If you are ready  to see Captain America with beard in #AvengersInfinityWar


Steve x Reader

Summary: What does the color pink stand for?

Word Count: +2.8k | Rating: R

Warnings: SMUT. Oral sex (f receiving), one nsfw gif (directly under the cut) UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap your wang before you bang, bitches)  

A/N: so, i wrote some kinks that Steve may have and i just had to write this down, ugh. show me some love, give me some feedback. and this is my first time writing steve x reader smut, so go easy on me

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Captain Underpants and the chicken pox peril (animatic)
George Beard has gotten a bad case of the chicken pox and its up to Harold and Captain underpants to make him feel better. Just a fun animatic/storyboard my ...

Just a fun animatic/storyboard my twin and I made together.
We got to see the Dreamworks movie and we fell in love with these characters and their world.
So naturally we started to come up with some fun ideas for them.

We would love to see a animated series created for these characters it would be both lighthearted and funny as well!

Its disclaimer time!!!

We do not own Captain Underpants.
Captain Underpants was created by Dav Pilkey
Movie made by Dreamworks Animation Studios

This is a fan made storyboard and is in no way official (sorry) its was created just for fun and allowed us to practice and improve our story skills.