i have a mold situation on one side of my room which forced me to take down my wardrobe n my cupboard where i stored all of my things n now my room looks like i lost complete control over my life

where i sleep

where i work

where 95% of the things in my room are collectively brought together right now


much like the stranger things fandom, the it fandom loves to ignore their characters of color. now, what the hell is up with that??

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Hi!! I saw your tags on your BNHA/Baccano! crossover, and I'm so excited to know you love Baccano! as well!! After seeing what you said about Claire (who is probably my favorite from that show as well), I was wondering if you've ever drawn him before! If so, I'd love to see it!!

Never had before!!!! But he’s my fav and there’s always a first time I guess, so here you have him anyway!