The signs climbing a tree
  • Aries:Quick but clumsy
  • Taurus:Climbs easily but helps others get up
  • Gemini:Thinks that they will fall any moment
  • Cancer:At the bottom ready to catch someone if they fall
  • Leo:Finding a spot at the top they like and sit there for 5 hours
  • Virgo:Going up the coolest way
  • Libra:*Falls*
  • Scorpio:*pushes Libra off*
  • Sagittarius:Slow but steady
  • Capricorn:Slowest and safest way possible
  • Aquarius:At the very top before anyone
  • Pisces:Goes back down once they realize how high they are

“There were actually two types of family history. There was the documented version that sat properly in my grandfather’s office. But there was also the undocumented version, consisting of fables, family customs, and hearsay passed along by my grandmother Bari Bauwa and the other women of the house. This version had begun seeping into us since birth, very subtly, with the honey on our tongues. And, to start with, it was the only one I knew.”

- Madhur Jaffrey, Climbing the Mango Trees

I’ve only been back in the states for a few days, but am already getting down to adventure! @gilbertogil_ and I are on our way to the eastern sierra to do a spring alpine climb of Mt. Abbott, a 13er emblem peak of the Sierra Nevada. Best way to kick off the weekend! What adventures do you have planned? 📷 @craigknelson #climbing #adventure #outdoors #rei1440project #explore #nature #exploration #mountaineering #sierranevada #modernoutdoorsman #goalzero #huckberry #natgeo #adventurer #climber #campvibes

mysticandmagicmoonmod asked:

Be strong my friend, I am still fighting my way out of the monstrous pit known as FMA BH, we can escape anime hell, we must so we can be productive and do... STUFF! ...okay I'm staying in anime hell, but good luck on getting out ^^


I totally forgot about FMA for a second… No, I’m in too deep…. I can’t go back to that againit will destroy me…

And thanks for the good luck wishes… I’ll most certainly need it.  You hang on too pal. *nods head towards you in respect*