One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that many frogs will change their skin color depending on their mood.  A lot of frogs that are base green will be bright green when they are happy and a muddy brown when they are not.  A lot of the time, you’ll walk into a chain pet store and see muddy brown frog all huddled in corners of their cages because they’re not getting individual care or are just terrified of the large predators all around them.

One time, I walked into a local pet store to go see what frogs they had in, and their White’s Tree Frog case had two.  One of them was huddled in the top right back corner, smooshing his face against the glass and a shade of really intensely pissed off dark brown.  The other was sitting on a leaf of one of the plastic plants in the enclosure, and was a very bright green as he sat on that leaf, which was slowly rotating under his weight.

Anyways, my point is that Steven is an adorable potato friend and I love him.

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I'm a cashier at a local gas station and while I was checking these kids (who where siblings) out, one of them said jokingly to the other " hey, so and so! Your adopted!!" And laughed his ass off. I looked up and said I was adopted. I'm really not but the look on his face was priceless.

Good. That joke is bad and he should feel bad. -Abby

i was gonna start making hcs of liquid finding out solid got bullied or got in a fight at school but then i stopped cause no

solid wouldnt even begin to let himself get bullied and if someone picked a fight with the son of bb that is just cruel and unusual punishment

and on that note otacon wouldnt really be bullied either because of the squad hes with no one would fuck with that in a negative way not in the slightest

but in the event someone does attempt to bully him hes got a squad ready to tell the person to back off meryl especially isnt afraid to go to war with an asshole picking on her friends

but in liquids case someone would have a few words about how arrogant and smug he is but no one would really say it to his face and that goes the same with tretij except he can read your mind so he already knows what you said before you even said it

[TRANS] 160211 Ryu Jun Yeol Interview - Chosun News

Source: Chosun News
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R88’s Ryu Jun Yeol “trembling by the sudden popularity.. Don’t have appearance complex”

After the interview, Actor Ryu Junyeol (30) asked “Am I really doing well?” with one sigh. “I am really nervous,” with the grin his face makes, he looks like a playful boy. It was said that he is ugly, but the more you look at him you will grow fond, as the ‘acting as handsome’ phrase that has stuck to him, we asked what does he think, “Can you just say, he looks handsome like sculpture in real life?” while being so chatty.

This kind and pleasant youngster has enjoyed his popularity during the winter, through his acting on tvN’s drama ‘Reply1988’, as the brusque but thoughtful Junghwan. Although he became the lead of a hurtful first love, where he lost Deoksun (Hyeri) to Taek (Park Bogum), women fans go enthusiastic to his manly finest charm. The tickets for 1500 seats for his fanmeeting was sold out in only 2 minutes, also the Internet Broadcast he did by himself for a duration of more than 2 hours, set a record of 660,000 people watching.

On February 11, we meet Ryu Jun Yeol at Seoul and he said, “when I went to R88’s audition, I received a test for character Dongryongie, Sunwoo and even Taek.” Also, “I think the Director observed that there is a cautious and a quiet side in me, that’s why he put me in charge of Junghwan.” He gained 10kg for the role. “If it was me, I will try confess to my first love and do anything that I could. I feel bad to Junghwan who is hesitating because of his friendship with Taek.” He also said, “while I tried to understand how frustrated Junghwan might have felt, I did my acting as a support and a comfort for him.”

Though he might appear to be “Lightning Star” over night, soon as he graduated from Suwon University Theater and Film Department, he was consistently appearing on short films, building his acting career. Last year, through a commercial movie ‘Socialphobia’, where he showed an outstanding act, he got casted on ‘R88’. He said, “during my schooldays, even during 10-minute breaks, I earnestly played basketball and went back inside the classroom while sweating profusely, a normal boy that girl students hate.” Also he said, “I never dreamt of the celebrity world at all, suddenly the fans grew in number, I’m honestly trembling.”

Ryu Jun Yeol who was influenced by his father, a publishing designer, majored in Art  during his Junior School, and during his high school days, because he wanted to be a teacher, he even retook the entrance exam to an Education college. As the SAT was getting close, in order to stay awake he was studying while standing, and he said he fell asleep in that position for two hours. “I got a great shocked once I woke up,” he said. “The thought that studying isn’t really my thing came to me, and it made me think what thing I would really like to do.”

He decided to try acting, as he persistently watched more than two movies each day. For the SAT coming, he attended an Acting academy for one month, then he was accepted on the Theater and Film department. He endured the times when he was still a nameless actor by doing many kinds of part-time jobs such as pizza delivery, setting ten thousand chairs, and serving in a noodle restaurant. “Last year, before I joined ‘R88’, I taught Musical to elementary students in an after-school class.” He added, “the kids I taught called me and asked ‘when will I get back to class’.”

T/N: setting chairs is usually a job for a one day helper for an event organizer, usually for events like ceremonies or weddings

Though he considerably received attention late compared to Idol stars, Ryu Jun Yeol who has an optimistic personality said he doesn’t feel anxious. “I just naturally go with the flow, I believe one day all will be well no matter what.” He also said, “even when I fail during auditions, I soon challenge myself, ‘endurance’ seems to be my greatest strength.”

Ryu Jun Yeol’s personality that overcome his appearance has become the hot topic during the broadcast of the drama. Carries a single eyelid with thick lips alone, people spammed on portal sites with similar comments to these: ‘a handsomeness which is also a mask. He’s just covered all over with it’, ‘what should I do if he keeps acting handsome like that. I am worried that I have a problem with my eyes.’ To that Ryu Jun Yeol said “they didn’t say that I have charming side? I don’t feel upset at all. Only thankful.”

He who received a note through SNS, which said  ‘I was in the middle of worrying whether I should fold my dream as an actor because of my looks, but I gained courage and comfort by looking at you.’ He said, “because an actor is a profession that will always receive evaluation in front of the public, an actor no matter what needs to have confidence about himself.” He added, “rather than saying I  have confidence with my looks, I don’t have a complex about that.”

“For an actor, looks are just one of the evaluation standards. More of that, the standard looks that are expected by public keeps changing through time. Though I can get eyes, nose, lips sculptured through plastic surgery, the labor time and the earnesty, I would rather use the expenses to read one more book and straighten my heart to be a praiseworthy actor more, I think that’s a better way.” In his spare time, he plays soccer, reads a book and watch movies, he rarely browses the internet, he also asked “I heard there is a ‘Like’ thing on Facebook right?”

Ryu Jun Yeol said, “before, it was only around six fans each time that looked for me in the filming site, I can still talk, caught up with each others’ lives with them and got along closely, but the sudden grow of it, I hardly even get to greet them.” He added, “this is a problem that is saddening me and has concerned me the most.” Also, “I want to live cooly like the US Baseball player, Clayton Kershaw, who has the best skill and has been consistently doing volunteer service also,” he said. “I am in the middle of considering how I should give back the overflowing love that I received.” Ryu Jun Yeol will meet fans through the movies ‘No Tomorrow’ ‘Glory Day’ and ‘The Boys who Cried Wolf’ which has already finished filming and is waiting to be premiered. He was also confirmed to join Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung as a supporting role in movie ‘The King’.

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Can you write a makeout session with Jean, like not NSFW just lil Jean kisses

i know you said scenario, but i can’ put much detail into making out since it’s really only kissing… so instead i’ll do jean kissing hcs^^


  • He really likes it when his partner cups his face when they share a kiss. Since he likes it when it’s done to him, he often does it to his partner as well.
  • If he gets a bit jealous of someone else, he’ll take his partner to a less secluded face, but still somewhere the person his partner had been talking to can see them. There, he’ll give them a breathtaking kiss and walk away as if nothing happened.
  • Jean likes all kinds of kisses. If his partner is sick, asleep, or simply laying somewhere, he’ll press a loving kiss to their forehead. He also kisses their cheeks a lot at the beginning of their relationship, and if he’s feeling cheeky he’ll plant a kiss on the tip of their nose.
  • Gets super self conscious and thinks he has chapped lips. Because of this he thinks his partner won’t want to kiss him, so he often purchases new tubes of chap stick.
  • After Jean had his first kiss with his partner it was all he could think about. He’s still embarrassed at the beginning of their relationship, so he doesn’t ask for one, but it’s pretty obvious with the way he seems so fascinated with their mouth even if they aren’t talking.
Imagine holding Cas's hand when your grossed out on a hunt

The burning corpse of the monster seemed to melt slowly as the four of you watched it, to make sure it was dead. Before you realized it your left hand shot out and wrapped itself around Cas’s right hand. His eyes snapped onto you. They were full of worry and you smiled awkwardly. “Sorry, it’s just this corpse is really weirding me out.” His face softened and pulled you closer taking his hand away to wrap his arm around you. “Don’t worry.” He said. “I’ll protect you.”

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Cupcake / Xiumin

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Word Count: 1088

Request: Can I request where Xiumin wants to give the reader a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, so he asks the members or something and he tries, like knitting a scarf or whatever xD and first everything doesn’t work but in the end it does?


“Guys I seriously have no idea what to get her.” Xiumin sat on Baekhyun’s couch, rubbing his face. “I want to do something really special for her.”

“Cause it’s your, like, fiftieth Valentine’s Day?” Baekhyun asked.

“Yea.” Xiumin rolled his eyes at the comment. ”Do you guys have any helpful ideas?” Xiumin leaned against the back of the couch, so stressed out about this holiday. He knew you would have something already picked out for him so he felt extra pressure.

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Imagine...Being Injured And After Being Taken To The Nurse, You’ve Put On Painkillers And Kylo Takes Care Of You

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*Not my gifs

(Y/N):*Loopy. Hey, Ky. Do you mind…taking your…weird helmet off?

Kylo:…Uh…I don’t know…

(Y/N): Please, please, please.

*Kylo reluctantly takes his helmet off. 

(Y/N): Ooooh. You have…a really pretty face. It’s like…a unicorn.

*You touch his face. 

Kylo: What in the…?

(Y/N): And it’s soft! Like a blanket!

Kylo: Okay, (Y/N). I think it’s time to go to bed.

(Y/N): Will you…be here when…I get up?

Kylo: Yes. Of course.


Atem never once goes “Yeah, your deck kind of sucks and we might be screwed” because that kind of negativity is of no use to him. He’ll believe in the cards he uses no matter what they are and always encourage others to do the same.

And he really seems pretty good with kids. He’s got his game face on when facing the computer but always smiles reassuringly when he looks back at Rick. If he were able to somehow stay in the modern world I could see him becoming a duel instructor for beginners or something like that.

Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love him more than I already do… ;_;

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Matsubros see their chubby!s/o standing in front of a mirror, in their underwear, poking at different parts of themselves. Before the boys speak, s/o says "I'm so fuckin cute!" Notices him and smiles. "Hey babe, whatcha doin?" (Body positivity yo!)

(Fuck YES I love body positivity!)

Osomatsu: He would say that they aren’t wrong about being cute and tell them they look really attractive

Karamatsu: He would tell them that they’re right and give them a kiss

Choromatsu: He would blush and say that they really are cute with a smile on his face

Ichimatsu: He would go wrap his arms around their waist, kiss their forehead, and tell them that they are fucking cute

Jyushimatsu: He would give them a big hug and tell them they look adorable

Todomatsu: He would gush about how cute they look and he would be so happy that they feel good about themself

Chris always puts Jazzy to bed, so tonight I’ve really enjoyed the snuggles and reading him a story. His eczema is really awful at the moment, hence the red splotches on his face. And today he got an inhaler from the doctor cause she thinks he has asthma. Poor sod.

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Since we seem to be making declarations of love, DESMOND YOU'RE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU

Desmond gave a small laugh as he scratched his cheek while trying to fight off a blush that was working its way onto his face. He’s never been told “I love you” before, except for family of course, but it’s not the same.

He opted to pull you towards him for a hug, his arms wrapping around your waist while he nuzzled his face affectionately into your hair.

“That’s really sweet of you to say, I love you too.” He’d quietly say.

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Do you think furuta has told kaiko why does he use a hat in the night or in dark places. What the fuck kaiko-san thats not even smart (*-*) lol

That’s what I asked myself as well. :O I mean, we know that Kaiko is a ghoul and the fact that he wears a hat even when talking to his trusted lackeys must mean that he probably hides some defects or atrocious injuries. What we do know is that he is at least bald. But you are right, wearing a hat in the night makes him too suspicious. :D

It is also interesting to note that his eyes are never fully shown. 

I really do wonder why we never really see Kaiko’s front face (and therefore his eyes). I think it is similar to Uta’s myseterious kagune. Kaiko really caught my interest and I want to see more of him. What I also want to point out is this.

It has acutally not much to do with your actual question but it could be that Kijima and Keiko are similar in some aspects. Kijima loved to torture ghouls. Could it be that Kaiko loves to torture humans then? Furuta seems to have a distaste for both of them I might add. 

Okay, Furuta hates practically everyone but it amazes me that he despises Kaiko who (might) resemble Kijima so much. I want to see more “Kaiko-senpai” intereactions. I am really thirsty for it. Well, the quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love. 

Haha, just a joke. Kaiko’s real love will always be Yoshimura. Don’t you see how much he loves him? Here is even proof.

But what he really meant was this.

Yoshiko for life.

Thanks for asking. :)


Woke up 2 hours early, unable to fall back asleep because I had a dream about punching my father in law in his fucking face. I woke up really angry and irritated that I didn’t actually punch him. Maybe next time I’ll dream about hitting him with a shovel