The Fullmetal Alchemist live-action officials have announced to start their filming in Italy this June, but there was never an exact date being mentioned. 

Based on an instagram picture from one of the crew member of the film, fans speculated that the cast and crew had departed to Rome to kick off their principal photography on 2nd June.

However, several Yamada Ryosuke fans reports that he left to Rome later around 4th June. Several Italian fans are FREAKING OUT. But the crew of the film had become so secretive about the whole filming, there was no single sightings or news of the cast arriving in Rome at all.

But today, we might just get some new scoop on their filming! (rubs palms excitedly)

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Uplift me.

I asked everyone to send me something uplifting and positive.
All I can say is, all of you made my night. I even had happy tears a few times.
Thank you so much! I hope these few submissions that moved me, inspire and encourage someone else as well. Xoxo

-Elliott Alexzander

Today at Sephora, I was checking out and I had about $300 dollars worth of makeup and skincare products. The older woman behind me randomly came up to the counter and insisted that she pay for everything. At first it sort of freaked me out but she ended up telling me about how she’s retired and very wealthy and she spends her free time doing random acts of kindness for people solely so she can see people smile and I just thought that that was the cutest thing -Ravagings

yamihirugashi said, “I’m sorry you’re been having a down day. :) But that doesn’t mean it has to stay a down day! Why not take the sadness/down feelings you’re experiencing right now and make it into an artful outfit? Just because you’re sad doesn’t mean you can’t look stunning. Or you could turn it into an outfit full of life like you always seem to be. I hope your day turns around and you feel better soon!”
@yamihirugashi, Such a great idea! Using your emotions as inspiration for art is great way to express how you are feeling and relive you of that emotion. -Elliott Alexzander

You should be proud of yourself, and you should own who you are. And never make apologies for it. - felixicus

Outfit Breakdown
Tie dye dress - Find it here
Shoes - The Mall -Traffic Shoes


I’ve realised it’s unrealistic to try and do revision for all 6 subjects + Oxford entrance exam every day, so I’m just going to focus on the 6 papers I will be doing across 2 days next week (English, Economics, TSA) I am majorly freaking out about English it’s my worst subject :((

Today was super productive! I did 8 hours of work in the library with @bronchee and now I’m doing the final tasks for today (pls let me sleep before 4am)

P.S. My study plan template is inspired by the beautiful printable by @studeying 


Today was the best day of my life because I got to meet Jack and Kelly from Parle Productions. I’ve been watching them since Demyx Time, and I have always dreamt about getting to one day getting to meet them in person. I freaked out when I found out they’d be at METRO again this year, but never did I think I would pass them as they were walking on the escalator down just as I was getting off. Getting to meet them was such an amazing experience! 


13 May 2015, 7:51pm Sending some emails regarding our soon-to-be launched website and the preps for IDAHOT* (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia) while enjoying this gorgeous cup of mocha. Yum! 

Finals will start in a few days, and I am trying my best to be productive. I don’t know why I’m not freaking out, maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet haha! 

 Also, an update on the giveaway: I will post it tomorrow. I already bought the prizes today; I just need to take photos of them. Yey!

Much of the A-list has hair genius Chris McMillan on speed-dial, and for good reason: the industry vet knows how to weather any storm—literally. “There was 65% humidity today in Los Angeles,” he whispered into the phone just as the lights were coming up on Hollywood’s biggest show. “I’ve been watching the news since 5:30 this morning—are the tents up? Are they down? I was freaking out!” His Best Supporting Products for the night? “Living Proof Prime and Satin saved my life! They just repel moisture.” Here, some other tips from McMillan on ensuring any big day is a Perfect Hair Day. HOLLY SIEGEL

#1 Start with fresh, clean hair.
“Most of my celebrity clients greet me at the door with a towel on their head,” says McMillan. “They’re often making scrambled eggs or going about their day!”

#2 Take your time.
Whether it’s because your arms are getting tired or because your stylist wants to get you into your dress as quickly as possible, resist the urge to rush. “Make sure the style is perfect. In fact, if you’re going to an event, always make your hair a little bigger at first because inevitably, it will settle into itself. Make your curls extra tight and your blowout extra big. And don’t touch your hair too much!”

# 3 Be prepared.
“I make sure my kit is organized beforehand. If my client is blonde, I make sure I have blonde hairpins. Since it was raining, I had Living Proof Prime Style Extender in there.”

#4 Build a look to last.
“My clients’ hair is going to look great when she leaves me, but I need to know that it’s going to hold up all night. Tonight, I used Prime on wet hair and blew it out with a round brush, then used Satin on the ends, then set the look with [Living Proof] Flex hairspray.”

#5 If all else fails…
The remedy for a style that seems to be going south? “Brush it out and start over as best you can. A low ponytail or bun is a good standby!”


External image

Living Proof / Prime Style Extender

External image

Flex Shaping Hairspray / Living Proof

External image

Living Proof / Satin Hair Serum

i keep having like weird 1 hour freak-outs every day where im like IM GONNA CRY and then i cry but…. honestly now im chillin today was actually a good day? and i woke up feeling like sh*t and felt like sh*t for a good hour in the middle but other than that? ive been really productive i ate a lot of good and healthy food i watched broad city i made some good plans for the future and now im just doing german homework in a bed surrounded by 100 candles under a heated blanket so honestly…. who is the winner…. its me

Thursday things :/ 

- today’s been a bad day already and it’s only like 10am -_- great. 

- no work today though so that’s a nice break. I have class at 12:45 but it’s review for the test next week and this teachers tests are a j o k e so I am not going to go bc it’ll be way more productive to just study on my on tbh.

- I need to talk to alisha about some scheduling stuff to see if I can get wedenesdays off bc there’s a local ed meeting/group on wednesdays that my team thinks would benefit me but I don’t….at all….. want to go bc ew. But talking to alisha about work stuff makes me anxious af idk why??? Like, no problem talking to her about the most personal shit ever but asking for a day off, cue freak out -_-

- my body feels so out of it today. I went for a run but last 1.5 miles then walked 1.5 back. I felt heavy af and slow and awful. And it’s bc i’ve started eating more. This happens, as soon as I stop restricting as severely my body just feels soooo weighed down and bad on every run. So now I am sitting at home drinking coffee instead of eating any food bc fuck this

- I feel SO guilty for everything happening at work. Like so bad. It’s been so busy lately and John has been out so it was like all this added shit alisha had to deal with and then when john came back he had to deal with it all too and like I should’ve just sucked it up really and dealt with it on my own but I went crying like a baby to management. Ugh. Pretty sure they’re both over me tbh. 

- but I’d hope that is not the case. John talked to me yesterday about what’s happening as of right now, and to say he’s writing his own statement and contacting his boss (so like the legit boss boss lol) and will let me know when he does when any form of action begins to take. But I don’t work with the girl who outed me until monday so he said he and alisha will make sure we don’t really cross paths/are register buddies or anything like that. But I’m already so stressed about it. Idk I just feel like it’s my fault bc I am too sensitive about it and like I just feel needy and too sensitive and all this other shit and I hate it. I hate me. And I wish I didn’t but I do. 

- oh yeah, and I reused a picture bc body image is horrendous and I am now fat bc I have been eating for a few days now not restricting bc I am weak af and pathetic which we all already knew. 

4 // 100 Days of Productivity 

I scored a 115% on my recent English exam that I was freaking out about. I have a Spanish test tomorrow and a really major Geometry test that closes the unit on Monday. It’s currently 9 pm and I’ve still got a lot of studying to do! Today I’m just spending the night studying for Spanish, and I’ll keep you updated on my studies this weekend. Thankfully, tomorrow’s Friday.