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TABS is now on Patreon

I genuinely didn’t want to do this, but the truth is working at an anti-accredited institution isn’t the big CV builder I was led to believe. As it turns out my boss burned a lot of bridges and is accused of stealing a remarkable amount of silverware from multiple dinner parties hosted by high-profile ornithologists, so I am effectively blackballed from anywhere that might be able to put my skills to use. With my boss gone and everyone else vanished, that’s left me holding the metaphorical bag. I am also holding a literal bag, but that’s my lunch from home, and you don’t really need to know about it.

So please, help me bring you this wonderful research that would otherwise be left unsorted in this dank basement. Be like a Great Egret parent, and shove an entire fish down my throat. Except instead of fish it’s money, and instead of my throat it’s like a little change jar, and instead of specifically a Great Egret be whatever kind of egret you want to be. The link is super-easy to remember, too!