Al-Anfal 47. Be not like those (unbelievers) who went forth from their habitations, swaggering boastfully and to show off to people, and bar (others) from God’s way. And God fully encompasses (with His Knowledge and Power) all that they do.

Al-Anfal 48. Satan decked out their deeds to be appealing to them, and said: “Today, no power among humankind can overcome you and, for sure, I am your supporter. ” But when the two hosts came within sight of each other, he turned on his heels to run away and said: “Indeed I am quit of you; surely I see that which you do not see. Indeed, I fear God. ” And God is severe in retribution.

“Every morning at dawn, they [the primitives of Mount Elgon in Africa] leave their huts and breathe or spit into their hands, which they then stretch out into the first rays of the sun, as if they were offering either their breath or their spittle to the rising god–to mungu. (This Swahili word, which they used in explaining the ritual act, is derived from a Polynesian root equivalent to mana or mulungu. These and similar terms designate a ‘power’ of extraordinary efficiency and pervasiveness, which we should call divine. Thus the word mungu is their equivalent for Allah or God.) When I asked them what they meant by this act, or why they did it, they were completely baffled. They could only say: 'We have always done it. It has always been done when the sun rises.’ They laughed at the obvious conclusion that the sun is mungu. The sun indeed is not mungu when it is above horizon; mungu is the actual moment of the sunrise.”
Approaching the Unconscious, Carl G. Jung

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anxiety (1)

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anxiety (4)

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stress or anxiety

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lonely (1)

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lonely (7) my absolute favorite

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discrimination due to gender 

discrimination due to race, class, cast, or tribe

discrimination due to religion


hopeless (1)

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hopeless, sad, stressed, or anxiety

stress, anxiety, or sadness 

hopeless or lonely

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ungrateful (1)

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ungrateful (3): part 1 part 2 part 3

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failure or fear of failure

not important or invisible (with this one, think of all the effort Allah is gone through for you) part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 (1)

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