The late Dean Potter free soloing Easy Rider on El Cap, Yosemite

I don’t know what spiritual means, but I do know that I feel connected to the other people in the world, the earth, the animals. That’s what I pursue in all the things I do–to become closer to what is inside of me and how that is inside of everything. In the collective consciousness of the world and all of its lifeforms. I mostly want what’s great for everybody, and I’d hope to be recognized as a good person, someone who is hoping to do good things in life and to help the people that I’m close to live their dreams.

photo: Mikey Schaefer

tonight we came a pretty strong equal second in a trivia night in redfern. they split the $20 bar tab between two teams so i told me m8s to use that delicious $10 next time seeing as the pub is round the corner. but really, the fifth question was like ‘in the goblet of fire which national team won the quidditch world cup’ also ‘which eurovision countries were in the top six this year’ and ‘which communist leader was assasinated in mexico in 1940′. bitch. do you know who you are talking to???? please