 

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The meat and potatoes of food blogging is beautifully staged photography of scrumptious savories and sweet treats. That’s the kind of content you’ll find anywhere. What differentiates Tumblr’s food scene is how it intersects with the community’s unique sense of humor and sensitivity to cultural and social issues. And that’s reflected in last month’s top food posts:

Very few of the most active contributors to the food conversation are brands or publishers. If they want a bigger slice of the pie, they’re going to need to listen to the kinds of conversations that are happening and tailor their content to the Tumblr audience. Pretty pictures are important, but it takes more than that to get Tumblr users to bite.

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Andy showed up to JImmy Kimmel Live! in a bubble suit because he ‘has the flu’. Blame the ‘ABC execs’. 

Other clips:
Talking about hosting the Emmys
Talking about ‘7 Days in Hell

Yes, actually.

Including the ones that don’t have smut, you can find those in Chapters 1-47 of Their Things (with four or five exceptions in terms of drabbles where “healthy” is debatable, but they’re not abusive), as well as in Diplomacy, I Choose You, Bold, Score, Fingerpainting, Safehouse/Home, Circuit Break, and Phoenix.

Travelers/RLT, Extra Credit, and Linked are a bit more debatable as to “healthy” but they’re not abusive.

So…I think that covers everything except Compliance? Which is, you know, not consensual and has appropriate warnings…

BDSM and kink are not “disgusting” as long as everything is consensual for everyone.