*Guy wearing a band shirt*

Other people’s reactions:
“That band is sick!”
“Sweet another fan!”

*Girl wearing a band shirt*

Other people’s reactions:
“Name 10 of their songs.”
“What is the name of their first album?”
“I bet you dont even listen to them.”
“Must be seeking attention.”

I don’t understand this.

On Famous Role Models:

So I went out to lunch today and they sat me across from a TV airing Fox News, and although I couldn’t hear what the anchors were saying the text read this:

“Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj top polls by parents as worst female celebrity role models.”

Um…okay…let’s talk about that.

On Miley

Miley Cyrus is a young woman who is completely comfortable in her body. She has self-confidence and self-worth oozing out of her every fiber after having serious body issues during her childhood. She is comfortable with her sexuality, she is comfortable with her body, and she is projecting that comfort to such a degree its amazing. I didn’t really have anyone when I was very young that I looked at and thought, “man, if she’s confident why can’t I be?”

And you don’t want to teach your kids these values because she happens to twerk and emits heavy sexuality?

And then there’s Nicki Minaj, who also should not be on that list. If you don’t believe me, look at this post.

If you don’t want to look at that post, look at this:

But let’s not listen to her, she’s a bad role model (#sarcasm).

That is not all. After discussing this I saw this piece of text come up:

“Should every celebrity really be expected to be a role model?”


Most celebrities don’t even want to be celebrities, they want to be people doing what they love and they want to be treated the same as everyone else. 

To have different expectations for people in the spotlight because we put them there is absolutely ridiculous.

And this poll, asking “who is the worst celebrity role model” is nothing but disrespectful, judgmental and mean. 

Who are you to judge a person you’ve never met?

People are people are people and we are all born equal.


UN Women together with the European Commission, the Belgian Development Cooperation, and UNRIC organized a Comic and Cartoon Competition on Gender Equality in 2015. The competition invited young European comic and cartoon artists and art students, aged 18 to 28 years, to picture their understanding of women’s rights and gender equality through cartoons and comics. The comics and cartoons had to be without words. [x][click captions to see artist name.]

Please blast this bullshit. My best friend has been sexually assaulted by a man named Ryan Smith. Ryan continuously planted spy cameras in the bathrooms at the University of Kentucky along with in apartments, spying on unsuspecting women. This is a blatant sexual assault on all of these women, however he is only being charged with voyeurism which in Kentucky only carries a misdemeanor charge. This most likely means he will be slapped on the wrist for these charges and not be sentenced to jail. Not only this, but the police officers investigating the case promised my friend since it was a sexual crime, all of the victims names would remain anonymous. To our surprise today however, court documents were released to the public with all of the victims names on it except for his victims who were underage. My best friend is now being added on Facebook and hounded my members of the local media (WKYT being one of them) to give a statement or interview. This is a second assault on these victims. Not only this, but the University of Kentucky is trying to cover this up because the majority of his spy cameras were planted in the medical school building and they are afraid it will bring down their stats for incoming med students. The University has not commented on the matter and refuses to allow my friend or any of the victims time off for grief counseling, or to testify in court against this sexual predator. This is why I need feminism to protect our women, and our victims more ferociously. Ryan Smith, the courts, the law, the University of Kentucky, and the media should be ashamed of themselves.