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“Kiss The Radio” 10th Anniversary with Leeteuk as a DJ and Heechul and Yesung as guests on the 21st August 2016, full.

Le 10ème Anniversaire de “Kiss The Radio” avec Leeteuk en tant que DJ et Heechul et Yesung en tant qu’invités le 21 Août 2016, entier.

Story: Protective Custody

Chapter: 3. Chapter 3

From: Sol (Guest)


Sol:Amazing work…would it be too much to ask that you write a much lengthier version with a similar plot


I’m glad you like the story but I’m afraid the only person I listen to when asked to expand things is @shayalonnie because she knows the time and effort that goes into every word, knows my struggles with time and anxiety, AND she’s always willing to alpha read for me.

Also, I like to think the story stands on its own as it is.  Perhaps I’m wrong.

“Mon invité sera bientôt ici,” Stella assured the waiter, glancing at her watch yet again. It wasn’t too late, the person for whom she was waiting would be arriving very soon. “Pendant ce temps, je voudrais un verre de vin, s'il vous plaît.”

I don’t have a lot of explicit Thoughts but I’d just like to say that I have rly been enjoying The West Wing so far and capitalism is a huge bummer bc it makes it super hard to fit in many episodes of a 45-minute show on weekdays


Opening weekend down…! Some closeups of my face during and after a show, and the final incarnation of the plate makeup from Sunday’s show, and pics in my villager garb with some others of the cast before the Sunday performance began.

I am not sure I can explain the craziness that is my hair after being twisted, pinned, sprayed, then kinda sopping wet from sweating because I’m a dancing plate on a 90 degree F day in a packed theatre with no air conditioning, bourréeing FOR MY LIFE. ;)

3 Tropes that Can Strip Nuance from Your Story

Tropes and cliches can be hard to avoid, especially when you’re working within specialized genres or categories. Author C. Chancy, also known as Vathara, shares three tropes she tries to avoid:

I currently write in two genres or categories: urban fantasy and fanfiction. I’ve found that many stories in both these categories can lean toward the following tropes… and end up losing something along the way:

‘Dark and Edgy’ to the max. 

The lone hero fights the good fight, but the villains keep getting stronger, the stakes higher, and the light at the end of the tunnel dimmer. We dip into the villain’s headspace more often than not; as if we’re only interested in the mindset of someone bound and determined to do Evil.

These stories lack Hope.

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