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Any fics where Clarke meets lexa and she's like athletic and hot

okay, well, i’m gonna answer this in sections, mostly for my own shits

first up are the fics from my sports au tag that i’ve already read and enjoyed enough to have posted them! so like, these fics come with my stamp of approval basically

Love Me ‘Till My Heart Starts
- ok so it’s not exactly your traditional hot athlete lexa. she plays golf. clarke plays golf. but objectively, they are both very hot and they are both athletes and this is a great fic so there.

break your plans
- lmao i feel like this fic has been around since the Beginning of Time but it’s still going strong and i love that! lexa’s a Hot hockey player, so there you go. feat. friends with benefits with accidental feelings so you can’t go wrong.

- lexa is a hot soccer player and she is very hot and that is a problem for clarke and also me

But still good
- so lexa’s a soccer coach, and as we already established, objectively hot. but real talk, this is one of the best and cutest fics you’ll ever read REC REC REC REC

Thirty-Two Minutes
- lexa’s a (hot) star basketball player but she’s also a tragic homosexual and keeps getting distracted by the (hot) blonde cheerleader from the other team on the sidelines. gdi lexa

jump then fall
- really really really really cute high school au where lexa plays hockey and, bonus, is hot

- yoooooooooooooooooooo. remember that olympics thing people wouldn’t shut up about this summer? WELL. clarke plays soccer and lexa swims and they meet and it’s pretty hot. and great. and amazing. and this is a great fic.

- lexa is on the football team and she is really hot and this story is really cute!!!!

this one gets its own section, idk

A Soccer Love Story
- ok i actually did read this one awhile back, and funny enough, i’ve been meaning to come back and reread it. lexa’s a soccer player for the US women’s national team (so of COURSE she’s hot) but when i read this i didn’t even know who they were. so a lot of this went over my head. since then, however, i’ve become about 1000% more invested in soccer and i’d probably enjoy this much more (clarke and lexa are still v cute but the fic is a bit heavy on the uswnt stuff). so just be warned! it was a great fic though and even though i didn’t understand a lot, i remember i couldn’t stop reading it so that probably says something :)

the following fics are ones i bookmarked AGES ago to read for another sports au rec i never answered, but i never got around to reading them. so i’m going to share them with you, but i can’t personally recommend them. let’s hope lexa’s still hot though!

No One Else Like You
- The story of how Clarke and her friends just want to play hockey and Lexa just wants to professionally skate, but there’s only one rink at the university. or the story of how Octavia and Raven (and company) have always been little shits except now on ice.

picture this
-  Ice Hockey Player Lexa is injured during a game and ends up needing phsyio (and guess who is her physio therapist ?) Or: Lexa thinks her physiotherapist is cute

The Weekend
-  Lexa is a professional soccer player and she’s got a simple, semi-charmed life. She’s never dated, not finding any need to. Her roommate Raven and her own a house in Polis, but Raven is away when one of her childhood friends comes to the house in need of help.

How big, how blue, how beautiful
-  Clarke plays tennis for her team in Ark University, Lexa for the Polis University. They’re rivals. What happens when you fall for the one person you’re not supposed to?

and uh, this one, idk, it’s been on my list to read but i haven’t gotten around to it

Waiting for Love to Strike
-  After the death of her father, Clarke Griffin had lost everyone that she had cared about and all she had left was the sport that made her feel most connected to him. So with nothing left to keep her home, the college freshman left for her first year of school with a hope of replacing all that she`d lost. But when her new soccer captain, Lexa Woods, turns out to be more of a dictator than a teammate will Clarke find that she’s in over her head? Or will she find herself ready to take the plunge when love strikes?

The Four Loves

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov

Pairing: Yuuri/Viktor 

Summary: “I’m thinking about love,” he admits, shifting slightly on the bed. 

 Viktor laughs again, louder this time, and the sound echoes around the room. “That’s a heavy thing to be thinking about so late at night.”  

Love, after all, is a complex thing that isn’t limited to just one form.

Warnings/Notes: I swear, I was going to wait on writing fanfiction for this fandom until we got further in and I had a better understanding of the characters and their quirks, but then episode three happened and that just went straight out the window.

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favorite people 🐻 kang seulgi (red velvet) // also a HUGE thank you to @rhapsvdy for helping me out with this thing. i suck at making images with a transparent background and i wouldn’t have ever finished this edit if it weren’t for her ♡

Dear Parents:

You may think that “My house; my rules” is an entirely fair position for your children to be in. After all, you bought the house, you pay the bills, you provide them with their food; it’s only reasonable if they abide by your rules in return.

However, please consider that this is not a trade. A trade can only happen when both parties choose to engage in it. Your child cannot freely choose to live with you because, if they ever leave, the police can hunt them down and return them. If they ever try to get a job to support themself - buy their own food, pay their own bills - the State can arrest the employer.

And the child never entered this arrangement freely in the very beginning. They appeared with the contract giving away their rights already signed. If you had a child by choice, you basically kidnapped a human being from the formless void and put them in your care. If you’re going to do that, you’d better hold yourself to some standards in caring for your inmate.

And, if you had a child by accident, then please have some compassion for your fellow cell-mate. They aren’t here any more willingly than you are.

He can have written this incredible document - and several incredible documents - with things that we all believe in. And he suuuucks.

Those are both true, and those have to be both true. I think we really have to stop separating them ‘cause that’s where we get into trouble. 

That’s when you stop letting people be whole people.

—  Daveed Diggs, Hamilton PBS

Everyone always makes out Hux to be like Mr.Sexy, suave, “I’ve-Tried-Everything-Twice” who is Too Good & Sexually Experienced for poor virginal Kylo but like consider…Hux is a huge nerd. He lives and breathes rules & regulation. He probably uses a ruler to part his hair. What if, between excelling at the Academy & rapidly climbing the ranks & building Starkiller, Hux hasn’t really had the time be a hoe? He has no friends & sure he’s charismatic in a “Standing on a Podium Leadership” kinda way but…can u imagine him flirting?? He probably was the kid who stayed home on Friday nights to study & do homework while everyone was out getting laid & partying. He probably thinks sex is a base impulse that is below him, and that No, He doesnt have time to go on shore leave & engage in illicit activities he has to revise his plan for Galactic Domination!! Even would be nice to have sex with an actual person as opposed to jerking off pathetically alone in his quarters like usual….Listen, I love slutty!Hux..but awkward, sexually frustrated Hux deserves some love too.