Will managers ever learn, stop playing 3-4-3 against the master of 3-4-3. I’m not complaining though 😏

Yes they tore us apart at times, but they have the talent to finish off those chances that they well and truly bottled. I am now finally truly convinced and ready to say, yes we are title challengers.

On a side note, these thugs at the emptihad, outclassed and out of their minds it seems, the trash trying to kill David Luiz again? Remember the two footer a few years ago.. Pathetic.

Efficient, clinical and determined. I’m not surprised we won tbh. 8 games 22 scored 2 conceded. Thank you Chelsea for making our weekend a good one 😘


Charges dropped against driver in crash that killed 20-year-old:

According to police, the driver of the Cadillac, which was traveling southbound on MD 202, lost control and crossed the center line directly into the path of the oncoming Nissan.The driver of the Nissan, identified as 20-year-old Adedire Olanrewaju Ososanya of Upper Marlboro, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Calero, the driver, also the son of a state senate, was initially charged with DUI and reckless driving, but prosecutors dropped the charges, pending a complete investigation.

Please sign the petition in order to get justice for Adedire here:

“Adedire Olarewaju Ososanya a rising star of his generation and a 3rd year student of Morgan State University was killed in a cold blood car crash on Thursday December 17, 2015 by a hardened and a repeated drunk driver in Largo Maryland. The offender has multiple traffic and criminal records. The alleged drunk driver is James Scott Calero, son of a state senate. James Calero is from  Bowie Maryland. WE WANT JUSTICE FOR ADEDIRE PERIOD.”

Nobody is above the law. Ososanya was just 20-years-old. He was a promising young business student at Morgan State University. No mother should have to bury her child! Please sign the petition, it only takes a few seconds. This is our African brother.

Reblog, repost,with the petition link, we cannot stay quiet as a community or things will never change,







revamp 01 - dusk by @aph-denmark

static preview 1 - static preview 2 - live preview (temporary)* - code

*essentially a live version of static preview 2

this is a revamp of my first theme, dawn! i thought that since i’ve (hopefully) improved at theme-making, i could go back and sorta fix the old ones idk i kinda like how this one turned out

NOTE: i took the screenshots using my macbook laptop (as you can tell from the dock’s shadows lmao), so the dimensions may not be exactly the same! i recommend checking out the previews to see how they’d look on your computer


  • 15 color options
  • 6 custom links (3 excluding home/ask/archive)
  • (optional) link highlights!!
  • optional round sidebar image
  • optional uppercase sidebar links + footer text
  • post shadow!
  • 250px, 400px, or 500px posts
  • 10px 11px or 12px font
  • font choices: arial, courier new, consolas, roboto mono, inconsolata
  • pagination on sidebar or bottom of page
  • custom favicon
  • show/hide captions and tags
  • positionable sidebar + posts
  • maximized or repeating background
  • corner image
  • custom asker title
  • monochrome + photo fade

please like/reblog if planning on using, and please don’t be afraid to ask me any questions!!


Chatroom Edit Photoshop Template v2.0

All right everyone, I’m back with an updated version of my chatroom template, as I’ve made quite a few changes to it. (I’ve also edited quite a few more chatrooms now, so I have a lot of features added that make doing so easier).

(Link to the old template – also includes a GIMP template)

Things that have changed:

  • Included a V layer group
  • MC nametag
  • Alternate profile pictures
  • Spacing guides updated
  • Choice overlay
  • Header/Footer included
  • New fonts used – included in .zip
  • Speech bubble backgrounds now included in each character’s layer group

What’s in the .zip:

  • The four fonts you’ll need to make everything display properly – thanks very much to @tubbsen for finding three of the main fonts! The last is the handwritten one, which I extracted myself.
  • The Photoshop template
  • An example Photoshop file with a quick animation (the second .gif above)
  • Readme

Other Useful Things:

My #MM Chat Edits tag for emojis, speech bubbles, and other chatroom edit-related things.

@mysticmessengeraudio, the blog I co-admin where we post translated audio from the game (including emoji voice clips)

My tutorial on animating the chatrooms

The Template:

Photoshop Template (on Dropbox)

One More Thing:

Note that you don’t actually have to have Photoshop to use this template. It will also open on GIMP, a free photo-editing program. It was made with Photoshop and thus works better on there, but is just as editable on GIMP.

Additional Notes:

Please, please credit me if you use this, as it took a lot of time to make!

(I also like being tagged in them to see what you guys edit ^^)

If you’re wondering where the example chatroom edits come from – the first and last one are from my Everlasting Party (Time Loop AU) fanfic. The second is a short .gif included in the .zip file. The third one is a mockup V chat including a heart point for him. I also included the header/footer + choice bubble options so you can see those as well. There’s a video version of it here.


🌵 theme by reddddo
preview1   preview2   code 


  • custom post size (maximum 500px) and font size
  • color text, link, border, post, footer, sidebar, scrollbar
  • post, footer, sidebar, sidebar image border
  • optional five extra links
  • optional cover background
  • rounded posts and sidebar
  • optional circle sidebar image
  • optional hover nagivation
  • optional faded images
  • footer text left or centered
  • show/hide sidebar image, tags and description
  • dashed border or solid border
  • three font options
  • pagination or infinitie scroll
  • bottom image, tiny cursor, favicon

Please do not remove the credit !


🍩 theme by reddddo
preview1    preview2    preview3    code


  • 250px 300px or 400px posts
  • hover dropdown navigation
  • pagination or infinitie scroll
  • optional rounded corners
  • two font options
  • background image
  • show / hide sidebar image
  • show / hide tags
  • optional 5 extra links
  • post / sidebar / sidebar image / footer border
  • color post / sidebar / text / footer / link / border

Please do not remove the credit !



second redux edit can i get a hell yeah!! i pulled this out of my ass in like two days so feel free to bug me with any questions/comments/‘u fucked up so bad the entire theme just broke on me’

live preview (temporary) | static previews 1 and 2 | code

  • 400px and 500px posts - check only one
  • transparent sidebar/posts/footer/tooltips - you can control the opacity of the sidebar and posts if you check the appropriate options
  • colors: bg / posts / sidebar / borders / links / footer links / link hover / tooltip bg / scrollbar + bg / chat / blockquote / text, bold, italic
  • font sizes: 10px to 15px
  • rounded corners, optional tags, 4 extra links, max bg option, and an optional side image

credit for transparent shinji

extra note: this theme was inspired in part by tukut! ((thank u for being so nice!))


💊 theme by reddddo
preview1    preview2    preview3    code


  • 250px, 300px or 400px posts
  • pagination or infinitie scroll
  • show / hide sidebar image
  • show / hide desciption
  • show / hide tags
  • font 11px or 12px
  • sidebar left or right
  • set sidebar height
  • optional 5 extra links
  • post / sidebar / footer border
  • color post / sidebar / text / link / border / footer
  • bottom image
  • tiny cursor

Please do not remove the credit !


robonoidz 2.3 ♦ a theme inspired by the little green mean

code | live preview 1 | live preview 2

  • unlimited links
  • all colors customizable via six options
  • solid, repeating, or cover background
  • 200px wide sidebar image (automatically resized)
    • v2.3 onward - optionally transparent, not set to square
  • optional hover effects & link glow
  • bold and captions can be disabled
  • v2.1 onward - optional search box
  • v2.2 onward - custom fonts, “Peridot” option
  • v2.3 onward - optional scrollbar on long posts
  • full customization guide here

Likes and reblogs are super appreciated, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

other Steven Universe themes by yours truly: Torrential Towers 💧 Lapis Lazuli | Future Flow ★ Garnet

I’m in web design.

Client: I don’t like the purple social media buttons in the footer. It breaks the overall design.

The whole page has purple highlights and buttons. Nonetheless, I redo the design with different coloured buttons, such as blue for Facebook, yellow for Instagram, and so on, and send the design back.

 Client: Perfect! I like those. Just color them purple and we’re done.

CTNx is using my guide with no permission or credit

If any of you remember my CTNx survival guide… My guide is, word-for-word, posted on the official CTNx website… with NO credit… No link. No mention of my name. They didn’t even change the wording. Seriously.

It is advertised directly on their homepage:

Their site:

My blog:

As you can see, apparently CTNx can’t even come up with their own summary for their own event.



Oh, and they also have this disclaimer in the footer of their website:

HMMM. I guess they would feel kinda bad if someone took their content without permission??

Had CTNx asked me for permission and posted a link to my guide with credit, I would have been happy to oblige! But here we are!!

@ CTNx what’s up???

EDIT: For anyone who has noticed, there is currently a small link to my blog on the page - it was added after this post was made. It was not there previously, just for clarification. I have been contacted and will keep you updated. Thank you to everyone for the support!

EDIT 2: The post has been taken down at my request.