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Do you think just because someone is popular they're most likely to cheat on you? My bf is very popular in our school and often worry about this. Does popularity equal cheating?

Oh no def not a cheater cheats because they have commit issues and a whole lotta other issues. Now do popular ppl have more “access” to ppl to cheat with most definitely but that doesn’t mean they will don’t gauge whether or not your bf will cheat on you with the fact that’s he’s popular base it off the man you know him to be his heart his vertues base it off how much trust y'all have how committed and loyal of a person he is popularity honestly has nothing much to do with cheating an unloyal man is a unloyal man whether it’s a popular man or not like if popularity changes you for the worst the seeds of that person you became were already there popularity just brought it out it didnt cause it. and visa Vesa a good loyal man no matter his social status is a good loyal man.

and frankly if you think that about him your relationship lacks a lot of trust and y'all need to work that out talk to him rather then me about it ause I can tell you all this but the fact you doubted him in the first place based of his popularity shows you don’t trust him all that much . tell him how your feeling work that out if you don’t your relationship won’t survive.

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I was literally about 2 b like "Rhea WHY do you like Keira she's awful!!" n then she was like "no i h8 that bitch ily Ben" and I cried

benny cried 2 lolol ya rhea does not like keira at all. 1. she’s a cheater 2) she basically snatched imani from their apartment & now rhea only gets to see her at work. three: she broke benny’s lil heart!!!

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How would you know if your partner is cheating on you? ( can you give me signs po? 10-15 po maybe )

Hi Anon! These are the few signs but take note that it is case to case scenario :

1. S/he is sweeter than normal. Sweeter in the way that you would not think that s/he’s cheating on you. Cover-up style.

2. Or in other way around, s/he has no time for you.

3. Colder affection than the usual.

4. Big fights on small issues. S/he’s making lame and senseless arguments so that s/he has the reason to end up the relationship sooner as s/he can.

5. S/he has many social media accounts. Remember, cheaters find ways.

6. S/he doesn’t let you use her/his phone for shallow reasons.

7. Forgetful on special days.

8. Act strangely when s/he receives calls or texts. To the point that s/he needs ALWAYS to keep distance from you so that you can’t hear what they are talking about.

9. S/he is physically present but mentally absent by you.

10. You seldom hear “I love yous.” from him/her than you used to.

I go to bed Every. Single. Fucking. Night. wondering why having me wasn’t enough for you.
What happens when you cheat....

When you cheat on someone you ruin their outlook on more than just you; you ruin their outlook on themselves, relationships, and trust.
After a person is cheated on, they will forever ask themselves why they weren’t good enough. What did they do wrong.? Would you have stayed faithful if they had done or said something differently.? If they had talked more or talked less.? Spent a little more time trying to look good for you.? Spent more time trying to be the person you wanted.? They will over analyze every thing they ever did or said. They will start to question every action they made, trying to figure out what they did to make you cheat.
They will forever have issues trusting in relationships. When they meet someone new, they will be reluctant to let that person in, in fear of getting hurt again. They will question that persons every move and intention. They will have problems trusting a person who has done nothing to not be trusted. They bring the hurt of what you did to them into a new relationship.
They’re not doing this intentionally; in their mind, they are just trying to protect their heart. They are just trying to avoid having to feel the way you made them feel. Because they don’t want to ever feel the heart wrenching, stomach turning, ache of feeling inadequate, not good enough, like something was wrong with them.
You see, when you cheat on someone, you are changing their every thought process. You are making them question every aspect of their being. You take a vital piece of them. You change them forever.

How can you just leave someone’s life? How is it so easy for you? What do you do with all the memories of us laughing and talking at 4am, and habits of texting ‘Good morning’ and 'Goodnight.’ How can you just leave that? Did you never care at all?
—  I want to believe you miss me, but deep down I know you don’t. ( @humanhealing )
You’ve made me doubt love. You’ve made me doubt everything. Your lies spin in my head all day, ‘How did you not see it coming,’ 'Why didn’t you see the signs,’ I blame myself for your mess. Your lies I trusted with my dying breath. You never said you were sorry. You never tried to explain. You just left when you got busted with not so much as a goodbye. Just suddenly, you were no longer a part of my life.
—  Maybe you were a catalyst for my growth, or maybe you were nothing but lies and pain from the start. ( @humanhealing )
we’re all sorry when it’s too late.
we’re all so fucking sorry.
but sorry doesn’t fix anything,
because words have already been said and things have already been done, and sorry is just another lame excuse for ourselves to feel better.
—  e.s. // ‘sorry’.
Whom the signs should marry:
  • ARIES: Capricorn
  • TAURUS: Capricorn
  • GEMINI:  Capricorn
  • CANCER:  Capricorn
  • LEO:  Capricorn
  • VIRGO:  Capricorn
  • LIBRA:  Capricorn
  • SCORPIO:  Capricorn
  • SAGITTARIUS: Capricorn
  • CAPRICORN:  Capricorn
  • AQUARIUS:  Capricorn
  • PISCES:  Capricorn


It’s strange how love can make you feel like you can conquer the world but also make you feel worthless and broken.

It’s strange how those little butterflies in your stomach can bring a smile on your face or let tears roll down your cheeks.

It’s strange how the best feeling in the world can make you insane.

—  First thing I thought of upon waking up