there is a little scene in new hope after han, luke and leia make it back to the millennium falcon, where luke and han are shedding their borrowed stormtrooper armor, and leia is fixing her hair; han hands luke his blaster with a wordless ease (luke grins) and it’s suffused with such fondness and familiarity and sweetness

…………….but it also super looks like they just had sex and are pulling themselves back together in order to get back to business

Does anyone even do tower climbs any more?

Like seriously, do you?

Okay, look.  If you’re on Balmung, and you want to run tower a little more than once every third blue harvest moon, be it for glam, getting an FCmate through the story, FOR ANY REASON:

Put your IGN in the reply and I’ll start a linkshell with us tower nerds.  I’m SURE there’s already four or five of these things out there, but seriously, I’m not up to hunting them down and besides, you tumblrites are my people and I love you all and would rather share ST shenanigans with you and possibly also condemning screenies than other random people who may or may not even talk the whole time.

Climbing Up The Walls (Cover)
  • Climbing Up The Walls (Cover)
  • StokeTheRage

My cover of the Radiohead song featuring the vocals of Labmoth and myself.
(please let me know what you think of it because i feel really awkward about posting audio now)

Drunk Confessions

Fandom: Climbing Class

Description: People do the strangest things when alcohol is involved.

Authors note: I haven’t written much in a while. I thought I would start to try again. Sorry if it’s bad. I promise to try and get better.


Days could sometimes be stressful and bleak. There was always something he could look forward to at the end of a week. Josh sighed, walking around his home. The days wore on him and general tasks bored him. “What do I do?” He sighed aloud, falling back on his black sofa, bouncing slightly. It was warm and soft against his skin causing him to feel drowse. “I don’t feel like sleeping.” He complained rolling onto his stomach. He laid there for several minutes. “ I wonder what Chris is doing.” He grabbed for his phone laying on the table beside him, silent. Quickly he pulled it close to his eyes to better read it. Dialing Chris’ number he waited. The phone rang and rang. ”Please pick up.” Right before the voicemail spoke the ringing stopped.

“Hello?” Chris asked silently. Josh jumped slightly, not expecting to hear a voice on the other side. “Hey, Chris. What’s up?” He sat up, crossing his legs. His pants audible through the phone. “Not much. I was getting a bit tired.” Chris said. Josh was slightly embarrassed, not realizing that it was close to midnight. “Oh, s-sorry. I can go.” Josh sighed, a depressive tone that he couldn’t mask. “It’s fine, dude. Why’d ya call?” Josh sat silent for a few seconds thinking of reasons. “I couldn’t sleep. So I thought I might invite you over… and stuff.” It sounded much less awkward in his head. “Why don’t you just go lie down or something?” Chris sounded annoyed making him feel bad. Josh stood up and walked across the cold tile floor to his kitchen, opening the fridge. “Please? I-It helps when someone is around. I have plenty of alcohol.” He tried not to seem desperate. It was true, he always slept better when he wasn’t by himself but in all honesty he only really felt that with Chris. He felt calm, collective, he felt better being around him.

“Fine.” Chris sighed. “Give me ten minutes.” At that he hung up and the house grew silent again. He felt elated that he’d see Chris again. Looking down, he frowned. “Not exactly my best outfit.” Quickly he changed, putting on a black hoodie and some basket ball shorts. Taking a moment to shave off some of the small scruff he had from lack of caring. A knock on the door sounded who he assumed to be Chris. Quickly he ran to the door. Stopping a moment to check his hair. A few black strands out of place but nothing major.

Shakily he opened the door, revealing a semi decent looking Chris. “H-hey, Chris.” Josh awkwardly moved out from the doorway beckoning him to enter. A bright smile on his face hiding the bags under his eyes. Chris walked straight to the kitchen, boots clicking against the floor. Calling from the kitchen, “Where’s the booze ya promised me?” Josh quickly shut the door, running up behind him placing a hand on his black sweater. Still cold from the outside air. “It’s over there.” He whispered into his ear, warm breath hitting Chris’ ear making his spine shiver. “Woops.” Chris spun on his heel, and grabbed two glasses. Warmth spreading through his cheeks, eventually leaving as he distracted himself with the scotch he found on the counter top. Pushing his glasses up he poured them both a drink, half filling the glasses. Josh reached for his glass, cold against his skin. A quick cheer and several seconds he chugged the whole glass. Chris gave a concerned look. He smiled, “You made me wait.”

Chris laughed, taking the glass from him and pouring more. Josh drank much faster than Chris. By the time he had one glass down Josh had managed three. A mere two hours of talking and Josh already began to slur. His body numb but having occasional warm surges. Josh was very, touchy. When he drank he liked to touch things and people. Fighting the urge to put his hands anywhere on Chris’ body. Silently, Chris lounged against the side of the couch, taking up two of the three cushions. Eyes fixated on the flashing images of the television. Josh stared at him. Observing his body. Every detail down to the speed which he breathed. Eventually making it to his eyes. Partially obscured by his glasses, glinting the light of the television. Still, he found them beautiful, enticing, a blue only fitting for him.

He stared unaware of the length at which he had. Eventually breaking the silence. In drunken slurs, he asked, “H-hey. Chrish? Did, do you hate? Me?” His head bobbed about, even through his haze it was obvious he wanted an actual answer. Chris was surprised. Why did he think that he hated him? “No man. I don’t hate you. Why would I?” Josh sat still, finally giving in to his urges and reached for Chris. Holding onto his leg as if it were his body. His pants felt soft and the little muscle he had on his thigh mad it like a pillow for him. Slowly caressing his other leg clumsily with his hand. Chris could feel his face warm up immensely, trying to prevent himself from twitching his leg back. Josh’s soft fingers traveling up and down his leg made it hard to think of anything, but he knew how drunk he must be by then. He looked up, a sad expression on his face with puppy dog eyes to match. “I-I jus’. I mess. Mess lots of things uhp.”

Chris couldn’t stand the tone. The sadness that he obviously felt made him feel as if he could have done more. “Josh. Josh. Shhh. You don’t mess things up.” Slowly caressing his soft, brown hair. A pale attempt to calm him down. Perhaps a more selfish motive behind it. Josh let out a small whimper. “Don’ fuhckin’ lie to me. I know I-I screw up. Kinda like tonight.” Chris gave a questioning glance, still relishing in the way his hair felt as it glided between his fingers.He continued, “I mean. I did want. You. But na like that. I g-get so lonely and you’re really fuckin’ cute.” Chris felt his heart race as Josh hiccuped out the words “Want” and “Cute.” All things he never expected to hear. His body began to slowly warm up as his pants began to feel tight on himself. The last thing he wanted was to get a boner around a drunk, sad Josh. “Come on. I’ll put you to bed.” He stood up, becoming dizzy but offering Josh a hand.

Slow and awkward Josh slid his hand along to meet Chris’. Soft and delicate wit ha warmth he loved. Sitting up his head began to spin along with the room. Chris placed both hands on his arms to help him stand. Something he barely could do even with his help. Then, a hiccup sent him toppling sideways. Nearly falling to the ground along with Chris he managed to catch himself. A strong scent of alcohol and cologne came from the small drunk man. Chris’ eyes could feel it. Cautiously, they stumbled back and to the bedroom bumping against several pieces of furniture and a wall. Eventually making it to the bedroom. Together they made it through the doorway and into the room where Josh stopped in the middle turning Chris to face him. This gave him an idea, crude, but it would suffice. “Josh, on a scale of one to not going to remember anything, how drunk are you?” Josh giggle. “You have pretty eyes.” Chris sighed, running his hand through his hair. “That’s what I thought.” Chris shuffled closer, pulling Josh completely against himself. They could feel each others heart beat. Chris, scared completely, leaned down and pressed is lips into Josh’s. All he could taste was alcohol. His lips though, they were perfect. They were warm, soft, and accepted his own lips. It felt wrong somehow. As if he were taking advantage of him. Before the drunken man could slip his tongue through his lips Chris pulled away. “Sorry. Good night, Josh.” Before he could protest Chris placed him into the bad and walked out of the room and closed the door.

He walked back to the couch, lying face first into the cushions. The fetal position feeling most appropriate. Then, he began to cry. Silent, small sobs as he thought of all of his feelings. “Dammit Josh.” He just kissed the person he’s loved for years for the first time and it was only because he was drunk. “I’m so fucking pathetic.” He whispered. Hiding his face in his hands and attempting to sleep. To many thoughts raced through his head. All he could do is hope that he had no memory or if he did at least not be too angry with him. He’d been alone for so long and only had Josh there for him. Now, that could all go away. For the rest of the night silent tears fell from his cheek as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

New Linkshell: Tower Nerds

It’s a thing!

If you’re on Balmung and you want in, just drop me a line either here or in-game!

This isn’t a “weekly” event, it’s a linkshell for coordinating tower climbs whenever and with whomever you feel like.  Naturally I want this LS to be AS BIG AS IT CAN so that there’s a big pool of people to make tower climbs available as much as possible!

The whole point is to give everyone as many real opportunities to run LotA, ST, and WoD as possible, for ANY REASON, be it getting a new person through, fashion, nostalgia, lulz, weekly repeatable because screw grinding poetics this week, anything!

Yes, I know the whole “reddit does it on Sunday” thing but seriously not everyone has Sunday off or wants to run on Sunday, so here’s this!

And as anyone who knows me in game can attest to, I’m a slut for CT I fucking love CT.  (And I am constantly whining that raids should be more mechanical like that but hey I don’t write the game I just play it x: )


“When I say I want to travel, I don’t mean I want to stay at resorts and go on tours with tour guides or buy key chains from souvenir shops. When I say I want to travel, I mean I want to explore another country and be part of it. I want to meet people who are not like me, but people who I can like all the same. I want to take pictures of things, and places, and people I meet. I want my mind to be in constant awe of life on earth. I want to see things with ‘new eyes’. I want to look at a map and be able to remember how I was transformed by the places i’ve been to, the things I’ve seen, and the people I’ve met. I want to come home and realize that I have not come home whole, but have left a piece of my heart in each place I have been. This, I think is what is at the heart of adventure and this is why I plan on making my life one.” — anonymous

First adventure photos of me for this year :)