Midterms are over and I got to go to q small presentation of one of Riot’s character designers in my school!!!

I have some more time now and will be getting back on those commissions, sorry for taking so long with them;;;

Anyways, sorry for this ramble but I am still hyped as shit!! One of league’s champion art design leads graduated from my school and discussed us about his work at riot. He was in charged of Taliyah, Camille, and Kayn’s art team. He also helped model Illaoi, Bard, and Tahm Kench, even showed the WIP process for him.

It was really awesome to see and listen to their process into making the champion’s visuals. I took a lot of notes and even got the last question to ask about the comics in league too. I am a thosand times more motivated to work on some portfolio level works. (also maybe apply for internship next year //wheeze) Overall it was a great experience and it was worth being marked absent for two classes lmao.


Friday Fic Recs - Week 2

Hey friends, it’s Sarah! I’m still not really in the headspace to do much on the internet right now, so once again @call-this-a-mask and @boxesfullofthoughts are filling in for me like the superstars they are! Thank you for your help, you two, and I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said here about these fics!

To the rest of you, seriously if you haven’t picked these fics up yet what are you doing??? They’re all fantastic!!

you’re the one i wanna grey with - cosetties @bechnaesun (Even/Isak; 5k; canon + established relationship)

  • A fic set in the early stages of Isak and Even’s relationship, all about Isak exploring how he feels for Even and if he’s allowed to miss him as much as he does.
  • Isak’s voice is incredibly well done for the time, showing that his insecurities and hang ups don’t just disappear now he’s in a relationship, as well as showing his progression through learning about himself and his relationships with others.
  • Even though Even isn’t actually there for most of this fic, he is still very much present in the details written in, and his and Isak’s relationship is painted very clearly.
  • Isak’s dynamics with the other characters are incredibly realistic and well done too, with the way he acts around each of his friends and how they all respond to him in turn.
  • Even and Isak’s relationship is wonderfully well balanced, with both of them caring for each other just as much.
  • Both Isak and Even’s characterisation and how they deal with the situation is also incredibly accurate, with them both feeling very much the same about each other but showing it in their own ways.
  • It’s so easy to feel how Isak feels, and shows how he’s growing and starting to acknowledge his feelings.
  • A really well done, feel good fic that captures the start of Isak and Even’s relationship perfectly.

seasons may change (but i love you) - kittpurrson / @towonderland72 (Even/Isak; 3k words; 5+1 Childhood best friends AU)

  • A childhood best friend’s AU, showing Isak and Even’s relationship through snapshots of their life together.
  • Explores their dynamic through different ages, and each time their behaviour and Isak’s voice is age appropriate and fitting to them for the time.
  • Whilst this is a short fic using small snapshots, the small details put in there flesh out their relationship brilliantly, and convey a sense of history effectively.
  • Well paced, showing the emotional shifts between them and the tension as they start pushing boundaries and exploring their relationship.
  • Their dynamic seems very true to them, despite this being an AU, both Isak and Even are very in character.
  • The visuals in this fic are beautiful and very easy to envision, each clearly carefully chosen and written to paint the picture of the scene.
  • Isak’s feelings - not just about Even, but what he’s learning as he grows up - are also very easy to understand and feel along with him. Whilst it doesn’t go massively in depth, it’s still very clear what he feels.
  • An incredibly sweet story with wonderful and very realistic progression

Not a Bird, Not a Plane - shakespeareandsunshine / @shakespeare-and-sunshine (Even/Isak; 5k words; superhero AU)

  • Engaging writing style and good pacing; the story develops well and never seems too rushed despite being only a few thousand words
  • Amazing characterisation, despite the different circumstances. Isak is a grumpy doctor who’s actually all soft on the inside and Even wants to change the world and finds the most extra way possible to do it
  • The dialogue is wonderful - from their banter about how Even is totally not a superhero to discussions of more serious subjects, their conversations flow really well and make me smile to read
  • Isak is so oblivious and it’s wonderful. He’s not an idiot and it shows, but he completely ignores all the signs of Even being a superhero, and it makes so much more sense and seems so much more in character than if he hadn’t (because who starts theorising their crush is a superhero???).

Confess eiqhties / @eiqhties (Even/Isak; 1k words; first I love you)

  • Devastatingly in character - dialogue and interactions are absolutely spot on and feel very true to them and their relationship, to the point where it could have happened in-show
  • Absolutely adorable, fluffy without being overly sappy. They’re full of sass but in love, and it shows (especially considering the subject of the fic lol).
  • The setting is wonderfully ideal. Isak confesses randomly while brushing teeth??? Even chokes so badly that he needs five minutes to recover????? Legendary.
  • The writing is fun and the voice feels true to Isak and his headspace
  • Despite being only 1k, it feels like a part of something much larger, and it’s a delight to read!
The Assistant Chef:

[[ facts about her ]]

- She was brought to the Maw by the ferryman to assist/help the twin Chefs 

- it takes a while for her to get used to others around her 

- she loves baking/ cutting/gutting meat 

- her favorite place’s in the Maw is the guest area because she finds the guest area beautiful~~ the butcher room because she finds butchering meat relaxing~~

- gets really violent when angered/ or really annoyed 


[[ What she thinks of the others ]]

The Ferryman [ she thinks he’s strange looking but won’t say to him xD ] 

Six [ finds six a nuisance because six likes to tease her alot… ] 

The Janitor/Roger [ find’s him alright and a little funny looking cause his short legs and long arms, but finds it sad that he’s blind… ] 

The Twin Chefs [ she’s likes them because they treat her well ] 

-Twin 1/ Chef 1/ Squishy: really loyal to him, loves watching him cook, and will go up to the guest area with him (( sometimes they like to squish faces with each other~~ <3 )) 

-Twin 2/ Chef 2/ Butch: she likes him because he is like a brother she never had, and loves baking with him >w >

The Lady/ Governess [ doesn’t see her very much but was told by the Janitor/Roger  that she is scary and must not get on her bad side… ] 

The Bellhop [ She seen him couple times but hasn’t interacted with him yet - she soon will ] 

The Guests [ she’s amazed how much they could eat and tries to avoid them (( especially the males )) whenever she goes to the guest area with twin chef 1 ] 

- female guests: she doesn’t mind some of the female guests cause some are respectful and do put up some interesting conversations and give her tips with relationships XD 

- male guests: hates them! she hates how the males are rude/perverted towards her. But it’s rare for the assistant to meet a respectful male guest.

The Runaway [ hasn’t met him yet ]  

The Granny [ hasn’t met her… cause she’s not allowed to go deeper in the lower parts of the Maw ] 


[[ Other Little Nightmares OC’s/Persona’s ]] 

@the-ladys-servant / The Servant [ really good friends/  feels sorry for her cause the way she’s treated by the governess/  she’ll always and make the servant feel happy whenever she see’s her in the guest area >w> ]

@z0eboo / The Waitress [ really good friends/ find the waitress really cool and wishes to be like her someday~ and sometimes asks if anything new going on with her and Twin 2/ Butch >w> ]

@ask-tiny-three / Three and The Carpenter [ good friends with them both ]

-Three: she adores little three and finds her really cute! plays with her whenever she visits The Janitor/ Roger 

-The Carpenter: Still has the gift the carpenter has given her on their first meeting/ wants to know more on what the carpenter does in the maw C:>


also, don’t be afraid to reblog and type what your oc’s or persona’s thinks of the assistant Chef! Cx 

“My love, come and build this home with me.” 

Izuku and Shouto’s first dance as husbands.