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I'm sure otabek just turned 18 tho? Isn't he age Appropriate to be dating yuro ??

I suppose he did, i was looking at his profile earlier and i believe it said his bday was halloween. I’m not really sure what the criteria for appropriate age gaps is, but since by law it would still be an adult dating a child i’m, personally, still a bit iffy about it. 

Age Gaps: IHYV Is A False Equivalence

I’m not watching Goblin. I have very little idea as to what is going on and how it is being handled. The little idea I do have, from every gifset that gets through my block, is that it is gross.

This morning, I saw that Banghae had an Anon trying to equate the age gap between Soo-Ha and Hye-Sung, the main characters of I Hear Your Voice, with the age gaps happening in dramas like Goblin. And as someone who knows and loves IHYV backwards and forwards, I went on a twitter rant with Audrey as we went through the major points of this false equivalence.

Because whenever this issue comes up–underage female characters or actresses paired with significantly older male characters or actors, I Hear Your Voice gets dragged as if what is going on with a younger male and older female is somehow equivalent to what is going on with these teenage girls and technically, barely adult women.

Just to be clear on my stance, IHYV is not a problematic fav for me. I think it is one of the best representations of a healthy age gap romance I’ve ever seen. It’s a regular favorite and my opinion over three years hasn’t changed. I’ll discuss why further.

And I think it’s really telling that IHYV is the only example people can think of when we, as a community, call out the inappropriate nature of a man in his thirties having a love story with either a teenage girl or a girl who is barely into her twenties. And whenever it comes up, the attitude is Stop complaining because it happens to boys in media too, you hypocrite.

If IHYV is your only example, it is obviously not happening with the same frequency that it happens to girls, and thus not equal.

I tackled some of this in my essay You Cannot Properly Kiss a Fifteen Year Old Girl. It is my third and final point in that essay.

So, under the cut you will find discussion on: Hye-Sung and Soo-Ha’s romantic journey from inception to completion, the sexualization of teenage girls vs teenage boys, and how IHYV avoids abuse of power.

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