Winston Churchill left an apology letter on his bed before escaping a prison that read:

 "I have the honour to inform you that as I do not consider that your Government have any right to detain me as a military prisoner, I have decided to escape from your custody. I have every confidence in the arrangements I have made with my friends outside, and I do not therefore expect to have another opportunity of seeing you.“ 

He went on:

“I therefore take this occasion to observe that I consider your treatment of prisoners is correct and humane, and that I see no grounds for complaint. When U return to the British lines I will make a public statement to this effect. I have also to thank you personally for your civility to me, and to express the hope that we may meet again at Pretoria before very long, and under different circumstances. Regretting that I am unable to bid you a more ceremonious or a personal farewell,

I have the honour, to be, Sir,

Your most obedient servant,

Winston Churchill.

Source Source 2


“It’s jarring to go from one amazing experience to another that feels ordinary. I don’t quite know how to explain it. You see the uniqueness of what you’ve been doing, and disassociating yourself from it and going back to the ‘normal’ life is tough.”
–Nat Wolff


I’m a massive daydreamer. I’m constantly lost within my own fantasies and my own thoughts personally, and I think maybe that is sort of represented in what we do for a living, the fact that we make believe everything and we escape into these other characters for a living.

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Do we get any hints? :o)

Sure, why not??

Tobirama dies beneath a falling sword, too close for even his speed to escape despite the fact that he’s going to try, and the blade is already wet with his blood. There is a press of bodies around him, anger boiling, chakra bright and blinding, and his last thought is of Saru, of Kagami, of Hotaru and Homura and Danzō and Torifu. All he can hope is that he bought them enough time to escape.

And then—

There’s a twist like falling from a great height, a rush, an explosion of pain in his head and along his spine. He cries out, startled that he can, and something lurches.

It’s like staring at the Kyuubi no Kitsune with his senses open wide, like trying to grab a sail in the midst of a hurricane. Tobirama feels something shift, meld, merge. Memories slide into his mind, drops of water down the wall of a dark cave, and he breathes in air that’s clean and sharp with disinfectant. Hospital wing, something in him whispers, not him, but not different, either.

His first instinct is to look, examine. Tobirama reaches for those not-quite-him bits, turns them over and around to look at them from every angle. Magic, says one. Academy of the Arcane Arts, says another, and mixed in between the two are feelings of disappointment, regret, envy and anger. There is a library foremost in his memories, like nothing in Konoha or Uzushio, like nothing he’s seen in his life, shelves standing one after the other and filled with heavy, dusty tomes.

Those memories call up pride, contentment, but also a whisper of this is all I am good for, so I shall make do. Tobirama wants to frown, because never in his life has he made do—he’s always done better, pushed harder, tried a different path until he accomplishes something. But this him—a second him, born somewhere else, to something else—does not have that fierce drive, that pride. Instead, there is a bitter kernel of resentment in his heart, wound through with resignation.

He takes a breath and lets it out, even and measured, and shinobi instincts don’t allow him to flinch at the stab of pain that sparks along his back. There is…a memory there, of a fall, of a darkened staircase made of stone. An accident, except the other him, the fading slip of life that’s already sliding away, twists in indignant anger at the thought.

Not an accident, then, or he would prefer not to think of it as one.

FILE: クレアの手記 - Claire’s Memoir
localised as… “Monologue of Claire”

Comparing the localisation and original

I… forgot to post this here months and months ago. So. Lets’ago!
Gun Survivor 2 is an interesting entry in the series – people are quick to sweep it under the rug and say it’s non-canon, but the thing they fail to notice is that it’s explicitly stated that it’s Claire’s nightmare that’s played through, while she’s in the VTOL with Chris after escaping Antarctica, making it a small expansion of canon due to the fact it’s a character niche piece. 

Of the three major secret files obtainable that expand on canon, this is one of them, and it gives a pretty large insight into how messed up Claire is after the entire Rockfort-Antarctic incident. In the nightmares (GS2) she and Steve escape; in the Memoir she has the revelation it was wholly a dream and he’s gone. 

The English version of this is not too bad – GS2 had a super rushed translation when it came to PAL (Lock Fort Island is one of the many errors…) so it’s not great, but it’s at least somewhat cohesive. The JP side is very. Ah. Upsetting. 

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Rem usually wasn’t one to stargaze. Time for such frivolous things often escaped him. In fact, it almost seemed like he worked nearly every hour of every day. 

Yet, here he was, looking up at the full moon hanging fat in the sky.

He hummed a simple melody as he stared, one hand caressing the back of his other. The mark was gone. In this world, Grima’s control over him didn’t exist. He was free.

But that didn’t stop the nightmares, which were the reason he was up so late, taking in the fresh air and moonlight.

Family Time || Pearlet

Summer in their household meant one thing - practically endless occasions of spending time with their family and being unable to escape the redundant small-talk, usually consisting of ‘where are you going to college?’, 'what are you studying at college?’, 'do you have any plans for the future?’ and probably the most annoying of all; 'you’re still single? when are you going to get yourself a boyfriend?’ Of course, Matt was always able to escape such questioning regarding relationships, considering the fact that he and his perfect girlfriend were practically a dream couple that already gave their older relatives visions of a white wedding and hoards of screaming children. Speaking of screaming children, Pearl was currently keeping as far away from her younger cousins as physically possible, relocating herself to the poolside while they attacked the barbecue like a pack of wild animals. Not being one to ever really show off her body, in contrast to everyone else decked out in their swimming gear, the blonde was sporting simple denim shorts and a plain white t-shirt, hair pulled back into a messy ponytail as she swished her feet around in the pool absentmindedly. For once, she felt surprisingly peaceful, though that feeling didn’t last long as the commotion across the other side of the backyard signalled the arrival of said perfect couple.

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Can you do a steve x reader, where before steve and the reader started dating, steve dated Sharon. So one day steve and the reader were having an arguement (this is when they are dating) and Steve accidentally calls her Sharon and does even notice it. Can it be angsty?

A/N: this is fucking terrible, I am so sorry. It’s way too dramatic and drawn out and it makes the reader seem like a fucking crazy possessive drama queen. You gave me a perfect prompt and I fucked it up. I am so incredibly sorry. 

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“Steve? Baby?” You called, your bare feet hitting the wood floors in his apartment as you closed his window behind you.

It wasn’t unusual for you to come in using the window attached to the fire escape, in fact, it was more unusual to see you actually use the door.

The first time you’d met Steve, he’d been standing in your dining room, leafing through the mail on the table until you’d dropped your keys in surprise and caused him to turn around.

He’d felt guarded since the whole spying thing with Sharon, and even though SHIELD was gone, you’d been hired by Tony Stark to watch over the Captain. Just in case.

You hadn’t even formally met the man yet and he already had known. After apologizing from both sides, you’d finally asked how he got in. His face turned red before he pointed to the window.

You’d become fast friends and it soon blossomed into more than that, finally reaching its peak when he kissed you during a horror movie on his couch.

Feminine laughter rang across the apartment, drowning out your voice and tension filled your shoulders.

Sharon was here. Again.

It was no secret that the two had dated, but broken up before Steve had even met you. No one knew why, but it was obvious she still had feelings for him.

You silently padded down the small hallway, turning to the doorway to the living room. They sat on opposite ends of the couch, still laughing, Sharon’s feet propped comfortably on Steve’s legs. You cleared your throat in annoyance and both looked up sharply.

“Hey, hon, i didn’t heart you come in,” Steve smiled. Sharon gave a small wave and you smiled tightly back at them. “I can tell. I didn’t realize you had company, sorry.” You commented, raising a brow.

“I can leave if I’m interfering with your plans,” Sharon offered, but you could tell by the way she didn’t make any move to stand that she didn’t really mean it.

“You’re not interfering,” Steve assured her and your frown deepened. Tonight was supposed to be movie night. It seemed like the two of you got to actually be together less and less whether it was because of Sharon’s presence or work.

You’d feel a little better if Steve actually showed some affection towards you when she was around, but there was a considerable drop.

“Of course she isn’t,” you muttered under your breath. Steve gave you a quizzical look, (Sharon thankfully unaware of what you said), and you dropped his gaze.

“I’m going to get a soda.” You mumbled, turning on your heel. You angrily opened the fridge and popped the tab, arms crossed while you leaned against the counter with it.

“You okay?” Steve’s hesitant voice asked from your left and you stared straight ahead, taking another sip. “Peachy,” you told him, setting your can down.

He moved to stand in front of you, rubbing your arms. “You sure? You seem upset,” he coaxed, pulling you closer to him. You relaxed slightly, your annoyance melting away with his reassurance.

“Hey, Steve?” Sharon’s voice called and he immediately stepped away, quick enough for you to stumble slightly.Anger boiled up again and Steve must have seen it because he tried to cover his mistake. “(Y/N), I didn’t mean–” he began but you cut him off.

“Heaven forbid she sees us acting like a couple.” You hissed and he ran his hand through his hair. “This again?” He sighed and you glared angrily at him as Sharon came to stop in the doorway.

“Yes, “this again”, Steve, I mean, Jesus Christ!” You told him, voice raised in frustration. “You act like we’re not even dating when she’s around!”

Sharon glanced nervously around. “I think I should go,” she said quietly, but as Steve avoided your gaze, you shook your head, his silence like a slap in the face.

“Don’t bother. It’s obvious which one of us he wants here more.” You whispered, brushing past her.

“(Y/N), wait!” Steve called, his footsteps pounding after you while you struggled not to cry. His hand landed on your shoulder and turned you around to face him.

“You’re overreacting,” he told you seriously, thumbs brushing over your cheeks when he saw your eyes watering.

“That’s a lie and we both know it,” you said quietly, shaking your head and he threw his hands up in exasperation.

“(Y/N), we’ve had this argument before, and a lot more as of late, there is nothing going on between me and Sharon.” He groaned, obviously tired of the discussion. “It’s ridiculous that you keep bringing this up,” he added and your anger and hurt finally bubbled over.

“Really? Well I couldn’t tell. Not with how she’s always over here, and how close you two always are. And don’t say it’s because you two used to be together, and you’re just comfortable with one another, because that’s a bull shit excuse and you know it,” you seethed. “You hardly ever touch me when she’s in the same room and it seems like you enjoy her company more than mine! You’d have more credibility if other people hadn’t noticed how oddly close you two are.”

His gaze had grown angrier with every sentence and he ran both hands through his hair, messing it up. “I am so tired of having this conversation with you! For god’s sake! How many times do I have to reassure you nothing is going on? It’s insulting that you can’t trust me. I am in love with you, Sharon! You’re the one I’m dating! I have no romantic feelings for her! That ship has long since sailed, okay?” He snapped and your heart dropped when he said her name. He hadn’t even realized it.

Sharon’s stunned expression from behind him let you know she’d heard it too and your chin trembled as you slapped his hands away. “Are you sure about that?” You sniffled, wiping your eyes.

He threw his hands up in the air. “Why won’t you believe me, (Y/N)?” He snapped and you stared back at him. “Are you talking to me now? Because you just called me Sharon.” You said, crying freely now.

He paled. “No, I didn’t,” he insisted and you laughed without humor. “Yeah, Steve, you did. You said “I am in love with you, Sharon” you repeated, a sob caught in your throat.

He reached out for you but you stepped out of reach. “(Y/N), you have to know i didn’t really mean that, I meant to say you. I am in love with you.” He begged and you stared at him silently for a moment, tears streaming down your face.

“Steve,” you paused. “I love you. I love the way you walk, the way you lick your lips when you’re about to say something you’re nervous about. Your voice. I love watching your hands when you sketch. I love your messy hair when you get out of the shower, the dark bags under your eyes when you didn’t get enough sleep on a mission. I love your eyes. God, your eyes capture me every damn time without fail.” You took in another shaky breath, emotion choking you up. He knew what was coming, you could tell by the way those eyes begged you not to say it. “I am hopelessly, desperately in love with you, Steven Grant Rogers. But you still love her. And i can’t keep pretending I don’t see it.” You smiled sadly.

“(Y/N), please, I need you,” he whispered, tearing whatever piece of you left apart. “I made a mistake. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’ll fade. I know it will.” He begged.

You shook your head. “You’re a terrible liar. I can’t keep hurting myself waiting to find out. Call me when you’re ready,” you said with a certain finality, turning to the window, knowing you weren’t going to make it to the door without breaking down.

You climbed about halfway up the escape before it all hit you. You curled up in the step and sobbed loudly.

He wasn’t going to call you. He wasn’t going to ever get over her. How did you know? Because he looked at her the same way you looked at him.

And you were never going to be over him. 

“I think you still love me, but we can’t escape the fact that I’m not enough for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I’m not blaming you for falling in love with another woman. I’m not angry, either. I should be, but I’m not. I just feel pain. A lot of pain. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was wrong.” - Haruki Murakami

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 30

omg guesses, i finally reached my 30th WFR~~ okay technically I’ve been doing e.g.. 27.2 etc, so I’ve probably done more than 30 before but lets assume i did 30 lmaooo~~ 

celebratory gif :

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thats me right now: 100% accurate 

okay enough of me droning on and on lmaoooo

lets begin! 

1) Moonlight Sonata 

by @ninanevip

a taehyung x y/n fic 

ongoing series with its teaser out

i literally died at the teaser oh hoop 

bear in mind: its a werewolf au and the main character is taehyunG!!!!

2) Nightingale 

by @taechubs

a taehyung x y/n fic 

oneshot~ detective au 

you were the talk of the town, famous for the best robberies, and what kept the high of your life was the fact that you’ve always managed to escape this detective that always tried to take you down, but you were always one step ahead, but this time, things change especially when you finally meet him face on during one of your best heist.

3) Untouchable 

by @1800kpopreacts

a jungkook x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out~

robot au~ 

it was perfectly normal for people in your society to have their own robots who were meant to function for one thing: your hormonal desires oh ho, so how would it turn out now considering you have your own~


4) Bad habit 

by @jimins-quad-squad

a jimin x y/n fic 


being jungkook’s first crush, jimin, his best friend, tries to do everything he can to help jungkook get you out, although technically all he wanted to do was to teach jungkook a lesson on love but what happens now?

omg I’m done with this WFR, I’m so sorry for the long wait and delay sobs, i barely had time to actually do much things here ;; sobs

school is getting really demanding, please do understand ;; 

hope you enjoy~~

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Greeting others like that was a normal thing for Spinel, she was known to be rather… touchy. It was something she was used to anyways, after having lived in the States for a few years, it eventually became a habit of hers to greet others like this. Coupled with the fact that she enjoyed embarrassing and teasing the ones who least expected it, it was a win-win in her book. The raven curiously observed each and every single expression he pulled, finding his embarrassed one particularly adorable- so much so that she couldn’t stop a giggle from escaping her lips. That, and the fact that he tried to act all suave after the whole incident just added to her amusement. And while she was expecting some sort of surprised reaction, she didn’t think it would one that extreme.

Nodding in response to the red-faced male she then proceeded to pull her writing pad out and scribble something down. Once finished, she held it up for him to read.

‘Yep, I’m Spinel. What your name Red~?’ she playfully jabbed at what he could either interpret as his red hair, or currently -red as a tomato- face.

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One day when Nuzleaf was sad, Carracosta, Partner and Hero tired to cheer him up but to no avail. Until hero decided to tell a leaf pun just to see what would happen and Nuzleaf bursted out laughing. Since then Nuzleaf and hero kept telling eachother puns despite the fact Carracosta and Partner HATE them. (Nuzleaf and Carracosta are married in this oneshot so he can't escape his own husband's puns same for the fact that now partner and hero are siblings so Partner's stuck listening to puns)


The only happy ending / AU I have for Narkik is that they are both reincarnated in modern day with no recollection of their past lives. They meet in college, and when they graduate, they get a tiny apartment somewhere in the city. Both have relatively mundane, stable jobs. Their relationship isn’t always the best, but they understand one another in a way that no one else can.

And maybe they never get married; maybe they never have kids; maybe they don’t stay together. What ultimately destroyed them in their past lives was the fact that they could not escape one another (thanks to the jewel), and for two very independent people like Naraku and Kikyou, it was hell.

Thus, the only happy ending I can imagine for the two of them would be in a world where they have the capacity to leave one another; subsequently, the ability to determine their own lives, regardless if they are in love or not.