Just a bit of a mini rant

Okay so I may not be as mad about this as I was earlier though I’d still like to share this since I think this is a thing that could really ruin the game for the lot of us and that should be brought to Niantic’s attention to potentially attempt to fix it later.

So, my city is filled up to the brim with mostly Valor and Instinct gyms from what I’ve seen so far(I’m a team Instinct myself in case anyone was wondering), though sadly I can’t really frequent most of these as much as I’d like to and just gotten used to sticking to one area, which just so happens to be a mall near my house that has a gym right at the entrance.

Just some hours ago I went there and noticed that the gym was still a Valor gym that so happened to stay in its exact state(Level 5, guarded  by a Golduck, Golem, Flareon, Exeggutor, and a Snorlax in that specific order) as it was for the past three/four days, and  I decided to be a genius and be like “YOU KNOW WHAT? IMMA TRY BEATING THIS THING”. Skip an around an hour or so later of strategizing, using up revives, potions, powering up some of my ‘Mons since I think they needed it, and other things and I’ve FINALLY took down the gym and thought “Sweet, just gonna quickly heal up my strongest ‘mon and put 'em there.

I was about to put in a Pokemon there then before I knew it the gym turned blue and I heard some laughter coming from my left, and I saw a bunch of guys being like “we got it!” so I figured they were the Mystics who took it. No biggie, I could just beat em and put a Pokemon there quickly. So I beat em, and next thing I knew the gym was RED and I hear laughter from my RIGHT; there seemed to be another group of people, this time Valors who seemed to be lurking around the corner just waiting to take over the gym(different from the ones ruling the gym before). So I beat those people, rush to put a Mon but no, Blue again. And that’s just what kept happening for around 15-20 times: a never-ending cycle of these same people just taking the gym I won over and over again(and yes I did confront the Mystics, but they didn’t stop, meanwhile the Valors intimidated me so I didn’t bother). Needless to say I was frustrated and by then my arms started hurting so I just left.

I know it may be kind of funny to some of ya’ll but I want you all to take two things:

1.Don’t snatch a gym that neither you, nor any of your teammates won yourselves, especially if you saw a pre-occupied gym just became empty. And this applies to all teams, not just Mystic and Valor; my team, Instinct, should know better than this too.

2.For all of you that do frequently try to conquer gyms, be as quick as you can at filling up the gym because goodness gracious there could be some lurkers out there.

3.I think we should all complain about this sort of thing happening to Niantic for them to fix? I just find it overall unfair that this could happen at all while suggesting that whoever beat a gym should have it automatically claimed while given some ample but limited time to pick a Pokemon to stay at that gym? The current system is simply just too broken, so it’d be great if we brought this to their attention.

I agree. You shouldn’t snipe gyms guys. It’s freaking rude as heck. If you beat a gym, then it should automatically go to your team. That’s just how I see it. You worked for it, you should get what you worked for. Honestly I believe that Niantic needs to fix this. If you do as well then I ask that you send them a message about it. Be polite with your wording when making this request. 


I really think that gyms should automatically go to the team of the person that beats them. Currently the system allows for other teams to quickly swoop in and steal something that they have not worked for. It doesn’t promote fun or fairness. Please consider this as a future update. Thank you for your time.

- Ken