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Grey’s Anatomy: Exclusive first look at Marika Dominczyk’s debut | EW

Marika Dominczyk will make her Grey’s Anatomy debut in the upcoming Nov. 3 episode (13x07 - “Why Try to Change Me Now”) — and EW has the exclusive first look.

EW can also now reveal who the Brothers & Sisters alum is playing: Eliza Minnick, a new consultant who puts all of the doctors on edge, especially once she starts stepping on toes in the OR. The question remains whether Eliza will also be a love interest for a Grey Sloan doc.

Dominczyk, who is also the real-life wife of Scandal star Scott Foley, joins a recent trio of actresses heading to Grey Sloan in a season where Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is slated to get a love interest. Bridget Regan was recently tapped for an unspecified role, while Tessa Ferrer is reprising her role as Arizona’s former flame Leah.

As first revealed by EW, with Callie (Sara Ramirez) gone, Arizona will move on in the romantic department this season. “We’re absolutely going to see it,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes said. “I’m very excited to introduce a love interest for her, and to get to tell a story with her that lets her be who she is, and to see who she is post the relationships that she’s had.”

For her part, Capshaw is excited for Arizona’s fresh start. “I hope that she ends up getting into a relationship with someone who can feel really confident, totally full, funny, sexy, exciting, and excited,” she recently told EW. “There’s a lot of fertile ground for that to bloom in.”

Guestblogging: Yarn Bombing

The bay windows at Pixel Art Academy are vast and give a panorama from your studio over Retropolis. What’s that? You move towards the glass wall to take a closer look … the park, something’s different, are the trees changing for fall/ autumn? You scramble to put your glasses on to get a better idea, the trees look to be dressed for a carnival with all the colours of the rainbow. What’s going on? You log-in to a local news forum for an answer and are informed that the trees have been yarn-bombed!

If you haven’t come across it, yarn-bombing is where graffiti and crafts combine to make a wonderful art form. The point of it is to use yarn/wool/string/old tape ribbon to cover something like a tree or a statue, bridges are popular targets and if you search for ‘yarn-bombing phone box’ you get some delightful results!

Below are some yarn bombs that one day inspire you to create your own.

Magda Sayeg is credited as being the first yarn-bombing artist after they covered the handle to their shop. So… it seems a good starting point:

This picture is from Sussex St and Kent St, Sydney and taken by Project Jam.

Other Magda Sayeg. This picture is from Kent Ave, New York and taken by Eddie O

Moving on. Urban Cross-Stitch use chain link fence to put their design on (for more designs and a how-to guide see here).

Aida Gomez in the project ‘Home is where the heart is’.

If you have been making granny squares for your pixel art realisation projects and have a few spare, this is one idea to use them:

This was a record breaking attempt to make the largest blanket, it’s not your average yarn bomb, Helsinki Cathedral in Finland.

And another inspirational picture without a reference by artist or photographer (I’m sorry):

It’s such a great idea, covering paving blocks in yarn to make up patterns (until it rains and makes it unsafe to walk on but it could look amazing over a whole area) or even a warning for people as to do this the block must be loose first.

Yarn bombing brings colour and vibrancy into overlooked places but may not be legal in every case! Yarn Bombing is also known as Yarn-storning, Yarn Graffiti (if you are looking for more information about it). Also see Urban Cross-Stitch.

Having seen some pictures you now have a better idea of why the trees are dolled up. You decide to take a walk in the park to get a closer look.

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I've got another old bisexual scheme for you, because if aphobes are just going to recycle old Biphobe arguments then you can have our plans. 1. Harness the power of perceived erasure to erase people's memories. 2. Steal the worlds wallets. 3. Make the world forget they ever had wallets. 4. Use the money to buy a giant translucent pride flag. 5. Blot out the sun with the flag. 6. Hang empty wallets on trophy rack


All that glitters is not gold
All that’s gold does not glitter
Or so I’ve been told
By my predecessors, oh so bitter-ly

Clouds of smoke fill the air
She blows it in my face
But I don’t care
Because everything she does is with such great grace

I like the edges of the powdered paste– making sure none goes to waste
To make sure it has the right taste
And texture
Yet then again it’s all conjecture

A projection of my hearts inflection
As it skips and thumps
In all directions
I feel her arm and those needled tracks

To promptly press the spike to your veins, as your arm muscles strain
Are you insane?
But it takes away the pain… For now

Colors pixelated like an old film grain, wet from the rain
Will my soul be lifted by these thick soft clouds,
Or will this newfound (drug) be what I need right now?

The answer is neither
She was my teacher
The drug was my preacher
Everything I loved was in one or two centimeters

We had a fight
It was that same night
I was irate–
But that was my fate on that date

But hers was worse
She used everything in her purse…
At his house
There was blood on her blouse

When I found her


Tribute to a Girl I Knew // E.M.E

. the dead anon poets society .

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out of literally nothing more than curiosity where did dave mention being uncomfortable with polyamory? bc i remember his discomfort with blackrom, and i remember him not being ok with HOW karkat wanted to do the shipping chart thing with terezi but i dont remember polyamory as a thing being what he didn't like and i wanted to know if/where he talked about that???

i can’t pull quotes due to being on mobile, but during penis ouija dave was clearly uncomfortable with the idea of sharing terezi with karkat, and that whole situation in general. during terezi’s intervention dave mentions that he “can’t do quadrants” (polyamory based romance) and that he left terezi due to her kismesis with gamzee, both cause the black romance thing was confusing to him and because he dislikes the idea of sharing a partner in general. he never explicitly stated it but it’s heavily implied. sorry if that didn’t help, i’m not the best at explaining

So, I made a picture for my sis, featuring that unstoppable disaster, unleashed on peaceful land of Skyrim.
Fighter, cleric, mage and thief.
Title is similar to the name of a russian joke song about table-played RPG and a party of adventurers.

“Here we go! Whee~”


“Don’t let her escape!”

From left to right: Ofalk, Huva, Likru, Ocolk.

Nope, Ocolk isn’t visible to others. Why is he like that in the first place? Well, let’s say he died young. And why is he following the gang? Watch over his sister I guess.

Also Huva is not in this ask blog! Neither is that random octopus! Huva IS a representation of my male Octoling design! Symmetrical hair, back tentacles much shorter and stick outwards instead of hanging downwards.

I am also aware of the fact that Octoling tentacles are not that bright in color. But my filter does it and there’s nothing I can do…

“I know I’m not the usual person on this blog, but I got Clay’s permission to be here, and think it’s best if I express this away from my usual space.”

“Excuse me, alternate me, but what do you think you’re doing?! How dare you talk like that! You’re throwing the good Trucy Wright name in the mud!” 


*Halloween party plans intensify*

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pirate-themed costumes. Not quite looking forward to how much someone intends on embarrassing me in front of so many witnesses.

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